Are Alienware Laptops Worth It in 2023?

Alienware needs no introduction, especially for multimedia developers or people fond of video games. Their quality design and exceptional performance make them stand out from competitors.

But is Alienware worth it? To answer this question, I want you to ask yourself how much you’re ready to pay to own a high-end laptop and what’s your primary purposes for using it.

Having a powerful PC laptop with all the essential specifications makes it a real deal to own. Though they’re pricey, they’re still relatively affordable than Acer and Asus.

However, there’re some precise details to know to make a better decision about whether you should buy an Alienware laptop or not. Let’s dive in to see every nitty-gritty of Alienware!

Is Alienware Worth It

It’s not hard to see why so many people worldwide love to own a dedicated laptop from the Alienware brand. When hardcore gamers want portability with incredible performance, very few laptops come close to Alienware.

A beginner who wants a high-end laptop with several valuable features will surely go for an Alienware laptop. Additionally, most Alienware laptops come with the latest and superior hardware. They’re efficient in several ways.

Take an example of Alienware m15 R4, which has a 300 Hz screen refresh rate, the latest advanced graphics, and ultra-fast smoothness.

Even some powerful laptops have heating issues when multitasking for several hours. Thankfully, Alienware portable computers are different.

Several laptops of this brand have the Intel Core i7-11800H processor, which is an excellent option for heavy use, and hardcore gaming. Reviewers loved its higher clock speeds and almost similar FPS number to Intel Core i9 10900K’s.

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Another notable thing is their simple functionality. Whether you’re a techy or non-techy person, using an Alienware laptop will be easier for any person. Learning all their functions and systems only takes a few minutes.

A wide range of Alienware laptops is available, from basic to mid-range to superior versions. For example, if you’re looking for a laptop for regular use and good at gaming, the Alienware x15 R2 laptop is perfect.

On the contrary, when you’re in the market for an Alienware high-end laptop, Alienware Area 51m appears one of the best choices. It features the latest and advanced hardware to do heavy tasks smoothly. The unit is perfect for hardcore gamers too.

What Makes Alienware So Special?

Curious to know why Alienware portable computers are so special? Here are the reasons why Alienware is one of the best laptop brands.

Attractive Design

When it comes to design, no one wants to compromise. Do you? Surely not! Alienware laptops have an exceptional and bold design to attract your attention at first glance.

They look so unique because of the material and texture. You feel like—is there anything possibly like this?

What’s more, different types of rigid and stiff materials such as anodized as magnesium, platinum, aluminum, and copper are used to make them. It ensures long-lasting durability.

For example, Alienware x15 R2 has an impressive appearance for both the backside and front side. It’s available in matte black and silver-white colors. Each color looks attractive to suit anyone’s personality.

Powerful Features and Performance

Alienware portable computers have many powerful and beneficial features to get the best value of the money. Features make a laptop powerful. The more valuable features a laptop has, the better to use.

For example, Alienware Area 51m is perfect for powerful video editing and heavy multitasking. It comes with Intel Core i9-10700K, 16 GB RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Graphics. It makes the unit one of the best laptops on the market.

It’s also good at playing high-end games at maximum graphics quality. Since their latest laptops are equipped with advanced cooling technology, you’ll face no heating issues, which is a plus point of owning Alienware laptops.

What’s more, Alinerware is continuously improving its laptops’ design to make them as slim as possible, giving more portability.

If you compare Alienware x17 R2 with the previous five-year-old laptops, you’ll notice how thick they’ve made their laptops.

Innovative Technologies

Smartphone has already come a long way; why not laptops? Tobii eye tracker is one of the most popular and latest technologies for Alienware laptops, such as Alienware Area 51m features this technology.

 Users’ don’t have to log in anymore manually. They can set up a biometric login for easy login.

Worry about heating issues? Alienware uses extraordinary Cryo-Tech cooling to keep their latest laptops at an optimal temperature. A perfect superb solution! You’ll find this technology in Alienware’s X-Series.

 Plus, you don’t have to worry about any smudges or stains issues. The latest clear-coat paint formula is included.

Alienware portable computers have incredible voice quality with top-notch chambers and earcups. Some latest laptop features like Alienware 17 R5 feature “Smart Loudness” technology.

Instead of focusing only on volume, they preferred dynamic range compression.

What’s more, you’ll appreciate the liquid cooling GPU technology. Several Alienware m15 and m17 laptops have this technology.

Its main task is decreasing the noise and temperature level while maintaining the high core frequency. Also, you won’t face issues overclocking the GPU with no performance drops.

Multiple Screen Choices

Not all of us need the same type of screen. Latest Alienware laptops feature G-SYNC, 4K, and 120-Hz screens. For example, Alienware m17 R4 features a buttery-smooth frame rate and a 300Hz screen.

Playing high-quality games will be satisfying because the ultra-smooth motion scenes and higher refreshing rate make you feel like you’re out of the world.

However, you can shift to a lower refreshing rate or standard screen if you don’t need it at a particular moment. It will save energy.

Superior-Quality Touchpad and Keyboards

Laptop keyboards are pretty sensitive. That’s why many people use an additional keyboard. Thankfully, Alienware portable computer can satisfy you at this point. This keyboard has Cherry MX keys.

Cherry MX keyboards have a high actuation force, making you less likely to experience accidental key presses. You can go more than 50 million keystrokes, and using them for 15 years shouldn’t be a hassle.

Moreover, their keyboards have an ergonomic design, perfect for hardcore gaming. Its super-fast response and clear lettering font give excellent support to quick and easy typing.

Furthermore, Alienware laptops come with ultra-smooth and soft touchpads. The latest models feature a precision-point glass touchpad, which provides better accuracy, and your multi-touch gestures will be improved.

Controlling the laptop appears easy with the two separate buttons on the touchpad. You don’t have to put excessive pressure to press them. A simple press will do the job. Thus, your hands will take less stress.

RGB Backlit Keyboards

Alienware portable computers don’t have only durable keyboards; they also have a super cool appearance. Different combination of RGB lighting makes them attractive.

Moreover, they’ve pre-key AlienFX lighting. Each key is individually adjustable, meaning you’ve accessibility a ton of customization choices. It makes you creative to change the keyboard lighting based on your preference.

You can change the color and brightness of the RGB lighting from the Alienware command center. If you want, turning off the light and color is also possible during the daylight condition.

Furthermore, the lightings aren’t aggressive and harmful to your eyes. They’re passed several tests to ensure the maximum safety for their users.

These RGB Backlit Keyboards have at least 50,000 hours of working ability. Passing several decades won’t be a hassle.

Alienware has been using the RGB AlienFX keyboard in their latest laptops, such as Alienware m17 R4 and Alienware Area 51m. They’re easy to press and respond to quickly without pressing much force.

Inputs, Ports, and Slots

Many buyers prefer to have extra ports and slots. Thankfully, Alienware laptops feature an SD card reader, HDMI ports, and additional ports. It makes laptops more versatile.

Alienware m17 R4 and Alienware Area51m laptops have these extra ports and slots. They have a Thunderbolt 3port, Type-A ports, etc. Hence, you don’t need to buy additional accessories, saving from spending extra money.

Impressive Customer Support

Alienware systems are highly protected. They’re safe to use. Since this brand is a standard pick among gamers, you can easily find the solution from different online-based platforms.

Apart from that, the brand offers outstanding customer support as a part of its after-sale service. You can get the service from your mobile phone or the internet through their official website.

Standard Warranty

Another appreciable thing about the Alienware brand is its standard warranty. They provide a one-year hardware service.

In addition, you can get other types of warranties though you’ve to spend a bit extra money to have them. But it’s worth the price you pay.

Moreover, Alienware offers a “Premium Support” program. Under this approach, your laptop problem will be first determined, and then the company will provide a specific solution based on the Alienware rep.

Besides, Alienware also has a “Support Plus” program. This mainly protects your laptops from malware and viruses while your laptop PC performance. It’s a more advanced service.

You can get them in several packages. Buyers can buy them based on your requirements. For example, purchasing different warranty services for 2 or 4 years is possible.

Best Alienware Laptops

You’ve already learned why Alienware Laptops are so popular and highly demandable in the markets. How about knowing some high-end Alienware portable computers? If you’re thinking of buying an Alienware laptop, you can consider these options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alienware overpriced?

Some people think the price of Alienware laptops could be less than they sell. However, it’s worth the price due to their advanced and latest technologies and hardware.

Moreover, beginners can purchase essential Alienware laptops that won’t cost as much as high-end models.

How long do Alienware laptops last?

Alienware laptops last 4-6 years or more on average. However, it depends on how you use them and how long you use them daily.

High-end models last more as they’ve rigid and advanced technologies. You must still use them with caution if you want them to last as long as possible.

Is Alienware better than Apple?

There’s no comparison exists between Apple and Alienware. Both are different platforms. They’re best in their way.

Both brands make premium-quality products, but they’re not suitable for similar types of users. They’ve their customers.

If you want a high-end laptop with incredible gaming performance, excellent speed, and massive storage capacity, Alienware laptops will be the best. They’re perfect for Windows users who don’t mind carrying extra weight.

Apple laptops are perfect for primary users like business people or students to do various creative works and regular tasks. They’re lightweight and easy for transportation. It’s good when you’re comfortable with iOS systems.

Is it bad to leave Alienware laptops plugged in overnight?

Though it won’t harm Alienware laptops and their battery, it’s better to unplug them when it’s fully charged. Practicing this for a long time will damage the PSU.

Moreover, constantly keeping it plugged will reduce its battery life, and it may not get fully charged because of this. Let it drain for several hours after charging it, as it’ll increase its lifetime by at least several months than the average.

Why are Alienware laptops heavier than other brands?

Highly durable and rigid aluminum metallic bodies and advanced cooling solutions make their products heavy.

But you’ll find mid-range heavy weight models too. High-end Alienware laptops are a bit heavy than mid-range models due to their exceptional hardware and components.

Wrapping Up

Are you still wondering this question: “Is Alienware worth it?” I believe the above-discussed precise details already covered everything about this topic.

When we hear the name Alienware, “Gaming Laptops” is what pops from our heads. Despite this, you’ll still be able to perform basic tasks. Its exceptional performance and high-quality hardware ensure it.

Though they’re a bit heavy and don’t have long battery life, you can utilize the beast every second you use them. No lagging issues! The faster you command it, the faster it operates.

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