How to Upscale Anime Image: Complete Guide for Beginners

If there is one iconic contribution that Japan has brought into this world, it is none other than the anime and manga community. You can see that the anime industry is striving, and the fans take part in successfully introducing the world of anime.

If you are an anime lover, I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy reading this article. However, if you are new and currently still exploring the anime world, welcome to this article. If you are a little curious about the anime community, let me introduce you first to knowing what anime is.

how to upscale anime image

What is Anime Image?

Anime is a Japanese cartoon that can be drawn by hand or manually and can also be a computer or software-generated image.

Dating back to 1917, the earliest anime created was introduced as part of a Japanese commercial. Following the 1917 anime debut, various kinds of art style and ways was created in 1960 by Osamu Tezuka, a known cartoonist in the 60s.

Since then, anime has become popular with the Japanese people and has quickly been embraced by them. It is usually presented artfully through different platforms such as theater, televisions, media centers, and online websites.

Other anime characters come originally from Japanese comic books or manga, novels, and computer games.

Anime is a complex genre with unique creative processes that have evolved in reaction to new developments. It mixes graphic style, personification, camera work, and other artistic and independent approaches.

How to Upscale Anime Image: Complete Guide for Beginners

There are different ways online to upscale your small and low-resolution anime image. Here are some of them:

1. Imgupscaler: Image Upscaler is a website that processes to generate photographs and images four times. It uses Artificial Intelligence to enlarge photos without causing them to distort, therefore preserving their quality.

How to Use Imgupscaler?

Step 1. Go to and choose your desired image. Pick whatever print you want to enhance and upscale.

Step 2. Upload the image. Select Upload to allow our technology to expand and improve the picture’s appearance.

Step 3. Wait, and Imgupscaler (Al Image Upscaler) do the rest of the work

Step 4. Download or print your upscaled anime image

Imgupscaler Pros and Cons:


  • Images can be upscaled up to four times
  • Eliminate JPEG distortions after compressing
  • Photo cleanup assistance
  • It supports batch anime images upscaling


  • Limited tools for editing

2. Waifu2x: is an image enhancement and picture scaling tool for animated cartoon graphics and other images.

How to Use Waifu2x?

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Upload the image. You can copy the URL and paste it or manually select a file on your computer.

Step 3. Choose what style you want.

Step 4. Choose the level of noise reduction.

Step 5. Click the upscaling option

Step 6. Convert the image

Waifu2x Pros and Cons:


  • There are numerous options for you to create the ideal image.


  • Not organized
  • Sometimes the website is down

3. Bigjpg: Bigjpg is also an upscaling website wherein they use an Al Super Resolution perfect photo upscaling method.

How to Use Bigjpg?

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click the “select image” and choose a picture and add it to the site.

Step 3. Configure the execution. You can choose what style you want, the upscaling level, and the noise reduction level.

Step 4. Download your upscaled image

Bigjpg Pros and Cons


  • Bigjpg’s website is safe to use
  • Bigjpg’s support is excellent


  • Slow processing time

4. Imglarger Anime 16k: AI Anime 16K employs cutting-edge AI upscaling techniques to make more awesome animation wallpapers by upscaling tiny images.

How to Use Imglarger Anime 16k?

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click the “select images” and choose a picture and add it to the site.

Step 3. You can choose what style you want, the upscaling level, and the noise reduction level.

Step 4. Download your upscaled image

Imglarger Anime 16k Pros and Cons


  • Easy to navigate
  • A good interface for beginners
  • Safe
  • High definition results


  • Trouble compressing the images

Upscale Anime Image on your Phone

EnhanceFox Photo Enhancer: EnhanceFox is the fastest real picture improvement software application to fix distorted images. It uses the modern AI generation technology to assist you in simply repairing blurry photographs and making them distinct.

How to Use EnhanceFox Photo Enhancer?

Step 1. Download the EnhanceFox Photo Enhancer on Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android

Step 2. Open the application

Step 3. Choose the Enhance Photo option

Step 4. Upload your chosen image

Step 5. Choose between the three options “Natural, Refined, or Advanced.”

Step 6. Click the Start button

Step 7. Download the upscaled photo

EnhanceFox Photo Enhancer Pros and Cons


  • Easy to navigate
  • A good interface for beginners
  • Safe
  • High definition results


  • None

Enhance it – Fix your photos: “Enhance it” is application software that utilizes artificial intelligence to instantly repair, revive, and increase the appearance of the images-a wide range of AI-based technologies accessible to solve any given problem.

How to Use Enhance it – Fix your Photos?

Step 1. Download the Enhance it – Fix your photos on Google Play Store

Step 2. Open the application

Step 3. Choose the Enhance Photo option

Step 4. Upload your chosen image

Step 5. Click the Start button

Step 6. Download the upscaled photo

Enhance it – Fix your photos Pros and Cons


  • Easy to navigate
  • A good interface for beginners
  • Safe
  • High definition results


  • None

Buy Anime Image Enhancing Service

If you want a more professional, enhanced image, you may opt to hire a person who has the right skills to enhance your appearance.

Usually, you can find several image-enhancing services through Fiverr, Upwork, and other customization sites and communities.

Here are some benefits of getting an image-enhancing service:

  • Super high resolution and quality of images
  • Professionally made
  • Results are proven to be excellent

Here are some disadvantages of getting an image-enhancing service:

  • Can be costly
  • It takes time to find a suitable image enhancer

Anime Image FAQs

Why is Anime Image So Popular?

Since Japan released its first anime character, many people have quickly embraced and adapted to this culture, making the anime so popular among children, teenagers, and young adults.

But why has it become so popular worldwide?

The anime has become well-liked by many individuals because of the following:

Its broad community worldwide: it is very evident that the anime community is significant and still growing as many individuals have been exploring various anime mangas and adapted shows every day. Now, anime is known in Japan and Western and other countries in the world.

The unique and wide diversity of stories: Anime is derived from different stories. Thus the anime became popular because of its unique and wide variety of story genres. The different genres of anime may not be limited to romance, humor, action and adventure, mystery or thriller, tragedy, fantasy, and more.

Visuals: As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the visuals and images of the anime characters are also developing and enhancing. It is one of the factors why anime is becoming more popular as the years have passed.

A glimpse of Japan’s rich cultural identity: Anime has become part of Japanese culture. It is how their entertainment started and was introduced to the world. Japan has one of the richest cultures in Asia, and some of their lifestyles are pierced into the anime’s characteristics. These lifestyles and ways are being perceived and adapted by the otakus or anime lovers.

Anime Expos, Conventions, and Community: Expos, conventions, and the online community undoubtedly affects how anime has become so popular these days. At conventions, anime fans can dress up or cosplay their favorite anime character and sell merchandise. At the same time, the online community platform, wherein anime lovers are gathered to discuss their views and opinions on a specific anime.

Why Upscale an Anime Image?

Technically, upscaling an image means generating a lower resolution image to make it a high definition or high-quality image.

Upscaling an image is widespread, especially in the anime industry. Many otakus are upscaling an anime image for some reasons such as wallpaper, printing, displaying, making it as their social media display picture, and other reasons.

Usually, blurry and small file anime images are the ones being upscaled to eliminate blurriness and make them more high definition.

Wrapping it up

Anime is indeed a popular culture from Japan that many countries worldwide have adopted. Thus, anime images and stories are admired and accepted by people, especially anime fans and lovers, also called otakus. In this article, we have introduced some good apps or programs to upscale anime image on your computer or mobile devices. I hope this article has given you some inspiration on how to enhance your images.

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