Best Mobile Phones for Online Gaming

There was a time, not so long ago, where the facility to send text messages on a mobile phone seemed new and exciting.

In 1997, everything changed when the Nokia 6610 dropped with Snake, a simple game which you could play whilst on the bus. It became something of a phenomenon and paved the way for a generation of developers to add games to their devices. Fast forward 24 years and Sports Keeda reports that there are gaming tournaments taking place on mobile in Taiwan, China and all around the world.

Mobile games have progressed since the Nokia 6110 was popular, with improved technological capabilities giving developers a wider scope when coding and implementing games on devices. Whether an immersive first-person shooter such as PUBG, or an in-depth tactical management game such as Football Manager 2021, mobiles these days are almost as good for games as your home consoles. Indeed, the collection of games featured on Foxy Bingo demonstrates how even the simplest of concepts such as online slots use cutting edge graphics and sound. Whether that is the depiction of real-life characters, such as Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen, or the fast-moving graphics and sound of Neon Pyramid. Mobile devices have to be capable of delivering an immersive and exciting experience no matter what the game chooses to play.

The mobile market is booming, with 5.13 billion people thought to own devices worldwide. These days, a phone can not only play games but act as internet tethering devices, satellite navigation systems and be used to pay for your shopping. The possibilities are endless and no longer is it acceptable to send a text, make a call and play Snake, as each new release builds upon the last, adding new layers of technology and evolution for owners to enjoy.

If you wish to turn to gaming on your phone but are unsure which model to get we have the top three phones to grab in 2021 to satisfy your gaming urges on the move.

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

Some phones are now designed purely for gaming, and this is perhaps the pick of the bunch. With superfast charging and lots of processing power, the Lenovo Legion is at the forefront of the modern gaming phone market. It is not a cheap option, coming it at around 20,000 TWD, but it boasts a sleek design and a gorgeous 6.65-inch display for those involved experiences.

Asus ROG Phone 3

Gaming is all about the experience, and the Asus ROG Phone 3 delivers with a beautiful 6.59 inch 144Hz AMOLED screen. It has a huge battery too, in terms of life rather than literal size, packing 6,000mAh for those long sessions of gaming with friends. As it is another designed specifically for gaming, there are some neat extras too, such as a clip-on fan (which comes in the box) and an optional gamepad which will cost you a little more.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Some phones are still built for making calls and staying in touch, and one of the best all-round devices comes from Samsung. They have a great pedigree with their products and the S21 Ultra is a great option for gamers who desire other functions from their phone too. It is expensive, expect to pay more than 35,000 TWD, but also expect to get what you pay for. As well as the 6.8-inch screen, Snapdragon 888 processor and 5,000mAh battery, there is a 108mp camera to the rear, a 40mp option on the front and it comes with stylus support.

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