10 Best iPad Stands for the Money (Review 2022)

Everyone loves iPads. They are easy to use, practical, and offer the chance to enjoy a wide array of features and games that no other device offers. But it comes with a disadvantage: it can be pretty tricky & uncomfortable to use.

Luckily, the best iPad stand can always help you out get the most out of your tablet without having to feel uncomfortable or annoyed while using.

Here, we’ll explain the different ways an iPad stand can help you and how you can get the best one for your needs. Let’s not wait any more time and get into it!

10 Best iPad Stand Reviews

The most effective way to learn about the different options available in the market is to take a look at the best models out there. Here are 10 iPad stands we think are entirely worth it:

1. Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand Adjustable, Lamicall Tablet Stand : Desktop Stand Holder Dock Compatible with Tablet Such as iPad 2018 Pro 9.7, 10.5, Air Mini 4 3 2, Kindle, Nexus, Tab, E-Reader (4-13'') - Silver


An almost perfect option for demanding users – the Lamicall stand takes elegance and convenience to a whole new level.

At first sight, you’ll know it is not like any other model. This one offers a stylish & elegant design that stands out in any place. It boasts an aluminum alloy that shines, working well with modern interiors and furniture.

Yet, it is the rubber pads that make it so fantastic. You can rest assured that your iPad won’t be scratched or anything while using it. And sure enough, it keeps the tablet more secured on the stand. You won’t see your tablet sliding at all.

Let’s not forget its most fantastic feature is the adjustable head. You can place your iPad on it and adjust for vertical or horizontal viewing, as well as different angles when needed.

As for compatibility, you can make it work with any iPad or tablet that goes from 4 to 13 inches. You can even use laptops on this stand, which makes it even more amazing.

It doesn’t matter what you’re expecting to get with a tablet stand, the Lamicall adjustable model offers it all.

From durability with its aluminum build to adjustability with its horizontal/vertical view, and even a superb style that stands out on any place – this stand is easily one of the best you can get.


  • Durable & reliable aluminum build
  • Adjustable design for handiness
  • Stylish appearance & design
  • Safe & protective with rubber


  • Not collapsible can take a lot of storage space
  • Wobbles a little when using your tablet

2. AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand

AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand - Compatible with Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire Tablets


Simplicity is always rewarded with superior convenience – and that’s precisely what you get with the AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand.

It offers the simplest model in the whole list, ideal for getting the most out of your tablet wherever you go and without having to spend a fortune.

You can place it on an airplane stand due to its small size, but it also offers the chance to use any Samsung, Nexus, Amazon Kindle, or any tablet. And sure enough, it fits all iPads without any problem.

The exciting part is that you can adjust your tablet either vertically or horizontally without problems. It is well-made and reliable enough so you can use the tablet and still enjoy proper stability in the process.

The case makes it safe to use your tablets as well, as it comes with a non-skid base that prevents sliding and other issues.

On top of all that, the design provides a collapsible design that you can place anywhere and bring around. Whether you’re a heavy traveler or someone who’s always commuting – then you’ll find this stand merely fantastic.

The best of all is that you can always rely on AmazonBasics. Without even looking at the product, you know this stand is going to last & provide exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Outstandingly affordable for the quality
  • Small and collapsible for portability
  • Works horizontally & vertically
  • Non-skin base prevents sliding & imbalance


  • Plastic construction is not as stable as expected
  • Not the most durable out there

3. Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Holder

Tablet Stand Multi-Angle, Lamicall Tablet Holder: Desktop Adjustable Dock Cradle Compatible with Tablets Such As iPad Air Mini Pro, Phone XS Max XR X 6 7 8 Plus More Tablets (4-13 Inch) - Black


Coming back to Lamicall, we will now meet the multi-angle model. This one comes with a super practical design that takes convenience to another level.

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The first thing you’ll notice is that you can place any type of tablet on top and still receive excellent stability. But it is the adjustability feature that stands out the most, adding the chance to use your iPad vertically and horizontally without problems.

You can also enjoy a superb construction in the entire product, coming with alloy steel that lasts several years. On top of that, you can expect colossal stability, which ensures a more pleasurable use of your iPad.

It is large enough to match most tablets as well, going from 5 to 13 inches without problems. You can even place small laptops on it, and there won’t be an issue.

But that’s not everything. You will also get a low center of gravity that keeps your devices safe. Along with the rubber cushions, you can expect no scratches or slides with your device.

Finally, it comes with a charging hole on the body, which allows you to place any cable through and charge your devices more conveniently.

When it comes to quality, few models achieve what the Lamicall offers. Whether it is safety or practicality, you’ll find it with this stand.


  • Stable & reliable design in its entirety
  • Durable steel alloy construction
  • Practical adjustability & cable hole
  • Fits any type of iPad or tablet


  • Tall design with no adjustability can be uncomfortable
  • Does not fold flat which makes it hard to store

4. MoKo Phone/Tablet Stand


Looking to enjoy your tablet directly from the comfort of your bedroom? Then look no further than the MoKo Table Stand. This is one of the best iPad stands for the bed that you will find.

At first touch, you’ll know this is an almost perfect option for beds due to its lightness. You can place it on top of your bed, and it won’t push down the foam, which adds tons of stability. Even if you have the largest iPad out there, this stand will let you enjoy it directly from the bed.

But the real advantage comes from the adjustability feature. You can set it up horizontally or vertically, but also in 6 different angles so you can enjoy a superb experience in your bed.

Sure enough, the stand is still durable and reliable, boasting an ABS construction with rubber pads that prevent scratches and sliding.

And when it comes to storing or bringing it around, then you’ll find its collapsible design a great thing to have. It will fold completely flat, so you can store it on your backpack or bag in seconds without taking much space.

This stand is a magnificent product in its entirety. From its build to its adjustability features, it won’t let you down.


  • Superb portability with a collapsible design
  • High-quality ABS construction
  • Next-level adjustability with angle feature
  • Prevents scratches with rubber pads


  • Won’t fit devices larger than 11 inches
  • Feels a little unstable with bulky devices

5. OMOTON Adjustable Tablet Stand Compatible with iPad

OMOTON Adjustable Tablet Stand Compatible with iPad, Tablets (Up to 12.9 inch) and all Cell Phones, Stable Sticky Base, Silver


Everyone loves a stylish product, and the OMOTON Adjustable Table Stand is precisely that. While it looks impressive to match modern and elegant decorations, it also offers top-notch practicality.

Let’s start with the multi-angle feature that makes it possible to work either horizontally or vertically. It is large enough to fit most devices of up to 13 inches horizontally, but also high enough to match tall tablets effortlessly. Yet, it is the capacity to work at many different angles that make it remarkable.

This pairs up well with the anti-slip pad that allows perfect protection of your iPad. You won’t have to worry about scratches or the devices sliding out of the stand. This happens thanks to the silicone pads on the surface.

But the real advantage comes from the fantastic nano-absorption adhesive material in the base. This allows the whole product to make your devices super stable and easy to handle without worrying about anything. Even in moist surfaces, the stand will stay still without problems.

And with the aluminum construction, you can expect a durable product that ensures an even safer experience with your product. This also adds an attractive design that everyone will love.

If you are looking for looks but will appreciate extra functionality, then this stand from Omoton will be ideal for you.


  • Practical multi-angle feature
  • Safe & stable with absorbent bottom
  • Durable & reliable aluminum build
  • Elegant design with handy cable hole


  • The adhesive bottom can be inconvenient
  • Lacks portability functions

6. UGREEN Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder

UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder Desk Adjustable Compatible for iPad 9.7 2018, iPad Pro Air 2019 iPad Mini 4 3 2, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e S4 S3, iPhone 11 Pro Max XS XR X 8 Plus 7 6 (Black)


Many people tend to overlook cheap products thinking they aren’t worth it. But in reality, they’re sometimes even better than options twice as expensive. This is the case of the UGREEN Adjustable Tablet Stand Holder.

You can place practically any kind of tablet or smartphone on this holder without problems. It goes well with models that go from 4 to 11 inches in width. This allows you to enjoy any type of device without difficulties – whether it is an iPhone, iPad or large Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Yet, it is still small enough to offer ideal portability. You won’t have to use it on desks only – it works anywhere from your dinner table to the kitchen and even your bedroom. And you can use your devices both horizontally and vertically without problems.

You can add the multi-angle capacity, and it will be one of the most versatile products you can get. It tilts from 15 degrees up to 100 degrees, so you won’t have any limitations.

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Lastly, it is a well-made and long-lasting product in its entirety. Boasting an ABS construction, it is light enough to be easy to handle, but also durable enough to last a lifetime. Let’s not forget it comes in both Black and White, so you can pick the color you prefer.

Overall, it is a simple, affordable choice for those who want the extra practicality without wasting money.


  • The excellent design fits most tablets
  • Handy multi-angle feature
  • Durable & light ABS build
  • Attractive color choices


  • Not the most stable out there
  • Small design can be limiting

7. AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Stand for iPad

AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Stand for iPad Tablet, E-reader and Phone - Black


We’ve gone through several fantastic pieces so far, but nothing offers the convenience level of the AmazonBasics Multi-Angle stand.

As soon as you take a look at it, you’ll know this is a high-quality model to consider. What makes it so amazing is the portable design, providing the chance to collapse and fold into a more transportable size.

The holder is still large enough to hold devices from 4 up to 10 inches in size. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, e-readers, and other product – this holder fits them all.

A huge advantage over many other models is the multi-angle function. You can move it to different angles so you can achieve the right visuals according to your needs.

And all of that comes with a zinc-alloy construction for extra durability. You will quickly get several years of use out of this piece without losing sturdiness.

The stand even comes with a removable rubber pad that prevents the devices from slipping or scratching.

You can make this holder work for devices of up to 11 pounds of weight, that’s how strong it is. And sure enough, it will be a piece of cake to install, store, or just bring around. There’s no limit to practicality with this AmazonBasics stand.


  • Super convenient adjustable design
  • Long-lasting & reliable zinc-alloy build
  • Removable rubber pad for safety
  • Supports up 11 pounds effortlessly


  • Not the tallest design out there
  • Does not fit iPads wearing covers

8. Ideas in Life iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder

iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder - Universal Phone and Tablet Stands and Holders Can Be Used on Bed, Floor, Desk, Lap, Sofa, Couch - Black Color


When looking for the best iPad stands for bed, then you should go no further than the ideas In Life Pillow Holder.

As it says on the name, this is the ideal model to work on any place where you need extra softness and convenience. That’s precisely what you get with its microfiber shell. You can make it work directly on your lap or legs, and it won’t cause any damage while standing stable enough to work for hours.

The stand is also uniquely designed to work in different orientations; this means that you can make it work in many ways without losing all of its functionality.

You can also enjoy a highly compatible design. It will fit practically any iPad, smartphone, or even small laptops without problems.

And with the attractive color choices going from black to blue and red, you won’t have any problem loving it.

It takes convenience to a whole new level, and it won’t cost you much either. So, you will receive a totally comfortable and practical model to use on your bed at any time.

The softness, stability, compatibility, and convenience it offers are simply incredible. Whether it is on the sofa, bed, or even at work before taking a nap – this holder will not let you down.


  • Soft & extra comfy microfiber surface
  • The perfect model for table usage on the bed
  • Works in different orientations
  • Fits all types of iPads and tablets


  • Hides bottom of tablets which can be inconvenient
  • Microfiber gets dirty too easily

9. Kantek Tablet Stand for Apple iPad

Kantek Tablet Stand for Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro (All 9.7-Inch, 10.5-Inch, and 11-Inch Sizes), iPad Mini (1, 2, and 3), Kindle Fire 7-Inch (Kindle Fire, HDX7, HD 7), Samsung Galaxy Tab (S, S2, S3), and Galaxy Pro S (TS710)


Stability doesn’t have a price when you want to place your device in safe places. And of course, there’s no better product for stability than the Tablet Stand from Kantek.

This model uses a weighted base to provide exceptional stability. You won’t have to worry about the tablet falling with this model. And to make it even better, this base also comes with a swiveling function. You can move it around according to your needs.

The stand will hold most tablets going from 6 to 8 inches without problems. And it will secure them so you won’t have to worry about anything.

You will have the chance to use your tablet directly without having to make much of an effort. It leaves direct access, so all you have to do is install the tablet on the stand and enjoy it.

But don’t rush out. There’s still a lot more. You can also change angles and even rotate if needed. Whether you want the tablet to be horizontal or vertical, or eventually achieve a different visual for comfort – this holder lets you do it all.

It is also a durable and reliable product, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Pair everything it offers together, and you’ll get next-level results.


  • High-quality build for durability
  • Weighted base provides superior stability
  • Practical swiveling, rotating & angle functions
  • Secures tablet tightly


  • Only fits tablets between 6 and 8 inches in size
  • More expensive than alternatives

10. KABCON Quality Tablet Stand

KABCON Quality Tablet Stand,Adjustable Foldabele Eye-Level Aluminum Solid Up to 15-in Tablets Holder for Microsoft Surface Series Tablets,iPad Series,Samsung Galaxy Tabs,Amazon Kindle Fire,Etc.Silver


If we had to give the best iPad stands a score – this one would get 10 out of 10. There’s no model in the whole list as functional, stable, reliable, or durable as the Kabcon Quality Table Stand.

You can support practically any device going from smartphones to tablets and even the largest iPads at 15 inches effortlessly. It is so durable and reliable that you can also place laptops on it, and there won’t be a single issue.

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The sturdy build comes directly from an aluminum alloy construction, ideal for keeping the whole product secure for long and delivering superior strength. You won’t experience any kind of stability or flimsiness issue with this stand.

This pairs up well with the good-looking metal appearance, which adds a touch of convenience. You can pair this stand with any desk, kitchen, table, or just anything, and it will look great.

To make it an even better product, you can consider the adjustable angle function along with its horizontal & vertical viewing. There’s simply no limit to how practical this model can be.

If you want a high-quality stand for your iPad that doesn’t cost an eye of your face – then this is the model to go for.


  • Outstanding aluminum alloy build
  • Super stable & reliable in its entirety
  • Compatible with all devices up to 15 inches
  • Handy adjustability features


  • Huge design lacks portability
  • Doesn’t tilt or lower down in height

Features to Consider Before Buying an Ipad Stand Lamicall Ipad Stand

There are many confusing things to think about when going through iPad stands. But it doesn’t have to be that confusing. Here we explain some of these things so you can have a better idea:


The first thing you’ll need to think about is the size of the product. You’ll want something large enough for your iPad, but also something small that can be stored and moved easily.

That’s why we recommend models with the ideal design that can hold devices of up to 14 inches or more, but also small 4-inches smartphones if needed.


The ability to change angles and adjust the orientation of the display will make a stand a much better choice.

Some models do not offer either, so you need to be careful before choosing. You won’t like picking a holder that eventually doesn’t move down so you can watch a movie in your bed. That can be pretty annoying.


The build of a holder also matters, even though they’re all similar.  Some models are made of metal, others are made of plastic.

We recommend aluminum and steel models over all others. But ABS plastic options are not bad choices either.

This matters because metals like aluminum tend to be light and easy to handle around. Steel is even more durable without having too much weight. And ABS plastic tends to last a lifetime while delivering the lightest design.

But stability also matters. Aluminum is decently stable, steel is super strong, but ABS tends to be flimsy.

Choose the right material with care.


Apart from adjustability and construction, you also want a holder that gets ready to be used in seconds.

Some models come with collapsible designs that need a few seconds to be prepared. Others may stick directly to desk surfaces and never stick off. And for

The best iPad stands for bed, for example, will ensure that you can get it working in seconds for the utmost comfort. And if you’re on-the-go, then a fast setup will also come handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after going through all the previous info, you may still have some doubts as to what to go for. But don’t worry – here we may relieve some of them:

Will these stands hold a first-generation iPad?

Yes, even when the first-generation models are thicker and heavier, they will fare well on most tablet stands. Focus on sturdiness to make sure that the holder can support your old iPad.

Can I accommodate an iPad with a cover on these holders?

Yes, and no. It all depends on the model you go for. Some of them will work with practically any type of tablet. But others will only work with thin tablets. Choose accordingly.

Is it possible to charge an iPad on a stand?

Yes, most holders offer the chance to recharge your tablet without problems. Be aware that placement and tablet design matter a lot. To make it easy, some models come with cable holes so you can get the charger wire through more quickly and charge your devices.

How to install an iPad holder?

The installation of an iPad stand depends on its design. Some models only need a simple setup of seconds by unfolding the products. Others may demand a lot more work, especially if you need to stick or attach the stand to an anchor point. Follow the product instructions to make it easy.

How do I know that the stand is compatible with my iPad?

The easiest way to make sure that a product matches your needs is to take a look at its compatibility details and overall size. Some holders offer the chance to work with devices as small as 4 inches and as large as 15 inches, while others only work with devices from 5 to 10 inches, etc. Choose accordingly.

Final Words & Recommendation

Even though we showed 10 of the best models in the list, we recommend not rushing out to pick just any model. Pay attention to all our advice, and only choose the one that best matches your needs.

But overall, we can’t give the best iPad stand trophy to no other model than the Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand. It will surpass all your expectations in terms of durability, compatibility, adjustments, and even setup.

Still, remember there are other options in the list to go for. So don’t hold back and pick only the one that you find better for your requirements. You won’t regret it.

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.

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