10 Best Internet Radio in 2023

We all know and love radios. The hallmark of human communication, the pioneers of… well, you get the drift. Radios have been an essential part of every generation since its inception, be it for coms, or for entertainment.

With a radio, you can pick up transmission when in range. Now, we have something that takes all that up a notch.

That’s right, the internet radio. With this, you can simply listen in to your favorite transmission from anywhere around the globe. And so today, we are going to take a look at the best internet radios to help you do just that.

10 Best Internet Radio Review

We have tracked down the best possible internet radio units you could buy for your money and filtered them into this handy guide. Let us have a look.

1. Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio

Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio/FM-RBDS/USB/Network Music Player Digital Receiver with Color Display Gray/White

On the hunt for something ultra-compact that you can tote around everywhere? Then this WFR-28 from Sangean is the one for you. Featuring app control instead of the traditional remote control, this Sangean radio is meant to deliver quality features in an uber portable format.

The radio supports a selection of over 16000 radio stations, the likes of KROQ, BBC and CNN and of course all the local radio stations you could ever want. And the radio connects to the web through the built-in WiFi connectivity. It also can be used as a USB digital receiver.

Moreover, the radio only has one speaker, but it makes up for it with a range of EQ presets such as classical, rock, and pop. No Bluetooth connectivity, but it does come with an Aux input.

Keep a 3.5mm jack cable, and you can stream your audio from all compatible devices featuring the same jack. The antenna is extendable and is built-in.


  • Good sound quality
  • Very portable
  • Features an audio jack for all your audio needs
  • Supports over 16000 channels


  • The radio features only one speaker

2. Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

Como Audio: Solo - Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, and Bluetooth - Walnut/Black

Looking to spend a little for that premium quality when it comes to internet radios? Then look no further than the Audio: Solo from Como. This is one of the premier internet radios we have on our list.

Featuring a wood veneer finish in a compact cabinet style, the Como radio offers access to thousands of the internet streaming and FM stations around the globe, all with a simple WiFi connection. The speakers are a combined 30 watt, so the audio quality is top-notch too.

And the buttons and controls feel great to use, they feel sturdy and solid with great tactile feedback. Though we feel the turning knobs could have been a little bigger. The 2.8-inch color display shows all that we need to know about the radio station and the albums we are currently playing.

Moreover, the radio also features one of those one-touch streaming functions that use Bluetooth to connect to your mobile devices and stream your favorite audiobook and playlist from Deezer and Spotify.


  • Very pretty wood finishing
  • A variety of stations and streaming services to choose from
  • Very nice sound despite its compact size
  • The unit also plays CDs


  • The tuning knobs are a little too small for our liking

3. SiriusXM Sound Station – Internet Radio by Grace Digital

SiriusXM Sound Station - Internet radio by Grace Digital - GDI-SXTTR2

We definitely need to have a peek at a unit that is suitable for those looking for a premium internet radio plus a subscription. In case you already paid for a Sirius subscription or plan on getting one, why not pair it with one of the best radios that SiriusXM has to offer, the Sound station.

And we would say that the only downside to this radio would be that it only works if you have a Sirius subscription, which also needs to be purchased separately. That being said, this is probably the best SiriusXM branded radio we have come across so far.

It has a small dimension, but despite the size, it delivers full-range sound with very punchy bass. Trust us, you will need to listen to this to believe it. The radio features a digital alarm clock. And the radio connects to the network using WiFi connectivity.

You can also have a wired connection with this radio by using a wired ethernet and an appropriate dongle you can pick up for a few bucks.


  • Perfect unit for people with a Sirius subscription
  • Replay, rewind live radio as you please
  • Includes a remote control
  • Brilliant sound


  • Only works with a Sirius subscription

4. Sungale WiFi Internet Radio

Sungale WiFi Internet Radio w/ 4.3

Next up on our list, we have a WiFi internet radio from Sungale. It offers access to over 18000 radio stations, so you can directly stream your favorite channel or use WiFi to access Tunein, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, or any of the other streaming apps available. Still interested? Let us take a deeper glance.

Like we said above, you can access most of the streaming platforms if you have WiFi connectivity. The Sungale takes it up a notch by allowing us to store our own music on the device itself. It comes with 8 gigs of storage on which we can store all our favorite tunes.

The interface is what we would describe as being okay. It is user friendly enough, and you should have no problem finding your way around the menus. The sound quality is pretty decent as well with 2 tweeter speakers and a subwoofer.


  • Access to over 18000 channels
  • All major streaming apps access
  • 8 gigs of storage onboard
  • Decent sound quality


  • No remote control

5. Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic

Here, we have one of the best-rated radios on our list, the Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic. With unrestricted access to over 30000 FM, AM, and HD internet radio, it is not that hard to see why this unit is at the very top.

This is by far the easiest internet radio on our list, so just simply set up and jam to it. It connects to the network without a hitch, without needing any fancy apps or plugins, all under 2 minutes. The 3.5-inch screen is also a great feature as it allows us easy access to all the apps, menus, and settings.

The screen itself is a high resolutions display that is easy to read and brings out all the colors in the pretty album arts. Another great feature of this internet radio is that you can opt for going completely portable. You can choose to get the lithium-ion battery (sold separately) for your unit and take it along to your next camping trip.


  • Easy setup
  • Portability is an option with the lithium-ion battery
  • iHeartRadio, Sirius, BBC available right out of the box
  • Can connect to most smartphones


  • No Spotify

6. Ocean Digital WiFi Internet Radios WR828F

Ocean Digital Wi-Fi Internet Radios WR828F FM Receiver with Airmusic Control APP & Sleep Radio- for Sleeping & Relaxation Alarm Clock Stereo Dual Speaker with USB Port

Looking for a simple internet radio that will sit atop your desk and occasionally serve as an alarm clock? Something that will show the time and alternate between time-zones and show the weather when not in use? The folks at Ocean have something for you. Let us have a good peek at their WR828F internet radio.

That is basically all that it is intended for. The display can be dimmed substantially for easy night time viewing but does not have an auto adjustment feature. And the audio quality seems to be surprisingly good, considering that it is a desk radio. The unit is quite loud and comes with a few equalizer presets.

Pretty easy to start using, if you have some basic knowledge of internet how-tos. We recommend using an online list organizer to find radio stations and make a list of your favorites list, which you can, later on, download to your radio. We wish it came with remote control, but that is not something you necessarily need for a desk unit.


  • Simple design
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with equalizer presets
  • Sounds quite decent for a desk radio unit


  • No remote control

7. auna Connect 150 Black/Walnut • 2.1 Internet Radio

The next unit we have on our list is quite the looker, presenting the Connect 150 from Auna. It comes with WiFi connectivity and packs some serious features in a body that is ultra-compact, modern design. This goes with most decors, be it modern or abstract, the outer shell is made of wood.

You could choose to have the black painted model, but we like the veneered one better for aesthetic reasons. The use of wood also helps with the sounds quite a bit. The 2.5-inch display is hidden behind the front panel, giving it a cleaner look.

And the menu and the details are all neatly laid out, thus making the navigation through the menus easy as cake.

Moreover, the 150 BK offers a range of connectivity options, including WiFi and ethernet. It also allows connectivity with USB and Aux. The sound is delivered through a 3-inch woofer and two 2.5 inch multiband speakers. And the unit gets quite loud overall. We have no complaints in the sound department.


  • Modern design
  • Nice sound quality
  • Decent connectivity options
  • The screen is easy to read


  • No Bluetooth

8. CC WiFi Internet Radio

CC WiFi Internet Radio - with iHeartMedia Owned Radio Stations, Pandora & Radio.com-CBS

Want to get a simple, no-nonsense radio control unit? We have a unit just for the above criteria. Introducing the CC WiFi Internet Radio, a very convenient unit that is perfect for internet radio capability.

Let us begin with the channels. The CC WiFi radio gives us access to over 16000 radio channels, the likes of ESPN, NPR, BBC, and much more. All the connections are direct with none of that subscription nonsense. All you need is a decent WiFi hub, and you are good to go.

It has all the basic features: sleep timer, alarm clock, and of course, an audio jack. The speaker is full range; we would describe the audio quality as being acceptable.

With 99 presets (memory), you can have easy, smooth access to all your favorite stations. The menu can feel a little tedious to operate, but all is golden once you have it set up properly.


  • Simple to operate
  • Easy setup
  • Small and portable
  • Unrestricted access to over 16000 channels


  • The menu can feel clunky at times

9. LEMEGA M3+ 20W Stereo Internet FM

LEMEGA M3+ 20W Stereo Internet FM Digital Radio with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Built-in Subwoofer, USB, Aux & TFT Colour Display – Walnut

Next up on our list, we have a very retro-looking internet radio from the makers over at Lemega, the M3+ 20W Stereo Internet FM. Trust us when we say this, this is quite the looker. It simply exudes quality. Let us take a deeper peek.

This is the best-looking internet radio unit we have on our list, hands down. It combines a retro-looking finish with a wooden casing that makes it stand out from anything else in the room and in a good way. The wood is not just for the looks, but it greatly amps up the sound acoustics as well.

And the display is quite nice, too, providing all the relevant information. Our only gripe would be that the display does not dim enough. The sound is exemplary, and the unit comes with several equalizer presents, all of which can be customized to your needs.

The user interface is easy to navigate, and they also provide a remote for you to control your unit from a distance.


  • Absolute stunner of a unit
  • Wood finishing
  • includes a remote
  • A very nice display


  • We wish the display dimmed more for use in a dark room

10. Aluratek AIRMM03F WiFi Internet Radio

Aluratek AIRMM03F Wi-Fi Internet Radio Streaming Pandora, Slacker, iHeart, Spotify (Black)

Looking for an all-in-one package with social media integration, unrestricted access to over 50000 channels, all at a competitive price bracket? Then let us acquaint ourselves with the AIRMM03F WiFi Internet Radio from Aluratek.

This is the one and only unit on our roundup today that features social media integration. It comes integrated with almost all social media platforms, the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Snapchat. Flickr and Gallery apps also come as standard. Sold yet? We definitely are.

Apart from the pre-installed and installable apps, the radio allows us access to over 50000 channels, 35000 podcasts, Spotify, iHeartradio, the works.

Two front-facing 3W speakers and a bottom-firing sub delivered a surprisingly loud and balanced sound. The battery offers up to 5 hours of continuous streaming.


  • Social media integration
  • Crisp sound
  • Portable, 5 hours of continuous streaming on battery
  • Touch screen


  • The menu can feel overly complicated to some

What are the Best Internet Radio Stations?

So, we have taken a peek at some of the premier radios for your hard-earned dough. Not let us take a look at some of the premier internet radio stations.

KEXP 90.3 FM

This is pretty much Seattle’s best public radio station, by miles if you ask us. And this station is a partnership between Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project and the University of Washington. They highlight all the best and the newest alternate music from around the world.

Moreover, they are also quite renowned for their live-in house studio sessions. Thus, KEXP happens to be one of the few, first major radio or media outlets that present the new and upcoming bands, taking it to the top of the charts if you want to get to the new music before the Spotify fiends amongst your friends.

KCRW 89.9 FM

A renowned radio station, stationed (no pun intended) in the Santa Monica college compounds, the KRCW has some history behind its foundation. It was found in 1945 to teach and train retired servicemen in newfound technologies.

Now, however, it is a leading outlet to find the premier amongst new music. Featuring the brains behind the renowned Morning Becomes Eclectic, the KCRW is now the go-to place to listen to the best-curated music and also the occasional national news or two.


If you are into hip-hop, then the WWPR is a must-have on the favorite channels shortlist. One of the best hip hop channels from New York, the city that saw the inception of the very genre, the POWER 105.1 is legitimately all things urban. They feature the freshest finds from both the underground and the mainstream on the daily.

fm KXRY 107.1 FM

Interest in something independent? Something crowdfunded? Look no further than Portland’s own XRAY.fm, dropping some of the coolest & freshest digs from the underground scene, delivering them straight to you and the rest of the globe.

The selection is varied and also features progressive talk, and as an internet radio station, this is quite up there on the favorites’ list.


From the city of angels, comes an internet-only broadcasting that drops the sickest of beats 5 days of the week. The Dublab is a must-have for the fans of emerging beat and DJ music. They have a rotating cast of some of the most famous DJs around the world, such as Teebs, Daedelus as the lot.


Next up, we have the OG of the list, the longest-running independent radio station in the US. The WFMU is also a leading internet radio station. Funded by the listeners, the station streams the best eclectic shows on offer in free-form format.


And thus, we are at the end of the line. We have gone through some of the best internet radio you could buy. Going by ratings, the Grace Digital Mondo+ Classic steals the limelight, followed by the Auna Connect 150 Black contending for the best competitively priced radio nomination.

We hope you had a blast going through our review. Until the next one, peace out.

Josef is a freelance tech writer who specializes in writing gadgets reviews. His love for technology started at an early age and he has been writing tutorials about various aspects of technology ever since. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other people and helping them understand the latest innovations in this field.

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