How Long Should I Charge My Laptop Battery

Desktops PCs are regarded as the most versatile device that can do all kinds of tasks and emulate all gaming ports. Laptops have taken a step above desktops and have become more versatile because of their lightweight and battery backup features.

Laptops are just as good as desktops when it comes to overall usage and performance. However, such enormous power and potential to fit a whole PC inside a 4-6 lbs laptop has to make sacrifices. To increase the battery lifespan of a laptop, one must know how much time a laptop should be charged.

Should Laptops Be Fully Charged

Laptop batteries are the only parts of a laptop that make it different from regular PCs. These mobile batteries are pretty expensive and can keep your laptop running for at least 3 hours. However, charging laptops fully is no problem since laptop batteries can’t harm themselves.

You should charge laptop batteries for 24 hours after buying them, but if you intend to charge your laptop every day, it’s recommended to keep the charging percentage between 40 to 80 percent. Whatever the case may be, don’t leave your laptop battery fully charged and still plugged in if you’re not using it.

Different Laptop Charging Times

A difference between laptops and desktops is that desktops can upgrade their CPU parts according to the user’s desire. Unfortunately, laptops don’t have this feature, leading to the creation of different kinds of laptops. So, different laptop types have different charging times.

1. Productivity Laptops

Productivity laptops are the optimal laptops that can do all sorts of tasks at a moderate speed. These laptops have been named the most selling laptop type because of their overall usage, good battery backup, average performance, lightweight feature, and low price.

These kinds of laptops have a good battery backup that lasts for a minimum of 3-5 hours. Contrary to popular belief, regular laptops require more than one and a half hours to charge up to 80% or more. If you’re using productivity or a typical laptop type, make sure you stop charging it at 80% to increase battery lifespan.

2. Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are the most desired laptop types with the largest battery size. They can play the best video games of that year and play all AAA games with the highest graphics for the next 5 years. Unfortunately, these laptops have a bad reputation for draining batteries extremely fast.

When charging a gaming laptop, make sure never to take it off the charging port unless you’re going to sleep. The highest backup you can get from a fully charged gaming laptop is 3-4 hours. Again, gaming laptops require stable electricity to use the GPU to its full extent. So, charge a gaming laptop and keep it plugged all the time.

3. Workstation Laptops

These laptops are built for doing specific tasks and using Microsoft Office to its full extent. Workstation laptops are also good for doing work while traveling because of their long-lasting battery backup. It does not apply to all laptops because some workstation laptops are custom built for high-performance.

These laptops are also great for doing heavy work for long periods. You will experience no unnecessary overheating or crashes while using these laptops. These laptops have a great lifespan, and you should charge these laptops for 2 hours so that they can run for 8hours or more.

4. 2-in-1 Convertibles

Convertible laptops that can function as a tablet are known as 2-in-1 convertibles. These laptops have the most impressive user-friendly interface and double up with the laptop to do more complicated tasks. The touch-screen can do simple tasks in tablet mode and boot some programs.

These laptops have a low battery backup because of their convertible feature. The sacrifice for increasing productivity can be sustained if you charge these laptops for only 30-40minutes every time the charge goes under 20%. You should also keep it connected to the charger while using it.

How To Increase Battery Life

The laptop battery is much smarter than a smartphone or other device batteries. For this reason, it passes the excessive amount of electricity after getting fully charged. However, this doesn’t mean that the battery won’t be affected by overcharging at all. Charging times like overnight charging sessions will decrease your laptop’s battery lifespan.

There are some ways to increase your battery life so that you won’t have to charge it more than 2 times every day. The ways to get the most out of your battery life are listed below:

  • Turn on battery saver mode
  • Reduce the brightness of your screen
  • Remove all the unused applications from your laptop
  • Terminate unnecessary programs that begin on start-up
  • Put restrictions on applications that use too much battery life (video games)
  • Close all unused tabs on your laptop
  • Turn off the vibration system whenever you type with your keyboard

External Effect on Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries are quite expensive because of their powerful backup and performance in exchange for a fragile lifespan. Your laptop battery can get damaged by the environment you keep it in as well. Even rise and fall in temperatures will affect the battery as much as overheating does.

Usually, freezing point or temperatures below 36°F won’t be a problem for laptop batteries, but high temperatures that reach 86°F or more will damage them. The internal processing already generates a good amount of heat that the battery has to endure. While using your laptop, you can measure its temperature using different software that measures frame rate and clock speed.

Other effects like steam or external shocks will affect your battery greatly. Steam is water vapor, and steam can destroy your battery forever if it enters your laptop. Again, external shocks like open electric sources will fry your laptop battery and other parts inside it once it comes in contact.

Final Words

Laptops need to be maintained because it has to go through a lot to accomplish their given tasks. Not to mention the amount of money required to buy a laptop is nowhere near to buying a desktop and all its parts. Always try to keep your laptop in a cool, clean, and dry room to increase your laptop’s battery lifespan.

Different laptops have different batteries, but they are designed to sustain for long periods unless there’s an accident. You should never use your laptop when the battery is below 20%. Finally, remember to charge your laptop battery according to the type of laptop you use mentioned above.

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