Are Essays Important to Admission to College?

As you may already know, essays are one of the most popular writing assignments. Professors love them since they facilitate the evaluation of student knowledge and skills, as well as help assess their communication abilities. However, an essay is also your ticket to college if you are just going to apply.

In addition to their academic records and other credentials, students also must provide their personal statements or admissions essays to university officials. In these papers, students should talk about their experiences and aspirations, communicating their vision of success and determination.

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However, it still makes sense to learn more about admission essays as they are critically important for successful enrollment. Moreover, admission essays have their own rules, requirements, and best practices, which students are obliged to follow.

admission essays and their importance to college application

So, why are essays so critical even before you get into college?

Mission Statement

There is no better way to learn more about a student than to let them speak. However, admissions officers don’t have enough time to hear everybody out. It would not be productive and could waste a tremendous amount of time.

Essays, however, can help add more personality to the process. This is a perfect place to state your values and explain your goals. In addition to a perfect academic transcript, a well-written admission essay can be seen as a statement of students’ goals and ambitions.

Communication Skills

As we know, communication is key in school and every workplace. Whatever major students choose, as well as whatever job they are going to land, they will be required to speak and write coherently and consistently.

Admission essays allow faculty and staff to assess communication skills before they even see a student. The way they formulate their ideas, build sentences, and express themselves explains a lot about a student.


Admission essays are usually written as a response to certain questions or ideas. If a student cannot focus on essay questions and deviates from the topic, this is a signal that they can’t be concise and precise when it comes to writing.

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Thus, having an outline and being in line with the topic are two main things that are requested from students. They both ensure consistency of admission essay writing.


Admission essays have their own rules and requirements. It’s better not to violate them. One of the main things admissions officers get to check when they read your essay is your ability to fit within the allocated word count.

Why is this important? Because it shows that you can plan and filter ideas that are worth including. If you are required to submit a 550-word essay, your limit is 550 words. Essays that exceed this limit may not be accepted. Essays that are way below the limit are not received very well too.

Spelling and Grammar

Admission essays showcase your grammar and spelling skills as well. They help admission officers and professors understand the level of writing skills students have. After all, everyone prefers reading texts that are free from typos and syntactic mistakes.

At the same time, grammatically smooth essays prove that students paid enough attention to editing and proofreading. Professors can understand at once if students are diligent enough to spend time reading through and eliminating mistakes from their writing.

Personal Story

Students are supposed to use a storytelling approach when they work on their essays. Moreover, this story is supposed to be personal. That means admissions officers get to know their applicants a bit more so that they can make the right decision about admissions.

Moreover, admission essays help explain the reason why students choose this particular major and school. Sometimes the decision is made based on how convincing the story is.


Tone and Voice

Essays are crucial for the admission process because they help students demonstrate their voice. Universities value honesty. Yet, they would appreciate it if students could speak candidly about their life and experience.

Admission employees read hundreds of essays every year. They can easily distinguish a genuine piece of writing art from a made-up cliché story. Based on this, they will determine the chances of admission success.

Essay Content

Essays can be used to highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses. For example, if a student lacks certain admission criteria, a good admission essay helps them get into college. The more impressive their story is, the stronger the application looks.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that a killer essay can make officers turn a blind eye to a lack of fundamental qualifications. Yet, it can become a serious competitive advantage if your chances of getting enrolled are equal with other candidates.

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Student Personality

A great admission essay helps university staff understand that there is an adult in front of them. They don’t need another child to take care of. There must be a person whose expectations and aspirations about their student life are realistic.

Also, they must show that they are ready to study hard. Also, there must be a clear understanding that getting an education is not just a piece of cake. It’s a long and difficult path with challenges and troubles. Top colleges and universities accept only hard workers who are dedicated enough to succeed.


Often admission essays become central to the whole admission process for highly selective schools. There are lots of students with similar grades and achievements, which makes it impossible for admissions employees to choose the right candidate.

Yet, once students get a chance to speak for themselves, selection becomes easier. Admission essays reflect who a student-to-be is as a person. After all, people skills are often definitive for their academic and professional success in the future.

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