How important is it to have a good laptop for a fully immersive college experience?

College life is one of the most enriching experiences you will have. Even though many students start college fearfully, it is a new beginning that will teach you a lot. It will be a time when you will learn about new things that will help you build your future career. You will meet new people, make friends for life, have trips with them, and discover the world.

But college is not only about having fun but about studying too. To retain the information they deliver, professors usually give students a lot of tasks. Many of these are essays to write, but you can also have a group project to collaborate on with your colleagues.

Either way, you will need a laptop or computer to assist you during these years. Even though many students prefer having a computer, a laptop would be a better choice. It would offer you the fully immersive college experience you are looking for. Let’s see why. 

Laptops vs Computers 

Many say that a computer can be and is more powerful than a laptop. This is true, especially because you can buy the pieces and then build the computer however you want. Basically, you can customize it at any time and also repair and maintain it easier. But when you are a student in college, your schedule is pretty hectic. You need to go to classes and seminars.

You might have a course in the morning, a 2-hour break, and then another course. And during that time, you might want to work with your colleagues on a project or start writing that essay. In these moments, you can’t take your computer with you. Students are also traveling a lot and many of them prefer to study when they are on the go. Which makes having a laptop a better choice than a computer during college years. 

Why are writing skills so important?

Any student in college knows that essays and written assignments are the favorite tasks of professors. Even though many do not see their use, they can teach you a lot. Developing your writing skills is essential and they will help you in your future career too.

By writing essays or other papers, you do not only develop your writing skills per se. You improve your research, organization, time management, and communication too. Which is something every student needs and that will prepare them to handle challenging tasks after college. However, the problem with these written tasks is that they must be original.

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Plagiarism is something not accepted within any university, so as a student, you need to avoid it at all costs. You need a laptop to write your essay, but you can also use it to check your paper for plagiarism. You can install and use the tool to identify the parts of your essay that need to be changed. Plagiarism comes with low grades and fewer career options, so it would be better to avoid it. It sometimes can be accidental, so using the fixgerald tool to detect it is wise. 

But you need a good laptop both for writing those essays and papers and then checking them for plagiarism. So, which are the best laptops for a fully immersive college experience?

MacBook Air 

MacBook Air is one of the best laptops for students, especially for those who need to use the keyboard a lot. This type of laptop suits students the best. It is slim, highly portable, and very powerful. The keyboard is very comfortable, so if you need to write essays, you will simply love it. The latest models have an M1 chip which is even more powerful than previous Macbooks that run on Intel chips. So, this laptop is suitable for students that are studying journalism, but also for those who study computer science and need a powerful and smooth laptop. 

Asus ZenBook 13

Another incredibly portable laptop for students. As you will mostly be on the go, you need a laptop that is not heavy and can be carried easily. And as many students are multitasking and working on more than one app at the same time, they need a powerful laptop. Asus ZenBook 13 might be the laptop you are searching for. It can handle any challenge you will throw at it. 

Final Thoughts 

College life will be an incredible experience that will teach you a lot. Not only about specific subjects that will be useful to your career. But also about life, friends, values. You develop your skills with every academic task you complete. And for this, you need a good laptop to have that fully immersive college experience. Choose a highly-portable, powerful, and slim laptop to take with you anywhere you go. 

About author: Brandon Kryeger is a content writer and blogger. He loves writing about soft skills, productivity, and time management. Brandon loves spending his free time reading books and having a cup of tea. 

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