365 Threat Monitor – The Importance of protecting your M365 mailboxes

Cyberattacks have had a rapid increase in the recent years as enterprises have opted to move their business to the cloud. According to CNBC, since 2018 cyberattacks have increased by over 150% and have the potential to cost over 10 trillion in the next 5 years. Cloud-based mail services, such as M365 mailbox, have been the most vulnerable, falling victim to phishing, ransomware and business email compromise.

The Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service on M356 is too limited to handle the wide variety of tools currently developed by cybercriminals to breach this primary defense system. Although it makes sense to go for a third party software to protect you M365 mailbox, the available solutions have serious cost implications.

What if there was a solution that could detect these threats early enough for you to delete them and that is absolutely free?

Hornetsecurity’s 365 Threat Monitor is that solution. In this article we’ll look at why you need to take your M365 mailbox protection into your own hands, and why 365 Threat Monitor is the ultimate candidate for this.

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Why should you opt for third-party protection?

M365 EOP serves to protect your mailbox by scanning through all the emails coming in to find malware, policy compliance problems and malicious content (spoofing and spam). If any threat is identified, it is quarantined. Here is an overview of how this service works.

If you happen to read Microsoft Office’s EOP Service Level Agreement (SLA), you will realize just how limited this service is. If you haven’t we’ll highlight the key areas that shows this service is only meant to offer basic protection against obvious threats.

1. No Anti-Spam protection for majority of non-English Content

Although M365 EOP has a 99% spam detection rate, which is impressive, this mainly accounts for emails with content composed in English. Content created in other languages has a significantly higher probability to bypass detection by this service. So all a cybercriminal has to do to get to your system if you use this service only, is compose content in a different language. Easy, right?

2. No Coverage on Zero-day Exploits

For cybercriminals to successfully bypass a given security software, there must be a vulnerability within the software for which they exploit. This vulnerability is known as zero-day vulnerability and the technique used is known as zero-day exploit. Microsoft have stated (on the EOP SLA) that they will not be liable to cover a zero-day exploit when it happens. This leaves you at a disadvantage and it is difficult to trust this service to offer high quality protection.

3. Anti-viral Protection only for Well-recognized viruses

EOP only considers a virus known if it has been detected by commercial virus scanning engines and this detection capability is available throughout the network.

Since viruses are being developed daily, new viruses are likely to bypass the EOP system into your mailboxes.

This shows that the EOP system provided by Microsoft is not enough to sufficiently protect your mailboxes from phishing, ransomware, etc. For this reason, you need to opt for a third-party software to get the job done.

With numerous third-party software out there, which one is the best fit to protect your M365 mailboxes?

365 Threat Monitor

365 Threat Monitor is a free mobile software capable of providing reliable protection to your M365 mailboxes. Although it is a recently developed solution, it draws experience from backing by Hornetsecurity, which has been combating cybercrime for years. It scans all emails for threats and sends alerts to your mobile phone, all in real time.

You can instantly delete these threats with a single click as soon as they show up. You prevent the danger before it has a chance to cause any damage. It also provides statistics of the status of the security of your mailboxes, the categories of threats faced and the areas frequently targeted.

What makes 365 Threat Monitor the best Tool to protect your M365 Mailboxes?

365 Threat Monitor is well crafted to provide the ultimate security to your mailboxes coupled with a delightful user experience. It is equipped with features that are usually designated for commercialized protection software; these make it stand out among other solutions. Let’s explore what makes this tool exceptional.

It has a user-friendly onboarding process

365 Threat Monitor is available on both Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple. You can easily set it up to get started.

1. Go to the official website and enter your Microsoft admin credentials.

2. You will be directed to either Play Store or App Store depending on your device.

3. Download the app and then enter your enterprise’s information and that’s it.

It traps threat emails that bypass EOP

EOP is Microsoft’s primary email protection tool. Needless to say it is moderately competent, incorporating signature-based antivirus scanners, machine learning, etc. However, a significant number of email threats get past it undetected and there is no way of determining which type of threats do this.

365 Threat Monitor on the other hand, catches the threats that escape EOP. While EOP boasts a 99% spam detection, 365 Threat Monitor has been equipped to detect 99.9%. If your enterprise receives a lot of emails this 0.9% becomes more significant.

Threat monitoring statistics and reporting

365 Threat Monitor provides statistics of the frequency of each type of threat emails being targeted to your mailboxes.

On its sleek dashboard, it will graphically display the incidence of occurrence of a given threat over a given period and the user that was targeted.

It gives you an insight into which areas of your enterprise are being frequently targeted and the type of attack. This will enable you to strengthen you defenses in these areas, since you have knowledge on what you are facing.

It costs nothing

We have already mentioned that this service is free, but why is this important? In addition to EOP, Microsoft offers Defender for Office 365 which is a remarkable improvement and thus complements EOP’s security. The problem is that this service is limited to the E5 version of M365 as a separate extension with an extra charge. Why would you pay for a service you can get for free? For the first 10,000 Microsoft admins, 365 Threat Monitor is free forever.

Real-time protection from a wide variety of threats

All threats that get pasts EOP into your users’ mailboxes are picked up by 365 Threat Monitor. These threats include:

  • Different types of malware: viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc.
  • Spoofed sender identities and content
  • Targeted attacks on sensitive data such as personal identifying information (PII)
  • SPAM (99.9% detection rate) alongside unwanted advertisements
  • And so much more

As soon as they get detected, 365 Threat Monitor sends an alert to your phone in real time offering the option to instantly delete these threats.

Seamless Integration with M365

365 Threat Monitor has been well designed to fit into the M365 ecosystem. All you need to get started is your Microsoft credentials No need to create a new account. Additionally, it has no negative implications on your email flow and there is no need for you to change your MX records.

Highly Reliable

365 Threat Monitor utilizes Hornetsecurity’s exclusive technologies to halt your security breaches. These technologies are fortified to expose threats from where they are hidden. They are:

  • Email live tracking
  • Threat defense
  • Forensic Analyses

These technologies ensure all emails go through a stringent screening process in real time before they are deemed safe. The emails are screened for authenticity and verified for integrity. You as the admin has the power to protect all your mailboxes.

Despite 365 Threat Monitor being a relatively new technology, is has all the tools and crafting of a well-established, experienced software. It is highly capable of realizing maximum security for your M365 mailboxes at no cost and in real time. Getting started has never been easier, you just need an internet connection and your Microsoft admin credentials. So, make sure you’re among the first 10, 000 admins and get this service absolutely free. 

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