Acer Laptop Series – Which One Should You Buy?

Acer is a Taiwanese tech company that has been making personal computers since the late 80s. It’s one of the top five PC vendors globally, competing with Apple, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. It is a brand that has been known for providing high-quality laptops.

There are many series of Acer laptops that have been introduced to the market. If you are looking for a laptop that will meet your needs, then you need to know all the series of Acer laptops. Acer laptop series covers a wide range of applications but is generally budget-friendly. 

If you don’t have any budget constraints, you’ll also find some top-notch laptops that come with all the bells and whistles. Of course, there are plenty of gaming laptops as well for those avid gamers. 

The best way to decide which series to go for and which laptop to buy is to analyze your own needs.

By knowing all the Acer laptop series, you will be able to select a laptop that will meet your needs. In this article, we will be giving you a list of all Acer laptop series, and we will be giving a brief explanation on each of the Acer laptop series.

All Acer Laptop Series

Some laptop series has been around for many years, with new models coming out every year. However, a few of them are relatively new with more modern features.

Acer Aspire

The Acer Aspire series is perhaps the most popular. These laptops are for the average user for simpler tasks. However, some upper-tier models can also be used for work. 

This series, in particular, has the most choices, providing laptops in virtually every size. In terms of prices, some basic models are super affordable, while some are pricey. Those slightly pricier ones like Aspire 5 and Aspire 5 Pro pack in a lot of memory and storage. 

The Aspire series also includes a model with a Qualcomm processor, the Aspire 1 Qualcomm. In addition, it has a distinct Pearl White body with 4G LTE connectivity and long battery life. 

Other models mainly feature Intel and AMD processors. As for storage, the new Aspire 3 and Aspire 5 have SSD disks. 

It classifies these laptops as more classic, as it’s one of the longest-running series by the company. The performance and features of these laptops are good for casual PC users. These are good for browsing the internet, sending emails, and running the Microsoft Office Suite. 

These are the top three Aces Aspire laptops:

  1. Acer Aspire 3 (A315-56-561V)
  2. Acer Aspire 5 (A515-43-R7DE)
  3. Acer Aspire 7 (A715-75G-544V)

Acer Nitro

The Acer Nitro series consists of gaming laptops, providing an extensive range to gamers. It’s a pocket-friendly PC series for newbie casual gamers. These notebooks feature the classic backlit keypads of gaming laptops but with a slimmer shape. 

Most Nitro series laptops feature AMD Ryzen processors with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. The newer Nitro 7 laptop has Intel Core i7 10th Generation processor. 

These laptops are suitable for your regular computing tasks as well, including some heavy graphics work. In addition, their sleek design makes them fairly more portable than some of the other gaming laptop series from other manufacturers. 

The Nitro 5 Spin laptop has a touchscreen that you can use with a touch pen. It’s a multi-purpose, highly portable laptop that’s also great for other creative projects like drawings and illustrations. 

Acer Swift

Acer Swift laptops are compact, ultra-thin, and extremely lightweight machines. These are ideal for those who commute with their laptops and want something portable. 

With a metallic body and contemporary design, these laptops are also pretty aesthetically pleasing. Much like the Aspire series, there are plenty of choices with the Swift series as well. 

Since these are compact laptops, the biggest size you can get is 15 inches. The latest model in the series, the Swift 7, has won multiple awards. It’s incredibly thin with just 9.95 mm thickness and a 92 percent screen-to-body ratio. 

Here are the best Acer Swift Series laptops:

  1. Acer Swift 7 
  2. Acer Swift 3 (SF314-42-R7LH)
  3. Acer Swift 3X (SF314-510G-534Z)

Acer Spin

The Acer Spin series laptops are two-in-one, combining laptop and tablet. However, unlike Microsoft Surface, the tablet screens don’t detach but just spin (hence the name). That allows the laptop experience to be better and the battery life to last longer. 

The spin screen bends all the way back so that you can use the bottom part as a stand too. These come with a toucan and are ideal for creative individuals who can use it for drawing and graphic design. It also comes in handy for note-taking. 

Similar to other Acer laptops, these Spin laptops also have both Intel and AMD processors. Here are the top advantages of buying an Acer Spin laptop:

  • Foldable touchscreen that folds in many angles
  • Good for entertainment
  • Affordable pricing range

Acer Switch

Acer also produces those with the Acer Switch series if you’re looking for a detachable screen laptop. These are similar to Acer Spin, except the touchscreen comes out and can be used as a tablet. 

The Acer Switch is not as popular as, say, the Acer Spin or Acer Swift. The size range is also limited, with screens ranging from 10 to 12 inches. 

Some of the popular laptops in this series include Acer Aspire Switch 10 E and Acer Switch Alpha 12. However, unlike the Spin laptops, these laptops’ battery doesn’t last quite long because of the detaching tablet quickly using up the charge. 

In terms of processing power, memory, and storage, these machines are still pretty decent. The prices are also mid-range like most Acer laptops. 

Acer Chromebook

If you’re looking to buy a Chromebook, Acer has many options. These range from personal use to enterprise-level productivity. So you can use these for work as well. 

These are perfect for those who heavily use Google Workspace and Cloud as the operating system, Chrome OS,  is optimized for such applications. You can also find Acer Spin Chromebooks, which have foldable touch screens like the original Spin series. 

These are primarily cloud-based laptops; the physical storage option is just a 64 GB flash drive memory. As a result, these Chromebooks have much better battery lives than some other Acer options like Acer Aspire and Acer Switch. 

Here are the top three Acer Chromebook models:

  1. Acer Chromebook 311 Touch (CB311-9HT-C4UM)
  2. Acer Chromebook Spin 713 (CP713-3W)
  3. Acer Chromebook 314 (CB314-1H-C66Z)

Acer Predator

For die-hard gamers, the Acer Predator is the right choice. These are advanced laptops with all the right resources needed to play heavy graphics games. The storage can be HDD or SSD, with newer models coming with the latter. 

Acer Predator Triton 300 SE is gamers’ favorite. With Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphic cards, these laptops deliver a smooth gaming experience. These are the most expensive Acer laptops.

The keyboard design is optimized for gaming, and there’s a dedicated cooling system to keep the laptop cool. In addition, their proprietary DustDefender feature keeps the dust at bay. The screen size range is also decent, as you have screen sizes of up to 21 inches. 

Acer ENDURO Urban

The Acer ENDURO Urban laptops are some of the most rugged laptops on the market right now. Although not very bulky, the materials used in their construction are pretty sturdy. These PCs are perfect for those working outdoors or who have a history of breaking their machines. 

They have made these portable laptops easy to carry around. The Acer ENDURO Urban N3, the latest model, packs in quite a lot of advanced features. The battery life is also impressive. 

This particular model has been tested for Military Standard (MIL-STD 810H) certification. It’s also waterproof and dustproof to IP53 level. 

Unlike other Acer laptop series, the EDURO Urban series only has two options so far. 

Acer TravelMate

Acer TravelMate was designed for businesses that wanted powerful but also rugged laptops for their staff. It’s also ideal for students who have to carry the laptop to and from home. The design and features are travel-friendly. 

The TravelMate P6 laptop features an Intel Quad-core processor with 8 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD disk. This is for organizational use. 

For schools and colleges, the TravelMate B Series laptops are a better option. On the other hand, the TravelMate B1 laptop is the most popular with educational institutes. This model is optimized for the classroom with built-in security features. 

The battery life isn’t very long on these laptops. However, in terms of design, these are pretty basic and perhaps a bit dated. 

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