How to Make Twitch Overlays to Design Your Channel

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Twitch overlays are an essential part of every streaming channel. Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers to share their passion with the community. Twitch streamers have access to the chat and followers through Twitch messages, donation alerts, etc. An overlay design serves as an additional element of Twitch channels. It’s like advertising your presence on this broadcasting site. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to create outstanding overlays and be at the streaming frontline.

What is a Twitch Overlay?

A Twitch overlay is a graphics package that Twitch streamers can use to enhance their live video. Twitch overlays are typically designed in Photoshop or other related programs but they can also be created using several online tools as well. You can design a background overlay, a Twitch chat overlay and many other elements on your channel. Keep reading to get how to make Twitch overlays for your streaming platform.

The Common Types of Twitch Overlays

Twitch overlay design types can be divided into several categories. These include webcam overlays, chat overlays, ad overlays, and alerts.

Webcam Overlays

A webcam overlay is the overlay design that is displayed over the Twitch streamer’s webcam video feed. This overlay design can contain text and images. But many people prefer to use it just for branding purposes. Since their face should be seen while playing games or talking on camera anyway.

Chat Overlays

Twitch chat overlays are usually used when the Twitch streamer has an online event like a Q&A session with viewers. It could also include custom graphics that match your Twitch logo colors. If you want something more professional-looking than plain white lettering across the screen. Twitch chat boxes will appear at either top or bottom of the screen (or both). You’ll need this style of overlay in particular if your game requires typing things back to other players through Twitch chat commands too.

Ad Overlays

Ad overlays are used to show a banner ad or a commercial clip. Twitch overlays for ads are usually at the bottom of your screen. They can either be static or change with time/reactions from viewers in Twitch chat.


Stream alerts are used in case of something important that needs to be broadcasted in Twitch chat. When you have an alert, it means your viewers need to stop what they are doing and pay attention for a moment. Most streamers use alerts when someone follows or donates money through the Twitch Bit donations system.

How to Make Twitch Overlays In Photoshop

Photoshop is the easiest way to create a Twitch overlay. Here’s how to make Twitch overlays in Photoshop.

Open up Photoshop and create a new file: “File” > “New”. Set the frame size (1920x1080p) and the pixel ratio suitable for Twitch streaming which is 16:11.

Next, go to “File” > “Save for Web & Devices”. You’ll see a new window that contains different settings. Choose the presets menu at the top right corner and pick the Twitch logo. It matches the stream resolution you set earlier (1920×1080). Then adjust the rest of the overlay properties. They include Quality and Colors that are set according to your needs. Once you’re satisfied with all your Twitch overlay options, save the file in a PNG format. Click the Save button (top left) on the screen.

How to Make Twitch Overlays with no Photoshop

Twitch has a Twitch layout editor tool that you can use to design your own overlay. You need to download it and get familiar with its functions in order for the Twitch overlay maker to work.

Once installed, launch Twitch Layout Editor and start designing Twitch panels using all of their features: add graphics, GIFs, videos from YouTube, or Vimeo links. Apply custom effects on them by changing transparency level among other options.

Once done with editing Twitch Overlay template files saved in .psd format, save everything as an uncompressed image file – PNG or JPEG at high resolution (1920×1080). It’s good if your graphic designer knows how to do this part. So he/she will be able to meet all requirements needed when uploading Twitch overlays. Twitch Layout Editor is completely free so you don’t need to pay anything for using it.

Useful Tips When Customizing Your Twitch Channel

Twitch Image Size

When it comes to Twitch image dimensions, make sure that if your template has multiple images (like StreamLabs OBS), each one is set up properly instead of using just whatever fits. Otherwise, your Twitch overlay will look weird or off-centered as a whole. In most cases where this happens on average computers’ monitors from 1920 x 1080 px resolutions. Thus being able to cover all edges without any problems whatsoever in terms of quality and style.

Twitch Banner Design

A Twitch banner should be attention-grabbing. It reflects what kind of content will be featured on stream while also being aesthetically pleasing. If it’s not catching enough attention for Twitch viewers who are skimming over games live at the moment, there is a chance they won’t tune in to watch yours ever again.

Color Pallete

When choosing a background for your Twitch channel, consider neutral colors that will end up with a pleasant overlay design. Make sure that your images come with a transparent background. Use the same background across all platforms (i.e. computer screen, mobile device).


If you’re thinking of taking up streaming, you should consider a bunch of stuff to design your channel. Creating Twitch overlays may attract more followers and add more uniqueness to your streaming platform. Game streamers not only get more exposure but also expand their social media presence. Twitch overlays can be done with and without Photoshop. This article reveals useful tips on how to make a Twitch overlay for your channel flawlessly.

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