6 Tips For Creating Your Own Co-Working Space

6 tips for creating your own co working space

Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular over the last number of years, especially with the growth of the gig economy. Paying to rent an office in the CBD is a luxury that many startups and small businesses cannot afford. However, failing to have your business located in the right part of town can also be detrimental to the success of your business moving forward. Co-working spaces have solved this problem, offering flexible office solutions to meet the needs of the modern worker. 

Modern co-working spaces are equipped with the best technology, laser printers, lightning-fast internet speeds, comfortable downtime spaces and ergonomically designed workstations to meet the needs of today’s workforce. This is a lucrative industry that is growing in popularity and is quickly gaining the attention of entrepreneurs around the country. If you are considering setting up your own co-working space, it’s crucial that you make the right decisions from the outset so you make the right impression on your clients moving forward. With the right foundations in place, there’s no limit to where this exciting industry could take you. 

Let’s take a look at six simple tips to help you to create your very own co-working space. 

Start With Community

Cowork spaces are built around the idea of community and are a place where people can share, collaborate and meet other like-minded people. Take the time to assess the demand for a co-working space in the area you are considering before you sign a lease or start putting your plan into action. Without an active community, your co-working space will be destined to fail before it even begins. 

Create A Usable Space

There are many co-working spaces out there that look like they have been plucked straight out of an interior design magazine. While you want your space to look good, it’s important to focus on function over style, especially in the beginning. Instead of spending a fortune on the latest geometric-patterned chairs or hanging potted plant features, be sure to invest in a solid internet connection and high-functioning office equipment.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most important things any co-working space needs to be a true success is the right location. Opening a space that is right in the CBD that is right in the centre of the action is going to do much better than a co-working space located in an industrial estate in the suburbs. What’s more, the better the location, the higher a premium you will be able to charge and the more demand there will be for your new space. 

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Make Comfort A Priority

Once you have your space kitted out with the right utilities, you need to start making comfort a priority. Even if you can’t afford the latest and greatest office furniture, you can start off by renting office furniture, buying second-hand pieces or even picking up bits and pieces from charity shops to create a unique look and feel to your space. Whatever way you choose to proceed, remember that you need your clients to be happy if they’re going to be using your facility for hours at a time. 

Find A Niche

There are co-working spaces that are pet-friendly, that stay open 24/7, there are those with fully stocked bars and restaurants inside, some that offer sleeping spaces and also industry-specific co-working spaces. Finding a niche for your new space can make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd and make it easier to market your co-working space when you are ready to open your doors to the public. 

Create A Successful Co-working Space That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Following the tips outlined above, you can start taking the first steps towards opening a successful co-working space. Laying the right foundations from the outset will ensure that your space is a big hit, not only in the short term but also that it will stand the test of time moving forward.

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