10 Best DisplayPort Cable Reviews in 2023

One of the most relaxing times of the day is after you get back home and spend the rest of the night enjoying a TV show, watching a movie or playing some videogames.

When you’re looking to make the best out of those moments, having a DisplayPort helps a lot.

If you’re unfamiliar with this piece of equipment, here we will clear your doubts in our best DisplayPort cable article, where we discuss the top ten offers currently available in the market.

Each of these cables may seem similar, and they are, but there are unique features that make them better than most when it comes to certain activities.

Let’s find out more!

10 Best DisplayPort Cable Reviews

The following DisplayPort cables are the best at transmitting images, sound, and all the fun in-between over to your monitors.

1. iVanky 6.6ft DisplayPort Cable

ivanky DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft DP Cable Nylon Braided Display Port Cable


Perhaps the most exciting fact about this cable is that it delivers every promise it makes; it is quite flexible, allowing you to maneuver it around your setup to prevent any tangling. When plugging it in, the connectors access the devices smoothly, and the length is as described, 6.6ft.

It is not the largest DisplayPort cable, and yet, it is sufficient for most tasks. This cable will reach behind desks, even when you’re using a large setup like a desktop computer. Naturally, it is better to have the devices nearby, because even though it is excellent, it won’t reach unrealistic distances.

When using it, the cable performs surprisingly well. If there’s an issue, you can contact the manufacturer, and they will gladly solve any doubt. That’s another benefit of purchasing this product.

The cable has every protection needed; it features protective covers for the connectors and a smooth braided exterior. When plugged, the connectors stay put, even if they don’t have the latch mechanism.

For many reasons, this cable is everything you may need to establish a secure connection between your DisplayPort devices and compatible monitors.

Highlighted Features

  • Thick cable with enough protection
  • Backward compatibility
  • Displays 1440p at 114Hz
  • Constant and fluid image transmission

2. Rankie 6 Ft DisplayPort Cable

Rankie DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable, DP to DP, 4K Resolution, 30Hz, 6 Feet, Black


Unlike the previous cable, this one is slightly cheaper. It is only a couple of bucks, but every bit of money saved counts. What you get in return is a sturdy cable, which could be an advantage or a disadvantage. Here’s why.

When installing this cable to your setup, the sturdy structure could be a problem because it is not as flexible as others. If your desktop requires twisting the cable around, perhaps you won’t be able to do that with this product.

However, the sturdiness could be an advantage because it secures a perfect connection over the monitor and computer. There’s no risk of losing a signal transmission, as it transfers the data continuously at a steady flow.

This cable works so well with 4K monitors, and its high compatibility guarantees it will fit in most of them. We also tested it on a 1920x1080p resolution at 144Hz, and the imagen transmitted was beautiful. The sound didn’t disappoint either.

Overall, this 4K DisplayPort cable manages to compete with the most expensive ones and deliver equal or even better results.

Highlighted Features

  • 6 feet sturdy cable
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Supports 4K, 1080p and outstanding sound quality
  • Latch to secure the connection

3. AmazonBasics 6Ft DisplayPort Cable

AmazonBasics DisplayPort to DisplayPort HD Display Cable - 6 Feet


This cable is another affordable DisplayPort component for people that don’t want to spend too much money on these products. Although it lacks some classic features like the latch to secure the connection, it is still a pleasant and satisfactory change if you want to ditch your VGA cables.

When tested on different monitors working at 4K, it performed splendidly by delivering bright and clear images. Also, since it fits tightly despite not having the latch, both the image and sound quality transfer smoothly at high rates.

In this AmazonBasics cable, you’ll find most of the high-quality features DisplayPort cables. People often disregard these products because they are not from a famous named brand, and yet, this single cable proves them wrong by working as required.

Not only is it an excellent alternative to VGA cables and outdated components, but also to those brands that sell their DisplayPort pieces at ridiculous prices just because of their established brand. These cables end up being disappointing most of the time.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers crystal clear images and quality sound
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Compatible with 1.2 DisplayPort components

4. Accell 6Ft DisplayPort 1.2 Cable

Accell DP to DP 1.2 - VESA-Certified DisplayPort 1.2 Cable - 6 Feet, Hbr2, 4K UHD @60Hz, 1920X1080@240Hz


This cable offers a high-quality bit rate two connection, or HBR2. It sets up a transmission signal of 21.6 Gbps of bandwidth, making possible the transfer of data and sound in outstanding quality. For the image, this DisplayPort component supports 4K definition at 3840×2160 at 60Hz.

Other than that, the cable also supports 1080P at 240Hz, and 3D resolutions as well, going as high as 2560×1600@Hz.

When plugged, use the latching connectors to secure proper transmission between the hardware. The cable is 1.2 DisplayPort compatible, and it supports 1.1a version too. That compatibility opens up many doors about the type of activities you can do with this component.

Despite feeling like a thick cable, you’ll be surprised to know how flexible it can be. The latches secure a stable connection when plugged correctly. However, the latch may stick out a little bit if you compare it to the other cables featuring this lock mechanism.

It is safe to say this cable is not as affordable as the others, but that’s good because paying that little extra money is worth it. This certified DisplayPort cable offers noticeable differences when you’re using it.

Highlighted Features

  • VESA certified cable
  • High-quality bit rate – HBR2
  • 6 Gbps bandwidth support
  • Supports 4K and 3D resolutions

5. GearIT 10Ft DisplayPort Cable

GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 10 Feet - 4K Resolution Ready (DP to DP Cable) Black


Our next pick offers several different colors that you can choose to customize your setup in the best way possible. You can get this DisplayPort in three colors, which are black, blue, and white. Their exterior look is the only difference, as they’re all the same in their internal structure.

It is a 10 feet DisplayPort cable, placing itself among the largest. The gold-plated connectors are also present in this component, offering a stable connection backed with the security latch. Use it to connect your computers to an HD monitor, projectors, or graphics cards.

The cable works as described. When other standard DisplayPort cables aren’t providing what you need, here’s an alternative that will do the trick. As soon as you plug it in, the computer recognizes it, providing direct data transmission.

After months of using it, the cable still delivers a high-quality image without interruption. The small latches surely do their job at keeping the connectors in their proper place.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in different colors
  • Gold-plated connectors with security latches
  • Durable conductors
  • 4K resolutions, compatible with 1080P HD as well

6. Cable Matters 6 Ft DisplayPort Cable, 2-Pack

Cable Matters 2-Pack DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (DP to DP Cable) 6 Feet - 4K Resolution Ready


Although it is not at a higher spot, many useful features earn this cable a place in every house. One of those is the ergonomic design, which allows us to plug the connectors easily on both the computer and monitor. When plugged, the Security Latch secures the port connection.

The performance of this cable is no surprise if you take a closer look at its high-quality construction. Inside, you can find bare copper conductors backed with wire insulation and foil shielding. All of these little parts do their job efficiently, delivering a perfect image and sound.

There are many tasks you can accomplish using this cable. Connect it to a wide monitor, and you’ll have the perfect video editing setup. Or, you can also plug it into modern TVs to enjoy that pleasant high amount of FPS in your games.

It is a bit expensive, but this 6 feet cable guarantees a secure connection between your devices without any risk. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a gamer, or a cinema fan, here’s one DisplayPort Cable that should meet your expectations.

Highlighted Features

  • 6 feet cable
  • 4K, 3840×2160 HD Resolution
  • Multiple channels including 7.1, 5.1 and 2
  • Superior internal construction

7. Moread 6 Ft DisplayPort Cable

Moread DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable, 6 Feet, Gold-Plated Display Port Cable (4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) DP Cable Compatible with Computer, Desktop, Laptop, PC, Monitor, Projector - Black


It is disappointing how sometimes, despite the DisplayPort cables delivering incredible results, they are poorly made. As days go by, the connectors start deteriorating until they are useless. If you want to prevent that from happening, here’s the perfect pick for you.

There are only a few DisplayPort cables as reliable as this one. Since it features gold-plated connectors, combined with incredible conductors of bare copper, there’s barely anything that may interfere in the performance of this product.

Those features provide quality images under a secure connection. And even better, this cable is affordable. Sure, it is only one cable per purchase, while some others offer two pieces, but it is still just as capable as the others.

When you connect it, the cable secures a stable connection into your devices. Plug it in your computer or laptops, or even to your graphics cards such as the GTX models, and this DisplayPort cable will likely be compatible with most of them.

As to what to do with this cable, there are many tasks it can accomplish. It supports the highest quality resolutions at 4K, and it is also compatible with 3D!

Highlighted Features

  • High compatibility with computers and graphic video cards
  • Supports highest 4K quality and 3D
  • Resistant connectors
  • Connector latches for a secure plug-in

8. Cablelera ZC2201MM-03 DisplayPort Cable

Cablelera DisplayPort Cable (ZC2201MM-03)


Despite having a small 3ft cord, this cable has a lot of great things to offer, such as beautiful 4K resolution images at 3840×2160, in the highest definition for our entertainment. As you can see, this DisplayPort piece may have some drawbacks, but low-quality issues are not among them.

Other than the high-quality images, the cable transmits an outstanding audio quality too. It is an ideal pick to set up your entertainment cave at home to stream the latest movies or enjoy a videogame.

Similar to the other items on this list, this cable offers the security latches to prevent any abrupt interruption. It works so well that, sometimes, unplugging the connectors may be a little tricky. You may find yourself having to put an extra amount of pressure to get it out.

Then again, that’s a minor inconvenience that shouldn’t get in your way. After plugging the cable, it will secure a connection between your monitor and computer, ensuring a clear image and satisfying sound quality.

While there are larger versions of this cable, this short one is the right call when you don’t want to have that extra cord lying around.

Highlighted Features

  • Short 3ft cable to reduce inconvenient cord lying around
  • Male to male latches
  • 4K resolution with 3D options
  • Multiple digital channels for high-quality sound

9. CableCreation 2-Pack 10 ft DisplayPort Cable

CableCreation 10 Feet DP to DP Cable Gold Plated, Support UHD 4K x 2K 60Hz Resolution, 3M, Black


Even people without any tech knowledge will love this pack of cables, as they are plug-in pieces that don’t require any drivers to work. When plugged, they provide a secure and constant connection thanks to the DisplayPort Latch, which requires pressing a button to unplug the cables.

There’s no hassle when plugging these cables either, as they are bi-directional. That means that users will be able to connect them from both sides, and they will work as input or output depending on what the devices require.

If you thought the previous pick was too short, this cable offers a quick fix by being a 10ft alternative. It is suitable if you have setups like a standing desk, which are often not that close to the monitor.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable features of this cable is the braided shielding, which successfully reduces any possible interference caused by electric waves. Using this DisplayPort cable is quite simple, as it only requires us to plug it in. Once connected, it provides 4K Ultra-HD resolution with the option to lower it down if necessary.

Highlighted Features

  • 4K high-quality at 60Hz resolution
  • DisplayPort Latch tech
  • Outstanding construction to prevent interference
  • Plug & Play
  • Large 10ft cable

10. Anbear 6 Ft DisplayPort Cable

DisplayPort to Displayport Cable 6 Feet,Anbear Gold Plated Display Port to Display Port Cable 4K@60HZ Resolution(Male to Male) for DisplayPort Enabled Desktops and Laptops to Connect to Displays


While this cable is far from being the best, it still has a lot to offer. It offers a convenient method to connect your computer to either an HD monitor or screen projector, as long as they have DisplayPort inputs, of course.

This cable supports 4k resolutions at 60Hz, providing a crystal clear image of what’s playing on the computer. The images stream vividly and continuously, reaching a 3840×2160 screen resolution capacity, at ultra HD while giving a 1080P option as well.

It is not the largest cable out there, but the 6ft length allows you to do plenty of activities with it. This DisplayPort piece is more than ideal to set up secondary monitors to create an extensive screening experience or mirrored displays.

Another benefit of using this cable is three-level protection. It maintains the transmission and keeps it steady, without losing frames or receiving interference. This structure also makes it possible to prevent interruptions that may come from electromagnetic waves.

Once you finish using the cable, you can detach it by pressing the button to release the latches, which are there to prevent permanent damage when you unplug it.

Highlighted Features

  • Direct connection from computers to monitors
  • Supports highest quality resolution at 4K and 1080P
  • Transmits clear images and sounds
  • Connector with security latches

DisplayPort Cable

Key Considerations Before Buying DisplayPort Cables

What do you need to keep in mind before making your call? In the next section, you’ll find the essential features these cables must provide. Keep in mind that not every cable offers these features.

Quality Support

When you’re looking for a DisplayPort cable, that means you’re looking to take full advantage of your computer’s capacity. The very first thing you need to consider is whether or not the cable is compatible with your device, and if it is capable of displaying the images on the monitor just the way you want them.

Every cable in these reviews supports 4K, delivering Ultra-HD images at 3840×2160 at 60Hz. They also display 3D and offer the option to screen at 1080P quality too. You should not settle for anything less than that.


Just like with any other plug-in cable, DisplayPort pieces require resistant and robust construction materials to withstand the pressure they must endure.

Here, you’ll do well considering gold-plated conductors, as they will resist against deteriorative states like corrosion. Not only that, but cables featuring this design choice are capable of increasing the connectivity, providing a clear image from beginning to end.

Another element that guarantees the durability of a DisplayPort cable is the braided foil shielding, responsible for reducing interferences by improving the quality of the signals.

The ultimate display of high durability goes to the Ivanky cable, the first product on this list. It features multiple shieldings to prevent cracking. Additionally, the 24K gold-plated design for the connectors offers a lot of protection, as well.

Security Latch

The security latch is such a simple addition, and yet so effective! You’ll see it in most of the products listed here, but not in every one of them.

What does it do? It offers a secure connection to the port by locking the connectors after plugging them in. Security latches prevent the cables from falling out due to unforeseeable impacts, and it helps to deliver more explicit images and better sound quality.

Even though not every DisplayPort cable offers these latches, they are an addition that you may want to have.

Cable Length

During our reviews, you’ll notice that these cables vary in length. Deciding which one you need depends on what you want to do with it, but be aware that there are larger and smaller models available. Don’t rush it, because you could end up making a decision that may not work out for you later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding DisplayPort cables:

What is a DisplayPort cable?

It is a component that allows you to connect different devices and computer systems to a monitor, displaying the screen of the computer at a larger scale. People use it for a variety of activities, from design to videogames.

How to use DisplayPort cables?

Using these cables is not complicated, as they’re plug-n-play pieces. That means you only need to connect your computer to the monitor through this cable, and it will display the images quickly. Some DisplayPort cables require drivers, though.

Which DisplayPort version do I have?

It would be better to contact the manufacturer and receive qualified service to know which DisplayPort you have, as there’s no way to tell from looking at the hardware.

How to use DisplayPort cable for multiple monitors?

The multi-stream feature is available from 1.2 DisplayPort and forward. To connect multiple monitors at once, you’ll need a source machine like a computer compatible with that version. Additionally, you’ll need compatible monitors within and out ports.

What DisplayPort cable do I need for 144hz 1440p?

The best DisplayPort cable for 144hz is the iVanky, which we have as the number one product in our reviews.

Final Words & Recommendation

In all fairness, every one of the products in our best DisplayPort cable review article shares most of the same features. Some may lack some elements like the security latch, but deep down, most of the structure remains the same.

Is that bad? No, it is not. As long as it works, there’s no need to change anything.

Features like the gold-plated connectors are a constant in most Displayport cables, and that’s because of its high efficiency. So, pick the one you like the most because, ultimately, they’re all great products that deliver excellence.

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.

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