How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2022

If you open the App Store you’ll be impressed with a variety of mobile applications. Users highly anticipate new launches and useful updates that can make their life better. Besides, they are interested not only in free apps with ads. Many individuals are ready to buy subscriptions and support developers with their money. 

As a result, developing software is in great demand nowadays. Real experts from have a busy schedule and keep working on sharing new features for their customers all the time. It seems that making software is so easy and profitable before you face a final step – getting your app on the App Store.

It’s no surprise that you can’t share your iOS app with a twist of a spanner. This process requires your time and effort because every software published in online stores must meet specific requirements. Let’s see how to get your app on the App Store and finally start earning benefits from it. 

Clear Instructions on Submitting Your App to the App Store

You have done the hugest job and completed your application. So all further actions will be a tiny job compared to your previous activity. At the same time, don’t underrate the complexity of software submission. Making mistakes wouldn’t help you reach success. 

Thanks to the following guidelines, you can achieve your goals without extra issues. Perform these steps and your software will be available on the App Store soon. 

Join ADP

The Apple Developer Program is the first step to make. Follow the official website and use your Apple ID to sign in. If you haven’t your Apple ID then create an ID now: share your personal information and set up a password. You will be able to use your Apple ID to access any services offered by the brand. 

Thanks to the Apple Developer Program, a developer will receive nice advantages. For instance, you’ll access testing instruments, analytics, technical support, special services to develop extra features, and so on. Of course, at the moment you are interested in the key aim of ADP – to be capable of distributing your software. 

Open App Store Connect

This platform is meant to let developers manage details about their software. Follow the official website and use your Apple ID to sign in. 

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Nota bene! If your app is free then you only need to sign in to the platform and select the role (for instance, Admin, Technical Manager, etc.). But if you plan to submit app to App Store with a paid subscription then make sure to do an extra job. You have to organize the payment details. Follow the instructions and sign a contract about terms, tax, agreement, etc. 

Prepare Your Application

As you remember, your software must meet all the requirements of the App Store. That’s why before you can finally submit your app you must obtain the certification. It means that you have to get a relevant review from an expert according to the current App Store Review Guidelines. All requirements are available online so you can check them beforehand to improve your application if it’s needed. 

In addition, be a responsible developer and test your software. Make sure that your application has no bugs. It will increase your chances of getting the app certification as soon as possible and receiving massive support from your customers. 

Fill in All Details in App Store Connect

Open the official website and click on the section “My Apps”. By adding a new application, you have to share the following information: the platform, SKU, the software name, Bundle ID, primary language, the type of user access, etc. Then prefer the content rights, age rating, pricing, and privacy. 

In the end, choose the version release (manual, automatic, or specific). Remember that these elements are essential for submitting the app to App Store too. Experts will check whether you have shared enough information or not and decide the fate of your software. 

Add Visual Content

Visual content that should submit the app includes screenshots and videos. Start with a preview – a short video that must meet all specifications, resolutions, and other requirements. It must intrigue the visitors of your software page and encourage them to try your application. 

The next part of your visual content is screenshots. Such images show the interface, features, and other advantages of your application. Don’t forget to keep all screenshot specifications too. 

It’s great that the App Store mentions users with different screens. As a result, developers are able to add visual content for 4 different sizes. Every display may contain 3 preview videos and 10 traditional screenshots. 

Install Xcode and Follow Its Guidelines 

Xcode is software that allows you to upload the application. The procedure of doing this contains several steps: 

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– sign in your Apple ID;

– open the section “Signing” and choose the automatic option;

– choose “Any iOS device” from the list of simulators;

– follow “Product”, then select “Archive”, and click the button “Distribute App”;

– choose the distribution and destination methods. 

In the next stage, Xcode will start uploading your software. Be patient and wait for a little because this process takes time depending on your file size. 

Complete Your Submission

The final stage of submitting to App Store means you have to submit it for reviews. In the previous stage, you click on the button “Save” and start the process of reviewing. Usually, it takes several days but sometimes your app may be approved within several hours. 

So be patient. After your application is approved and submitted, you will receive an email with details. The positive answer means that your application is already available in the App Store for users. They can download it, use it, leave reviews, etc. Keep using App Store Connect to control your software status and revenue. Now you have done everything you must. It means that you only need to wait for a little. Very soon you’ll get a notification about your successful submission to the App Store. So follow the listed above guidelines, be patient, and get ready to receive users’ feedback!

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