How to create an explanatory video for your business?

Fun, innovative and potentially viral, how-to videos are the latest trends in corporate videos. Capable of reaching millions of users, thanks to social sharing, these videos are ideal for informing users about the functioning of services or products and advertising effectively.

Also, for this reason, the explanatory videos are often made with animated graphics: a technique capable of attracting users’ attention thanks to its dynamism, colors, and immediacy. Ideal for those looking for a useful tool without necessarily committing to expensive investments, the explanatory videos really have many advantages.

In this article, we will let you discover more closely why an explanatory video cannot be missing in the portfolio of every company.

How to create an explanatory video for your business

What is an explanatory video?

As its name suggests, an explanatory video is a shorter or longer video (although, as we will see, it would be better not to exceed in duration) that aims to inform or offer insights to the user about products, services or facts.

Like a film, the explanatory video is structured in a narrative sequence accompanied by background music, a voiceover and the aforementioned animated graphics. Usually, the most used approach is the one that aims at sympathy and comedy, but this does not exclude the possibility of making emotional videos of another kind.

Due to its graphic simplicity, this type of video is able to support marketing or awareness campaigns based on the nature of the message you want to send to users.

What are the benefits of explanatory videos?

Watching videos is a trend that has been overcome, also due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It goes without saying that the so-called “traditional” means of communication (TV, print media, and online newspapers) are no longer enough to capture users’ attention.

Today, people are looking for quick and comprehensive information: what are better means than an explanatory video to entertain or inform the public? Explanatory videos are very powerful because they are easier to remember than a newspaper article and make it easier for users to access the message.

Therefore, you will understand that this tool is really very useful for enhancing your brand in terms of credibility, sales, and competition. Here, specifically, are 3 crucial advantages that you can derive from an explanatory video:

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1. Increased conversion rate

Explained videos are ideal for attracting more visitors to your site, thus increasing the percentage of purchases. In fact, if a product or service is shown on video, there are many more probabilities that users will be tempted to buy it.

But that’s not all: these videos make users spend more time on the platform, increasing the chances that they choose to access multiple services at the same time.

2. Immediacy

The immediacy of an explanatory video gives you the opportunity to enhance the marketing strategies of your business. Videos attract more attention than texts, especially on social pages, so they can be enjoyed (and shared) much more easily.

3. Better ranking on Google

Investing in an explanatory video will also indirectly and positively affect SEO, making your SERP rankings improve. This will earn you a lot more inbound traffic.

How to best use an explanatory video?

As we have already mentioned, the explanatory video informs users about services or products. The specificities vary according to the reference reality: whether it is an SME, a large company or a freelancer. There are some aspects to keep in mind when choosing to invest in this type of product.

Attract the user’s attention

To understand what arouses the curiosity of your potential customers, you have to start with their problems. Those who are looking for you certainly need a service, a product or communication in general. In short, it has a problem.

Your goal must be to provide a solution, hooking the user as quickly as possible: the experts agree that the answer to the prospect’s problem must be addressed in the first 8 seconds of the video not to miss the conversion.

Doing so will result in a reaction that will prompt the user to watch the video with an attentive and participatory gaze.

The structure of the explanatory video

We will then deal with the theme of the length of the explanatory video. Here it is essential to focus on the “body” of the video. By providing a solution to the user’s problem, the company will have to explain who it is, what it does and what distinguishes its services from its competitors. In a nutshell: why should a user choose this solution rather than another to solve their need?

The CTAs of the explanatory video

The final step of the explanatory video is the “call to action”. It is usually placed at the end of the movie and must be unique because the user has a particular need and is not interested in anything else.

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This step is fundamental and recalls what was previously said. That is, the content of the video must differentiate itself from that of your competitors: this is very important to ensure that the user remembers your brand and to push to deepen.

How long should an explanatory video last

As we have already said, an explanatory video should grab the audience’s attention in the first 8 seconds. But how long should it last in all? Know that this aspect should not be underestimated because users are constantly bombarded with information of all kinds nowadays.

Therefore, the ideal would be a video that is not too long: 1, maximum 2 minutes, experts say. In fact, after 2 minutes, it becomes easier for users to lose attention. This should never happen because our message can’t have the desired effect without users’ attention, thus eliminating any conversion.

How an explanatory video is made?

As we have already mentioned, the explanatory video is made with massive use of computer animations. Therefore, proceeding with creation means knowing how to master a series of professional tools and programs in the best possible way.

First of all, we start with the concept to develop the basic idea through which to convey the message. It is in this phase that, for example, the tone of voice of the video and the type of emotion it will have to convey (laughter or feeling) is decided.

The idea will then have to be developed through a script and a screenplay, even if the most important part of the backstage of the explanatory video is undoubtedly the creation of a storyboard. The storyboard also called a drawn screenplay, allows you to fix the main shots in the order in which they will need to be edited.

Parallel to the storyboard, the graphic designers will have to deal with the entire visual aspect of the explanatory video, which will obviously have to be agreed on according to the client’s preferences.

Animations can be infographic videos or 2D cartoons. There are many programs for creating these videos. Some of them are PowToon, FlexClip, Animaker or Biteable. Although some of these programs, such as PowToon, are also available in a convenient free version, we do not recommend that you venture into this world alone.

As we have just seen, creating an explanatory video means considering many aspects: technical and concerning marketing. Creating an animation does not mean having a well-made explanatory video, which is why it would always be better to contact professionals in the sector. In this way, you can invest in a performing product tailored to your needs and, above all, without wasting time and money.

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How much does an explanatory video cost?

That said, you will probably be interested in knowing what the cost of an explanatory video is. Well, we tell you right away that the final “price” of this product varies according to your requests, the work done, and the budget you decide to allocate for this project. For this reason, we advise you to think about what you would like to realize and how much you want to pay for it


In conclusion, we can therefore say that investing in explanatory videos can represent an interesting resource for your business. Preferably made in animation and/or computer graphics, the explanatory videos are never too long because their goal is to capture and keep the user’s attention. As we have seen, the explanatory videos can, in fact, be used to explain to users the functioning of services and/or products and carry out targeted marketing strategies.

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