The top 5 Best Background Check Sites for 2021

Background checks are not the same as police and credit checks. When running this type of check, you’re looking up information on a person using public (and occasionally) private databases. There are several reasons to perform this type of screening.

Background check sites also let people search for friends or relatives they’ve lost touch with or run self-checks to see what information is available about them.

Our choices for the best background check sites in 2021 and beyond are Intelius,, BeenVerified, TruthFinder, and GoodHire.

Best Background Check Sites


Intelius goes above and beyond expectations to include aspects such as education verification. It features intuitive visualizations as well as one-time report and subscription options. Their screenings are easily one of the more exhaustive on the market. Apart from criminal background checks and address history, the service also yields financial data.

The site depicts connections in the form of a graph, making relationships between pieces of data easy to understand. If you need to regularly use this type of service, you can avail of the monthly subscription option. The quality of this service is very impressive, more than making up for the expense.


Thousands of people use this site to help them make the best possible hiring decisions, although pre-employment screenings are far from the only service available. Checkpeople can help you track down a former coworker, a long-lost relative, an old friend, or a classmate. You can use it to run a background check on a potential date or roommate and make sure they don’t have a criminal record. If you’re planning a property sale or purchase, the site’s algorithms will confirm a seller or buyer’s identity so that you avoid making a big mistake with your funds.

Unlike many people finders on the market, this service delivers accurate and reliable results. The platform is user-friendly and comprehensive. As with our other top choices, you won’t waste time with lengthy internet searches, visiting your local courthouse, or leafing through dusty phone books. This search tool is at the top of its class.


TruthFinder offers self-monitoring tools, impressive people finder capacity, and unlimited background checks. It is the best choice for someone who needs to perform checks frequently. The tool features a wide variety of background check options, which use both public and private databases as sources of information. It’s easy to see what others can find about you using this self-monitoring tool.

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Whatever information is available about the subject of your search, TruthFinder will pull it up. It boasts impressive skills as a long-established background check platform. Another major advantage is the option to carry out unlimited screenings. One disadvantage we need to point out: it’s a bit pricey unless you plan on using it regularly.


It’s at revealing employment history that BeenVerified truly excels. It is a great choice for basic searches. If you need more than that, you can opt for an additional search on business or property assets. There is no individual reporting option.

Users can select between a three-month lump sum subscription or a recurring one-month one. The fees are reasonable, and the results – reliable.


Last but not least, GoodHire deserves special mention as specialized employment and personal background check service. Thousands of companies use it to find quality staff and help avoid misleading bias in the process of recruitment. You can choose from various types of checks depending on your specific needs.

GoodHire outlines the use process very clearly. It begins with verifying user identity to protect privacy. Results are processed quickly, and the user is informed when results are ready immediately.

Final Thoughts

You can use people search and background check services to gain deeper insight into backgrounds as well as search for a business or real estate-related information. Most of the services we’ve reviewed have reverse phone lookup, which you can use to check who called you from an unknown number.

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