How To Use Laptop Lock? [Secure Your Laptop]

Nowadays, it’s become trendy to own portable gadgets. While there are tons of things you could cite as examples, the best has to be a laptop. Laptops have had a huge impact on the way we do many things, so I don’t think we have to provide any examples.

Portability is great. However, it does come with a very evident problem: theft. Portability means reducing the size of a device so that it can be more easily carried about, which means that portable devices are easier to steal.

Case in point, we read that about 400,000 people in the U.S. lost their laptops last year.

In today’s article, we will be discussing a device that is made to protect your laptop from stealing.

How To Use Laptop Lock

How To Connect A Laptop Lock

Before connecting the laptop lock, we should explain that a laptop lock is simply a lock that affixes the laptop to a heavy object, thus reducing the chances of theft! Now that that’s out the way let’s look at how you can place the lock on your laptop.

Step 1: Locate the Universal Security Slot on your Laptop. It’s generally located on either side or in the back of the device.

Step 2: Unpack your laptop guard.

Step 3: Now, place your laptop on a hard, heavy surface. Wrap the laptop Guard’s cord around the heavy object, ensuring that the laptop is barely moveable.

Step 4: Now push one end of the cord through the Universal Security Slot until you hear a click. Once you hear the click, gently pull the cable to ensure that the system has been locked.

Step 5: For this step, you will need either a key or a combination.

If you have a key, you are done with the locking process. If you have a combination, you have to set it. Remember it because you will be using the same combination whenever you use your lock.

And, voila! With these simple steps, your laptop is now protected from those who might like to help themselves with it.

So, now that you have locked it, you might be interested in knowing how to unlock your laptop. Well, it’s pretty simple. Here’s how.

If you have a key, well, you know where that goes, right? So, for those of you with a combination lock, turn on the combination wheels, input the combination, and there you go!

Word Of Caution

These locks are anti-theft locks, which means that they are intended to be really difficult to open, so be very sure about your key if you are using a key lock.

If you are using a combination lock, choose a password that is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to figure out. Otherwise, you will be locked out of your own laptop! That, or someone will figure out your combination and be able to take your laptop, which would certainly defeat the purpose of having a laptop lock.

Retrieve Combination

No, you are not alone! We’ve all forgotten all-important passwords and we’ve all pressed the Forgot Password button after trying to remember to no avail. In any case, if you have a combination lock, this is for you.

Generally, most combination locks can be connected to their company site. Here, you would be able to Register.

On registering, you would be given the option to save your security code, which you could access when necessary. You might use this option in case of an emergency but it is usually not preferred.

Lost Combination

This is your last resort. If you forgot the combination, didn’t write down anywhere, etc. you can use a pointy tool to push the reset button. Once you’ve done this, you can reset the combination and open the lock.


Recent reports on a large number of worldwide laptop thefts motivated us to write this article. We believe that everyone should know how to set up a device that will help protect their laptop and we hope that you have safer experience with laptops.

If you think a friend, neighbor, or family member might benefit from reading this article, please feel free to pass it along! We would love for them to read it!

Before you leave, do not forget to let us know about any experience you might have had with laptop theft and/or if you found this article helpful in any way. Also, please write to us if you think there are things we can improve – your suggestions mean a lot to us!

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