AI in Education: 5 Companies You Should Know

As we continue to make advancements in technology, our ability to learn continues to expand. The result of combined human intelligence gave rise to machines that can think as humans do. This led to Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI. This AI technology’s purpose in the end, is to make the best decisions for humans with the best possible outcomes.

AI learning software is enabling institutions to develop skills and testing systems, offer individualized learning experiences, automate administrative tasks, and offer support outside of the classroom. Below are five examples of institutions that incorporate AI in the classroom.

Companies Using AI in the Classroom

The following 5 companies incorporate ai in education and help improve a student’s experience.

Knewton’s AI in the Classroom

This company in New York has a program called Alta that helps track a student’s progress, identifies gaps in the student’s knowledge in topics, and then goes ahead to recommend relevant coursework that can help the student advance in their learning.

The program is not just for students as instructors use it to help them offer a better learning experience for the students. The Altra program works well in statistics, math, economics, and chemistry.

Carnegie Learning Artificial Intelligence

This company uses AI to help students better understand math and mathematical concepts. This particular AI program is suitable for students in high school and college. The program offers a responsive approach to math learning that adapts to each student’s learning style, samples their style, and then personalizes the learning experience and helps them improve.

With the rise of modern technological trends, education institutions, as examples, are incorporating artificial intelligence learning software as a part of their learning process. Essay websites like Eduzaurus allow students and teachers alike to access a free artificial intelligence essay to educate them more on the topic. Increased access to knowledge in this area has opened up people’s minds to machine learning possibilities.

There is still so much to be done if the information on this topic is to get out as it should. More reports could make it easy to understand how artificial intelligence benefits education and why the future is better because of this.

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Nuance uses artificial intelligence in its speech recognition software that is capable of transcribing 160 words per minute. This is a handy AI learning software as it mostly benefits students with written impediments. The speech software also helps students with disabilities and is thus an important milestone as far as AI in education is concerned.

Instructors can use the program to record their lecturers well in advance and have them saved as notes. Overall, the software helps both students and instructors enhance their spelling and word recognition abilities.

Cognii AI Learning Software

Cognii uses artificial intelligence in higher education and corporate training organizations. Their software involves an assistant that helps guide students in developing their critical-thinking skills verbally and in their essays.

The AI assistant offers real-time assistance and feedback, in addition to one-on-one tutoring. This ensures that students have access to learning at any time that they need it. Also, the AI assistant is fully customized to a student’s needs.

Kidsense Artificial Intelligence

This company in California uses artificial intelligence for children. The software offers speech-to-text functionalities that can help a child take notes instead of write. The software enhances a child’s word recognition and spelling. This can help a child improve on his/her vocabulary. The beauty of this particular AI program is that it uses an algorithm to correctly depict what it is a child is trying to say since a child’s speech is often not the clearest.

Startups Developing AI for Education

In addition to established companies that already have artificial intelligence embedded into their educational system, other startup companies with promising leads develop artificial intelligence for higher learning.

Elsa Artificial intelligence

This startup company in China offers this artificial intelligence learning software that enables you to better your English-speaking skills. The software is available via a mobile application, which is handy as you can use it anywhere you go. The AI helps in your pronunciation and also helps reduce your native accent as you learn to speak English.

Century Tech Artificial Intelligence

This is an award-willing startup company from the UK that developed ai software to help students develop a better learning experience in schools, colleges, and universities. The software works to identify gaps in a student’s learning, addresses those gaps, helps deal with common learning misconceptions, and also enables teachers to offer a better teaching experience.

Yesil Science Artificial Intelligence

Science-based schools are not left out of the artificial intelligence learning database. Turkey’s startup company uses artificial intelligence in digital visual technologies whose techniques most scientific institutions and research centers employ.

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Liulishuo Artificial Intelligence

With its innovative AI program, this Chinese company helps its users learn English more proficiently, especially for those who do not speak it as a first language.


Experts suggest that AI in education will continue to grow as more adaptive learning companies continue to incorporate this AI in their classrooms and training organizations. Soon, it may become a requirement that all major learning institutions have an AI program to help improve a student’s learning experience.

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