5 Creative Ways to Edit Your Photos For Social Media

Engaging with your audience and producing interesting content is one of the best ways to gain followers organically and authentically. An important part of posting content on platforms like Instagram is the way your pictures and videos look – which means you need some editing skills. 

The way you edit your material can bring a new level of creativity to the table, something to attract new followers and keep the ones you already have engaged and interacting with your content. If you’re stumped on how to edit your photos, here are a few ideas to play around with to boost your page. 

Change Up the Background

You can liven up a simple picture with barely any effort when you use a funky background. This can work for product photography, fashion posts or even just selfies. You can easily use a background remover to cut out and place pictures of yourself and your friends over whatever background you choose.

Try out fun patterns, solid colours or anything else you can think of – this is also a great way to create a theme or colour scheme for your page. 

Colour Blocking

If bright and bold is your thing, colour blocking is the trend you should be following. For pages with a lively feeling, this style of photography and editing can give you the ultimate boost. 

Colour blocking uses bright and loud colours that could sometimes even contrast slightly in a bold way that can’t be ignored. You could edit the colouring on your pictures to heighten the colour blocking effect, or even use the background tip mentioned above to place your photos over bold bricks of colour to help them stand out.

Blended Carousels

Instagram’s carousel feature has been a game-changer for business accounts and even personal pages who just want to share a little more of their day. Carousels can be used to share slides of infographics, information, behind the scenes shots, different exercises in a workout, steps in a recipe… The list goes on. 

You can even use free (or paid) apps to help you create seamless carousels for your Instagram page. In these, your photos or slides will blend into one another to flow perfectly – it takes some serious editing skills but the effect is worth the effort. 

Cohesion Through Filters

Creating a consistent feed is a great way to grab someone’s attention on the gram, and get them to click that follow button. When your feed is cohesive, all your photos are edited to make them look similar in colour, lighting, composition and even style. 

This creates a beautiful look and makes your page look ten times more professional and aesthetically pleasing. 


Finally, if you want to add a pop of fun and creativity to your posts, you could use the drawing function found on many free photo editing apps and programs.

Use this feature to draw outlines around the focus of your photo, doodle symbols, hearts, stars, or words that add meaning to the picture, or whatever else your heart desires. 

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