Dell vs. HP: Which Laptop Should You Buy in 2023?

Laptops have become an indispensable part of modern society, but deciding which brand is better can be quite difficult.

Nevertheless, there are some brands that are well known for their laptops. There are many such brands, for example HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc. To decide which laptop to go for, you need a proper comparison between Dell and HP laptops.

People are also confused about which one is better. In this article, you’ll learn all about Dell and HP laptops and compare them.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Comparison Table Between Dell and HP

Parameters Dell HP
Design These laptops have a simplistic design and a lot of diversity. These laptops have a simplistic design but aren’t as diverse.
Specs Dell laptops are focused on having higher-end specs and performance. HP laptops are focused on having a mix between price and performance
Battery Life Most of their laptops last about 7-8 hours on average. Most of their laptops last 11-12 hours on average.
Tasks Performance Dell laptops do incredible for gaming, heavy tasks, and multitasking. HP laptops aren’t as good at doing heavy tasks, multitasking, or gaming.
Budget These laptops have many budget-friendly options to pick from. Most HP laptops aren’t budget-friendly, but they perform incredibly well.

Dell Vs. HP Laptops: In-Depth Comparison

Now that you have a rough idea of both brands, it’s easy to say they’re both super good. But here are the main differences between Dell & HP. 



Dell isn’t as good as some other brands when it comes to price. Sometimes the laptops aren’t worth the money you pay.

This is especially the case with newer laptops from Dell, and often the price is just not reasonable.

This is also the main reason why so many people avoid Dell: The prices are sometimes higher than they need to be.

That’s not always the case, and Dell isn’t that bad when it comes to pricing. Dell laptops are usually surprisingly cheap.


Unexpectedly, HP isn’t so great on price either. Their laptops are often considered overkill, just like Dell.

This is less the case with older models of HP laptops, and some of them are quite affordable, for example the HP Pavilion 15.

One good thing about HP laptops, however, is performance. The value you get for your money isn’t as bad as you’d expect.

That’s why a lot of people still choose HP. The prices aren’t bad considering how powerful the laptops are. Even the older models are powerful.



When it comes to design, Dell’s laptops look simple and good at the same time. But it’s the simplicity of Dell laptops that makes them esthetically pleasing. The Dell XPS 15, for example, has a simple design and still looks good.

Most people are satisfied with the look of their laptops. They have a chic design and many colors you can choose from.

Dell has many different models on offer, so the designs never lack variety. Overall, the laptops offer a good design and something for everyone.


The design of HP laptops is as good as Dell’s. Their design is simple and esthetic. Most of their laptops are nothing out of the ordinary.

A good example of this is the HP Elite Dragonfly Max. Even though the design is simple, it looks great.

Still, many HP models look great, and even if you don’t choose a specific model, there is a great variety among the simple options.

Even if you don’t like simple designs, the HP laptop options will satisfy just about anyone. It’s not hard to see that HP is well positioned when it comes to design.



Dell’s laptops are some of the most powerful you’ll find on the market. They all have incredible performance.

A living example of this is the Dell XPS 13, which is super powerful and can multitask without lag.

Even if you use Dell laptops that are a few years old, they still have relatively high performance and are suitable for heavy tasks and games.

That’s huge considering Dell laptops aren’t as expensive as other brands. Even if you look at the performance of a newer Dell laptop, you can see that it’s always worth it.


The laptops from HP are also good in terms of performance. All of their laptops offer a cutting-edge experience and great performance, such as the HP Zbook firefly – a true powerhouse.

When it comes to performance, you can never go wrong with the models from HP. Their laptops have good processors, high RAM and a good SSD.

Even though their laptops aren’t that cheap, the performance you get from HP laptops is worth the price.

Some HP laptops are so good that they can run modern games at over 60 FPS at maximum settings. You can just tell that HP explicitly tries to make their laptops powerful.



The gaming performance of Dell laptops is truly incredible. They have some of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market.

A great example of this is the Dell G5 gaming laptop. It’s one of the best laptops you can buy, and it’s still reasonably priced compared to other brands.

The specs of Dell’s gaming laptops are insane. Here are the specs of the Dell G5 SE, to put them in perspective

  •  Intel Core i7-10750H processor
  •  32GB of RAM
  •  1TB SSD
  •  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card
  •  120hz 1080p display


In gaming, HP performs just as well as Dell. They manage that with their Pavilion gaming laptops. Pavilion gaming laptops are among the best gaming laptops for a lower budget, such as the HP Pavilion Gaming 15.

Even though Pavilion Gaming laptops are quite affordable, they don’t lack in performance. The Pavilion Gaming laptops can run most games over 60 FPS without any problems.

However, it’s still recommended to set it to medium or low if you’re playing high-end games. This way, your laptop stays cool and you get better performance.

Customer Support & Reliability


Dell laptop customer support is great and super reliable.

The technicians respond quickly and the products have a good warranty. They have great coverage and will fix most anything if it’s within warranty.

The technicians on the website give step-by-step instructions to solve the user’s problem. If you still have problems, the technicians can connect directly to your laptop using software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer to fix the problem.

Otherwise, you can simply go to a Dell repair center near you. They’ll quickly fix your problem and repair your laptop without any hassle.


The customer support of HP isn’t worse than Dell’s. HP is very reliable and has a good warranty.

Their laptops come with a free 90-day phone support and a 1-year warranty on all their laptops.

Their customer support website at HP is great and their technicians respond quickly. They even have social media and you can ask for help there.

In most cases, you don’t even have to go to customer support. This is because HP laptops have great virus protection and almost no problems occur.

Dell Laptops: Pros & Cons

Now that you have an overview of Dell’s laptops, it’s not hard to tell that there are little to no cons. But here are all the advantages and disadvantages of Dell laptops listed. 


  • Comfortable and slick design
  • Powerful and affordable
  • Many options to pick from
  • Great customer support and warranty
  • Innovative and future-proof


  • Some laptops have a poor build quality
  • The display can damage your eyes
  • Heavier than most other laptops

As you can see, Dell laptops are great. They just have a few drawbacks that aren’t terrible.

HP Laptops: Pros & Cons

The HP laptops are also great and have few drawbacks. So here is a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of the HP laptops.


  • Great mobility and comfort
  • High–end specs and build quality
  • Affordable prices while being available
  • Stylish design and powerful processors
  • Advanced security and a good warranty


  • Lower battery life than expected
  • Can easily get damaged

Apart from these three disadvantages, there are no other problems. HP Laptops are one of the best.

Best Dell Laptops

Before we decide if Dell is better than HP, let’s look at some of their best laptops.

These laptops are excellent and I’ll recommend which laptops are good for which purpose.

Below are the best laptops from Dell. 

1. Dell XPS 13

It’s Dell’s best notebook. It has incredible specs and offers a cutting-edge experience.

It has a good processor, the battery lasts a long time, and the keyboard feels smooth. Overall, the laptop is great and everything about it feels good.

2. Dell Inspiron 3000

It’s Dell’s best mid-range laptop. It’s a mix of good performance and budget friendliness.

The laptop has an incredible 15.6-inch display and is very powerful. The battery also lasts long, and the laptop feels smooth.

3. Dell Inspiron 5000

It’s certainly one of Dell’s best budget laptops on the market.

It has decent features and feels good for its price. The laptop isn’t as powerful as some of Dell’s other laptops, but it’s undoubtedly the best budget laptop.

The battery life of the Dell Inspiron 5000 is great, and the performance isn’t bad either. The features are also good, with a good processor and display.

Best HP Laptops

​Dell and HP laptop performance is similar, but a few great HP laptops are great by today’s standards.

Here’s a list of the best HP laptops on the market. 

1. HP Spectre x360

Overall, this laptop is one of the best at the moment and is undoubtedly the best from HP.

The laptop has an incredible display, insane battery life that lasts a whole day, and high-end specs. It also has a good build quality and a good warranty.

You don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing it because it’s future-proofed and has a great warranty. All in all, this laptop is recommended for everyone.

2. HP Envy x360

This laptop has a great performance and a fine line between performance and price.

The laptop has a great 15.6-inch display, 11 hours of battery life, and a powerful processor. It also has a good build quality and is still affordable.

That makes the HP Envy x360 one of the most powerful and affordable laptops you’ll find at HP, because many of the other laptops are very expensive.

3. HP Pavilion x360

This laptop isn’t as powerful as other HP laptops, but it’s great for business or personal use.

The HP Pavilion x360 has a vibrant 15.6-inch display and supports a touchscreen. It has a powerful processor and a touchscreen that supports pen input.

The Pavilion’s screen can also bend, which makes drawing easier. All in all, it’s one of the best budget laptops on the market that is still powerful.

Dell vs. HP Laptops: Which is better?

Now that you have a good idea of Dell vs. HP laptops, you may be asking yourself which model is better for most people.

If you want budget-friendly laptops, you should go for Dell as their laptops are usually cheaper than HP.

Also, if you want to use laptops for gaming, Dell is an excellent choice as their gaming laptops are very powerful.

HP is usually the better choice when it comes to a combination of budget and performance. Their laptops are usually sleek, powerful, and good value for the money.

However, which laptop is better depends entirely on the person. So you should choose one or the other depending on what they’re good at.

Frequently Asked Questions


Hopefully you learned something new by reading this article about a detailed comparison of Dell vs. HP laptops. Both have great laptops that are on bestseller lists worldwide.

It’s hard to say in one sentence which one is better because both are good in their fields.

Dell is better when it comes to being powerful and affordable, especially when it comes to gaming. But HP does much better when it comes to a mix of performance and budget.

So we can say that both brands are good, considering everything we discussed above. Check out our top 3 of each brand and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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