5 Ways to Use TikTok Pro Account for More Engagement

At first called Musical.ly, TikTok is an online media stage known for keeping its watchers hooked to short recordings that range from being amusing, educational to even scary! With over a billion dynamic users, TikTok has encountered dramatic development and assembled huge loads of downloads on application stores.

TikTok has as of late presented TikTok Pro for its clients and best of all, it is as of now free! So, you can undoubtedly move up to TikTok Pro in a matter of seconds and you will open more features and analysis that will help you monitor your posts, the reaction of users who visit or follow your profile and how your account’s development looks over a stipulated amount of time. In order to gain more TikTok followers and use your Pro account efficiently, listed below are a few tips you can utilise and gain engagement on your profile.

How to use TikTok Pro Account for More Engagement

1. Analytical overview

Upon opening your TikTok pro account, you will be received with a recapitulation tab that will allow you to look at the number of views on your videos, the growth in the number of your followers, and the number of times your account has been visited. Analysing these will help you increase the engagement on your account and get more TikTok views.

With the look at the number of views on your videos in a specified time frame, you will be able to judge what kind of videos are getting more views and engagement. Growth in the number of followers, shows the quantity of followers on your TikTok account and permits you to see past week’s or month’s trends which helps you understand the rate at which your account is developing. Profile views inform you regarding the occasions your profile was visited on by TikTok users in a given time period. It will assist you in deciding if your content is drawing in sufficient followers or if it is time to revolutionise your content.

2. Analysing User Patterns

This feature of the TikTok pro account lets you analyse the information on your followers given in graphs based on their gender, demographics, their activity on the application and the videos and audios they most see and listen to, respectively. 

Knowing what gender follows you the most allows you to appeal to them in a better way and gain more engagement in your profile. It would also help you create content for the gender that follows you less to appeal to them and increase your followers. Learning where your audience is from through the demographics graph will allow you to create and publish content that appeals to them. It will also permit you to know if your audience target receives the content or not. Tracking the activity of your followers will give you an insight into when they are active the most and hence give you a stipulated time period to post your content in order to receive maximum engagement. Seeing what your followers are interested in, be it music or videos will give you the leverage to create content that will immediately by viral and gain you followers.

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3. Analysing Content

This feature allows you to examine what content of yours creates the most sensation and gains more views on your TikTok account as compared to anything else. It allows you to do so by letting you look at the analysis of the videos you have posted and of the videos that trend the most.

It gives you definite information of individual recordings posted over the most recent 7 days like remarks, likes, shares, traffic source type and significantly more. Along with it this feature gives you a short understanding of recordings that are trending throughout the previous 7 days and the quantity of views they have gathered till date.

4. Right Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are an indispensable part for any social media stage and are an incredible method to promote your content and get more followers. Hashtag views, a feature on the TikTok pro account, helps you by showing which hashtags performed well and which did not. The general indexed lists will be shown at the top, where you can discover: the total number of views by the use of that hashtag, similar hashtags to your content and the most trending videos that utilize that hashtag. This feature will tell you the hashtags you should use in your next video to get more TikTok views.

5. Buy TikTok followers

Social media is the contemporary world’s niche, and TikTok is the new stage allowing brilliant opportunities to clients to shine on the internet. Clients can have more likes and views utilizing the TikTok online base, expanding their status and social standing. The higher the followers, the more the views and likes. An enormous number of followers implies greater popularity.

Buying TikTok followers will help you fetch organic followers and turn into a social media sensation. The more the number of followers, the better odds of fame. The platform of TikTok energizes business among the clients. Buying TikTok followers is a simple short way to gain more views on your Tiktok videos instantly and acquire business.


TikTok is a platform that is all about making engaging videos that can round up more TikTok views and likes, however it is not as simple as it sounds. There are various things that make a video engaging and mentioned above are a few of those ways you can utilise and ascend on top of the leaderboard.

These tips will help you discover what things you need to do to create more engagement on your account. Now that you understand the features that TikTok Pro has brought to the table and how to utilize them, update at the earliest and utilize these features to get famous on this popular social media platform right away!

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