How To Improve Your Swift Development

The development of iOS products is tough and competitive. You need to take into account a number of things to build a successful mobile app. The following tips will help you make your Swift code more maintainable and efficient. Why is it so important? Swift language has a number of advantages that make it so popular and demanded. Firstly, it encompasses the experience of experts who have been working with this language for developing Apple products. Being a modern object-oriented tool, it can boast of simple syntax that enables one-line codes. Swift automatically manages RAM issues and provides fantastic typization. Another beneficial aspect is that it allows real-time code testing for easy and timely debugging. What’s more, a lot of people opt for this programming language because of Objective-C Runtime Library integration to make use of other languages too. All in all, by applying to a swift app development company you can build innovative products which will satisfy even the most sophisticated users’ requirements.

1. Make use of protocols

Thanks to protocols Swift developers can perform a number of tasks. Protocols enable the establishment of various software and design elements. A protocol determines a plan of properties or methods which can be lately adjusted to classes. 

2. Improving readability

With the help of Xcode 11 the refactoring has been enhanced considerably. The updated Xcode provides convenient and quick renaming of references, methods, and classes. New version is considered to be more reliable and efficient.

3. Marks improve the readability of swift code

Thanks to marks you can make numerous code lines more readable and understandable. In such a way developers can easily navigate their code and speed up some processes. What’s more, Xcode 11 will provide you with the opportunity to make use of marks, since it has a code navigator option.

4. Opt for Programmatic Navigation

When your app starts to grow and scale, such tools as Storyboards can make navigation much easier and affordable. What’s more, programmatic navigation enables better control over particular behaviours and parameters. In such a way your storyboard won’t resemble total chaos. 

5. Libraries integration

 A lot of people underestimate the importance of libraries integration. However, it is also essential to start with the basic ones. Thanks to it you will be capable of paying enough attention to specific features an app will have. You should also choose high-quality depositories to avoid numerous bugs.

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6. Make up common libraries

Extensions offered by Swift help developers easily transfer simple methods on common classes with the help of transparent syntax. However, it will be a good idea to create separate files with the extensions to maintain the readability of your code.

7. Access to code

Make sure you have opted for appropriate access control means for code encapsulation. Thanks to it you will get an insight into the code interaction without memorizing all these processes. 

8. Make use of notifications

With the help of notifications you can easily share information between the elements of software. In other words it enables strong ties between controllers and services. Thanks to the observer design pattern you can code a number of complicated actions just in one line. However, you should take control over unnecessary observers and delete them not to sacrifice the code performance. 

Final thoughts

Since nowadays Swift language is widely used for building top-quality mobile apps, a good healthcare app development company will definitely opt for it. Why exactly healthcare? Because this field is considered to be the most innovative and fast-developing one. And if the Swift programming language can cope with such sophisticated users’ requirements, it can cope with all kinds of challenges.

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