How To Disinfect Your Laptop?

The coronavirus pandemic has made us aware of how quickly germs and viruses can spread on different surfaces. Your laptop can harbor these nasty germs and viruses, so you must regularly sanitize your machine. In this guide we will explain how to disinfect your laptop properly.

It is not worth taking the chance that everything is OK for the few minutes that it will take you to disinfect your laptop. You cannot see these hidden germs, so just follow the steps in this guide to disinfect your laptop and protect yourself and your family thoroughly.

Use the right products to Sanitize your Laptop

You need to be aware that you cannot just use any cleaning and disinfecting products to sanitize your laptop. Some products may damage your machine, and you definitely want to avoid the direct application of a disinfectant. Water is the enemy of your laptop as it can cause all kinds of problems if it gets inside.

The smallest amount of water or other liquid inside your laptop can cause short circuits and your machine to stop working altogether. Water conducts electricity very well, so you have been warned. There are harsh chemicals used in some disinfecting and cleaning products as well, and you need to avoid these as they can damage your laptop.

Do not use harsh materials to clean your laptop screen. This includes old clothes such as t-shirts, rags, and even paper towels. Not using paper towels may surprise you, but you need to know that these are slightly abrasive and can cause damage. Laptop screens are very delicate, and using abrasive materials to clean them can cause scratches and other problems.

Safe Products to use for Laptop Disinfection

Fortunately, there is a lot of cleaning and disinfecting products safe to use for thorough disinfection of your laptop. These products are readily available and do not cost that much. You need to consider the purchase of these products as an investment in your health and protection from nasty germs and viruses.

Use Cleaning Wipes

Apple recommends the use of cleaning wipes for the disinfecting of their laptops. You will need to check that the cleaning wipes you want to use do not have any bleach content. Don’t choose cleaning wipes that are very damp either, as the moisture from these wipes can get into your laptop and cause problems.

You can use the right type of cleaning wipes on any laptop. It does not need to be an Apple computer. If you have any concerns about this, go to your laptop manufacturer’s website and look to see if they have any recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

The use of rubbing alcohol on the external surfaces of your laptop, including the keyboard, is effective in killing the vast majority of nasty germs and viruses. You will get the best results if you use a 40% alcohol and 60% water solution.

You can use either a cotton swab or a microfiber cloth to apply the solution. Never spray this solution directly to your laptop surfaces. If you do this then it is very likely that a small amount of the solution will get inside and cause you all manner of problems.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are a great way to get rid of any dust on your laptop screen before applying any disinfectant. You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the outer shell of your machine and the keyboard area.

Use Dirt Removing Slime

You may have seen gels or slimes that are safe to use for cleaning your laptop. The good thing about these slimes is that they can access hard-to-reach areas to remove different types of dirt. When you use the slime, the dirt will stick to it.

To use a laptop cleaning slime properly, you need to use a small amount in the shape of a ball. Carefully dab this slime ball on the surfaces of your laptop. Be careful not to let the cleaning slime sit in one particular spot for any length of time.

Use Compressed Air

The keyboard area of your laptop can be challenging to clean properly. When you use a wipe, cloth, or brush, you may not be able to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Compressed air is a very effective solution.

You can purchase compressed air in cans these days. Use this to blow over your keyboard and other external areas of your laptop. It will blow out the dirt and debris from those hard-to-reach areas, and you can then remove this with a microfiber cloth.

Use Sticky Tape

The sticky tape you use at home to seal things and wrap presents is another good tool for cleaning your laptop. Use the sticky side of the tape and apply it around the keys on your laptop keyboard. It will pick up debris and dirt like a magnet.

The Process of Disinfecting your Laptop

The first thing that you must do is to unplug your laptop from the mains and then remove the battery. If you have other devices connected to your laptop, such as external drives or monitors, then disconnect these as well.

Please pick up your laptop and turn it upside down. Shake your laptop gently so that any large chunks of debris will fall away. Don’t go crazy with the shaking, as overdoing it could cause damage to your machine.

Use your can of compressed air or sticky tape to get rid of dirt and debris in hard-to-access areas. Wipe away any excess dirt with your microfiber cloth. Now it is time to sanitize your laptop using wipes or your rubbing alcohol solution and microfiber cloth. Be sure to disinfect everything, including the screen, keyboard, and other surfaces.

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