How to Find What Battery My Laptop Has?

What makes your laptop a laptop?

The battery, otherwise it would just be a smaller desktop.

To find out what type of laptop battery you have is easy. All you have to do is remove the battery from the laptop and look at the printed information.

If you’re here to determine what laptop battery type you have, I’m guessing you probably want to learn more about your battery: the battery type and manufacturer, the battery capacity, battery grade, voltage, chemistry, and so on. 

Laptop battery KV9Np

All batteries eventually will start having problems, or not. Before making any decision, it is important to know what type your laptop battery is.

So, let us provide you with the best guide for finding what type your laptop battery is.

Remove the Battery from the Laptop

Most laptop manufacturers make laptops with user-serviceable or removable batteries. This means you can remove the battery on your own easily. To remove the battery, 

  1. Turn off your laptop and unplug it from its power source if it was charging. 
Shutting down

2. Flip over the laptop to access its bottom and locate the battery latches if present.

It is important to note that not all laptops have these battery latches. To solve that, continue reading this guide.

3. Slide the latches over in the opposite direction and hold them to release the battery. The battery will pop out on some laptops, while on other laptops, you will need to pull out the battery gently.

Removing battery from laptop
Removing battery from laptop

Suppose your laptop has an in-built battery or rather has no user-serviceable battery. In that case, you can follow the right procedure of opening the bottom casing of your laptop to access the battery.

You can also contact your laptop manufacturer to open the laptop for you or look for a laptop technician to remove your battery.

You will find out the battery type, part number, model, voltage rating, and its full charge capacity on the battery label.

Visit the Official Website of Your Laptop

Laptop manufacturers rarely conform to any standard when designing their batteries.

Many laptop manufacturers have official websites set up to provide battery information and other battery-related details like replacement.

This may eliminate the need to remove your laptop battery to check for its type.

Go to your manufacturer’s website to check for the battery type specific to your laptop model. 

Should you want to order a battery replacement, the website can provide you with the correct information before purchasing a new battery.

Use Professional Tool

Battery information can sometimes be difficult to read because they are not clearly labeled, or the laptop manufacturer doesn’t give you enough information about the battery.

As we already know, on some laptops, removing the battery is not an easy task.

What you need is a professional tool, or rather a third-party tool to find detailed information about your battery, and not only the battery type.

BatteryCare is a free software tool designed to improve the usage and performance of the laptop battery.

You can use it to find complete information about your laptop and other battery features.

All you need to do is read their guide and understand how to navigate it before downloading BatteryCare.

Batterycare detailed information

I hope you now understand how to find your laptop’s battery type from our simple guide.

There is more to understanding a laptop’s battery than just finding out what type it is.

Having detailed information about your battery can be helpful should you want to replace it or purchase a new one.

If you enjoyed this guide, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you!

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