Escape From Tarkov Tips For Beginners & Newbies

Before jumping into a PVP match on Tarkov, you’d better know what you signed up for. You may eventually learn the ins and outs of the game as a beginner after a series of trials. But this will land you in several frustrating moments.

Thankfully, you have the pros to learn from. In this article, we’ve taken it a step further by bringing you pro tips for Escape from Tarkov. More importantly, it will be of additional benefit if you grabbed some cheat from

escape from tarkov tips for beginners newbies

Beginner tips for Escape from Tarkov players

1. Some practice time should precede your PVP matches

Just like your body needs some warm-up before a physical exercise, it does the same for a game. More importantly, you need to know how any weapon you’re wielding works before taking it up against an enemy. Even if two weapons in your arsenal are from the same brand, they’re different.

The fact is that Battlestate Games did an extra job at assigning the different weapons available in the game unique recoils, ranges, fire rates, etc. So, if you pick a weapon, head into the shooting range and learn how the weapon works.

2. Play one map at a time

One of the biggest determinants of the outcome of your EFT match is how well you know the map. But if you never take the time to learn the different maps, you’ll be missing out on a lot. Moreover, you can’t learn the different maps in the game in one day.

So, the best approach to ensure that you get this right is to play one map until you know it before playing a new one. Important factors contributing to your map knowledge are extracting points, loot locations, the player spawns, etc. So, always take mental notes of them during matches.

3. Don’t just take gear; learn to use them.

You don’t want to spend hours working for Rubles to spend on gear you don’t know how to use. Your opponent may have already spent long on the game and is wielding a weapon notched up with expensive attachments. Sometimes, you don’t need an equally expensive attachment to fight back.

Most times, all the attachments you may need could be a sight for your rifle. However, note that some sights are better than others. Also, do well to buy ammo and grips. Lastly, do well to tuck up some grenades as you enter raids. Your grenade can break down where your light ammo can’t pass through.

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4. Painkillers should be within easy reach.

In Escape from Tarkov, you’ll die a lot of the time. Since death is almost inevitable, you should rather focus on staying alive for longer. Thankfully, you have med kits and painkillers for such moments as these.

More importantly, you need to have them within quick reach for those moments when you’re in a heated gun battle. Hotkeys can help you achieve this. However, you must understand that you can only bind items that you’ve placed in your pockets or vest to hotkeys. Take advantage of this and attach painkillers and a medkit to the hotkeys.

5. Ensure belongings you can’t afford to lose.

Insurance will save you from losing important items if you die in a match. Moreover, it’s not as expensive as many players suppose. You can insure your gear with as little as 10,000 Rubles. The benefit of insurance in Escape from Tarkov is that players can reclaim their gear after they’ve been killed.

However, you’ll lose your insured items if you fail to reclaim them within a specific time. Always check the messenger tab, as your insurer will reach out to you after a few hours or days. However, note that you won’t be able to reclaim insured belongings if you end the raid with an MIA status.


Gone are the days when game newbies have to spend hours learning things from scratch to finish by themselves. Escape from Tarkov could be a lot easier if you took some time to plan your raids before starting them. Play with your weapons in the practice range before entering raids.

If you have expensive gear, you can prevent enemies from looting them from your corpse by insuring them. Also, spend time familiarizing yourself with the important locations on different maps, but do that one map after the other.

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