How to Cover Your Laptop Camera?

We all have heard about those mischievous internet rogues who break into people’s webcams and violate one’s privacy. Now, you have to understand this, and we are so much engrossed in this technology-obsessed world, it is a game of seconds for our privacy to get compromised. All you can do is tighten the security measures. 

And one of the security measures is to cover your laptop camera, and the same is our topic for the day. This article explores how to cover your laptop adequately and safeguard your privacy. 

The Perfect Way to Cover Your Laptop Camera

See mate, we all are concerned about our privacy, and I believe you are too. So, without further ado, let us see what possible ways to cover your webcam/laptop camera are. It is a severe topic about your privacy, so we will break this down into simpler steps so that you can get this done easily.

Method 1: Implementing Quick Fixes 

The first method is comprised of 5 alternatives. These five suggestions will not take much of your valuable time. 

The suggestions are:

Use A Strip of Duct Tape to Cover Your Camera

Covering laptop camera with duct tape

Tear off a small strip of the duct and place it over your camera correctly, which will keep you off the prying eyes behind the camera. This is considered to be one of the best and effective ways of protecting your privacy. 

And apart from using duct tape, you can use painter’s tape, which can prove to be a great alternative as it does not leave any residue, whereas the duct tape will leave a slimy residue on your camera.

Use Invisible Tape

Invisible tape roller

You are thinking of getting a good barrier between you and the laptop camera, and then I suggest you get a strip of invisible tape to cover your camera. Though it is not that dark compared to duct tape, do not worry, it efficiently conceals the surroundings and makes your webcam of no use to those prying eyes. 

Use A Sticky Note

Covering laptop camera with sticky notes

Say you are in a hurry and have no duct tape or invisible tape; you can get a hold of some sticky notes. Place it over your camera. It will block those peeping eyes for a reasonable amount of time, though it will not last as long as duct tape. However, this can be useful for you. 

Place A Cute Sticker

Covering laptop camera with sticker

What if I tell you even some stickers tend to behave like a sound barrier? Now don’t be surprised if I tell you so. Yes, it is. Placing a sticker over your webcam can be an excellent option as it lasts for a longer duration. And, these are available on any online shopping site, which is not much of a hassle. 

What we recommend is to buy stickers with a dark base which will help in obscuring your surroundings. 

Use Washi Tape

Washi tape is a special kind of tape with some beautiful designs and vibrant geometric shapes. Known for its stickiness and comes off easy. Just keep a safe distance from those gigantic tapes with raised surfaces.

Method 2

Now, if you want to use proper stuff to cover your camera, then the suggestions mentioned in method 2 is for you, mate. These are easy to apply, and all you have to do is a little bit of searching on online shopping sites.

Install A Slider Cover

Hopefully, if you look online for adjustable slider covers for a laptop, you will see plenty of covers. These sliders work ideally when it comes to protecting the privacy of the user.

When you have to join a meeting online, slide it to the other side so people can see you and if you are very concerned regarding your privacy, slide it over the camera. When the slider is over the cam, it completely blocks the camera so nobody can see you.

Thin Magnets to Cover Your Webcam

As we all know, cameras or any electrical appliance have magnetic tension. So, if you search online for magnetic covers for webcam, you will probably see thin and circular magnetic strands have appeared as results. These magnets get fastened to the magnets in the camera and hold them in their particular place.

Square-Webcam Covers

There are some square-fitted camera covers available on the market. Hopefully, you will find it online. These covers block your camera completely when placed correctly.

You just have to remove the top layer when you are using the camera and place it back into its place when you are done. 

Things to Consider to Ensure Your Privacy Settings Are Tough to Penetrate

See, you need to understand this. When you install or apply privacy shields, your device gets forced in a particular direction of safety, making it hard for hackers to break through your security. 

To install antivirus software on your devices and keep it updated.   


Through this article, we have introduced you to all the alternatives when it comes to covering your laptop’s webcam and protects your privacy. No wonder these are traditional approaches to securing your privacy, but hackers may have found some loopholes in the traditional approach to advancing technology.

So, we suggest keeping antivirus software installed in your system. It ensures your security and protects your device from malicious sites, bugs and viruses.

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