How to Craft a High-Impact Instagram Marketing Strategy to Get Ahead of the Competition? 

It makes eminent sense for businesses that want to increase their brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and drive sales with superior engagement to have a vibrant presence on Instagram. With more than 25 million businesses vying for the attention of users on Instagram, marketers are increasingly finding it difficult to stand out from the clutter in the feeds of users. Businesses need to have a well-thought-out Instagram marketing strategy that will set them apart from the competition and reinforce their brand identity. Some practical tips on putting together an Instagram marketing strategy with the maximum punch:

Figure Out the Objectives of Your Instagram Presence 

No amount of marketing on Instagram will prove to be effective unless marketers can first figure out what it is that they want Instagram to deliver. Having a vague idea will not help, as you need to be extremely specific. Given the limitations of e-commerce on Instagram, driving sales perhaps should not figure high on the agenda. However, increasing brand awareness and driving engagement can be viable objectives. You should first figure out whether you should be on Instagram at all because if your target audience is on other social media platforms, you should follow them there. Secondly, you need to figure out whether your publishing visual content will go well with your brand image. Brands that can effectively leverage visual content like photos, videos, live streaming, infographics, etc. typically stand to gain the most on Instagram.

Evolve a Content Strategy 

Acquiring followers on Instagram and engaging with them effectively revolves around your ability to create and distribute high-quality content. However, given that Instagram users face a flood of content on their feeds, they are likely to view and engage with content that is relevant to them as well as original, value-added, and above all, entertaining. For this to happen, you will need to research the needs, wants, and preferences of your target audience so that you can create content that appeals to them. Given the wide variety of content types, your content strategy must use the kind of content that suits the most with your audience. For best impact, usually a mix of product-centric content, content that reflects the culture of your company, and content generated by the users themselves are the best. Then you need to decide how the content will be delivered to your followers. For example, you can create content that can be consumed in photos, videos, infographics, white papers, case studies, Stories, and even delivered through Instagram Live. According to Search Engine Journal, sharing long-form content via carousels can get you more engagement than even images and videos.

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Create Content with the Maximum Impact 

When you post content that your audience can identify with and find value in, you are very near to getting the engagement you want. However, unless your content quality is very high, you will not be able to draw sufficient attention to your posts. By creating and posting content that your audience finds awesome, you will be able to increase your brand awareness, acquire more followers, boost your engagement, and gain enough traction to drive brand loyalty and revenues. To make your content strategy work, you need to have an unwavering focus on quality. If you can afford to get your photos and videos shot by professionals, do so, however, with the trend shifting to content that is less polished even photos shot with a mobile phone camera work well when they are composed, shot, and edited well. Generally, photos with humans or animals in them tend to do better, however, most importantly; the subjects should be relevant to the audience. If you find building up engagement slow initially, you can always buy Instagram comments at a nominal cost from specialized digital marketing agencies.

You can add value to your visual content by using compelling captions and powerful CTAs. To make your posts discoverable, you need to include relevant hashtags. To find the hashtags that work the best for you, you need to conduct hashtag research, especially focusing on what works the best for your competitors. A mix of popular hashtags and industry-specific hashtags generally tends to be more productive.

Promote Your Brand

Depending on what you are running your Instagram marketing campaign for, you can get better engagement and conversions only if you aggressively promote your brand. Typically, product promotions involving contests, opinion polls, discount coupons, etc. can get customers interested and you can ask them to participate by clicking on the link in your bio section to reach a landing page on your website specially designed to receive and convert the traffic. Whatever promotion you run; you should make it time-sensitive so that there is a sense of urgency for taking action.


To achieve success on Instagram, brands need to stay focused on the expectations and preferences of their target audiences. All efforts to engage followers must hinge on locking them in with a well-designed and executed Instagram marketing strategy.

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