7 Clever Digital Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Sales 

Clever Digital Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Sales  Digital marketing is one of the most brilliant ways to interact with your targeted audience, find great leads, drive traffic to your website, and finally, close sales. To apply a digital marketing strategy that will boost your business growth, you need to understand the following factors:

  • How can you get the best return on investment (ROI)?
  • How can you gain high-quality leads?
  • How much money you should invest in digital marketing?
  • How do you know if you’re successful or not?
  • How can you add value to the entire buyer experience?

Regardless of your business, you must have deep knowledge about the consequences of implementing the digital marketing strategy. This way you will start making better decisions that will provide positive growth for your business.

Here are several different digital marketing strategies that will help you to increase your sales exponentially.

1. Your Content Should Be Astral For Digital Marketing

If you add tremendous value to your content, it will automatically gain the awareness, sales, and leads that you’re hoping for. That means your audience should consume and take action based on your topic and the tips you write.

Companies generally do one big mistake. They create content and hope that it’ll start seeking attention immediately. You should focus on your content strategy for both long-term and short-term goals. Here are a few content types you can consider:

  • Infographics – Audiences are more likely to be attracted to visual content. So, try to create infographics to extend time-on-site, drive traffic to your website, and apply a CTA (call-to-action) for people to ask more about your offers.
  • Blogging – Try to research topics and hashtags that are being explored or searched by your audiences. If you write blog posts, you can join in those conversations.
  • E-Books and Guides – You can also choose to write e-books and guides. This will educate your audience as well as help them to apply the knowledge in the real field.

2. Social Advertisements Are Very Effective

Social media advertisements require little or no mental effort. Let’s say you have the responsibility to generate a lead for a new graphics card. You need to come up with an idea to convert sales-qualified leads to opportunities.

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You must be wondering which social media platform you should choose. Well, for beginners, consider these three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

According to Forbes.com, you will be able to collect data, text messages, and test multiple creative as well as some specific personas to see what works best. However, it’s better if you consider the followings:

  • If you are tired of showing ads, try to generate multiple creative assets.
  • Always create your messages in a straight forward manner, so they can represent a clear solution.
  • You should prioritize your leads and inquiries by leveraging your content assets.

3. Create a Solid Email Marketing

When you are finished collecting information from your website, then your next step is to nurture your leads. And, to do that you must generate automated workflows. If you’re wondering how to create an effective workflow, you must align your email strategy with the buyer journey.

There are multiple tips to successfully develop your email marketing:

  • Always test various subject lines and copy.
  • Partition and personalize.
  • Your content should be positioned around the lifecycle stages of your lead.
  • Don’t forget to enable lead scoring.

4. Try To Host Webinars

You can boost your creativity by hosting webinars with guest speakers. They can help you to co-host as well as to conduct the interview process with your happy customers. Most marketers admit that hosting webinars are one of the most productive ways to generate quality leads.

If you want your webinar to be successful, go through the following steps:

  • Always do some research and choose the appropriate topic. Treat the webinar topics as equal to your blog topics. Remember, it’s all about the need of the target audience.
  • Always keep a promotion strategy ready for your webinar. Unlike other advertisements, the webinar takes a minimum of 1-2 weeks to promote something.
  • Run search engine ads as well as social ads.
  • Don’t limit your presentations to PowerPoint only.
  • Create a bunch of promotional emails and also reminders.

If you think that a digital marketing agency will make your job easy, consider hiring a digital marketing agency Auckland.

5. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a genius marketing hack that you can use to gain the trust of your customers by using popular faces and/or name that they can recognize to endorse your products or business.

However, it’s your responsibility to find a perfect influencer for your job. Additionally, the influencer has to be pretty famous amongst people so the people can come to your business through the influencer. If you happen to choose a less popular influencer for your job, then you may not receive enough audience.

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For example, if you’re running a gaming business, then you can hire any gamer celebrity who could be a convincing influencer to your customer. On the other hand, you can’t use the same celebrity for your makeup business.

6. Video Marketing is Important

In the digital marketing world, videos have become a key technique and this trend is a lot more beneficial than you know. Research stated that videos will consume nearly 81% of internet traffic by 2021.

There are two popular trends in video marketing: live videos and branded videos. Marketers are finding new and interesting ways to connect with their audiences through videos.

The best advantage of using video marketing is that it allows the audiences to interact with the conversation by calling in or leaving any comment which can be answered during the live stream. That’ll help you to enhance audience engagement.

Many marketers believe that video marketing is very much expensive. However, the reality is exactly contrary to that. All you need to do is invest in a decent camera and microphone or you can even shoot with your phone as well.

7. Growth Hacking Approach

Even after setting up your website, pop-ups, and ads, there is still some work left to be done. You will always have to work on your digital marketing efforts. Additionally, it needs to be optimized and tested consistently. This is known as the growth hacking approach. You can apply growth hacking to each single digital marketing tactic. Consider the following points to get a clear idea:

  • A/B testing helps you to compare multiple page versions to determine which one has a better conversion rate. Not only can they be applied to your ads and website, but also you can split test your pop-ups too.
  • With the help of your blog posts, try to create more content clusters. They will help you to gain the best quality of leads.


These are marketing techniques that will help you to increase revenue. However, these tips don’t complete the list. If you improvise some new techniques, feel free to use them. Only then you will know whether it’s useful for you or not. Consider digital marketing as a marathon race, not a sprint.

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