HP vs Lenovo Laptops: Which Brand is The Best in 2023?

You’ve probably heard of HP and Lenovo if you know anything about laptops. They’re well known for their butter-smooth laptops and have some of the best laptops in the laptop industry.

Many people ask for a comparison between HP Vs. Lenovo Laptops and get confused about which one is better.

In this article, I’ll cover all about HP and Lenovo laptops— their differences, and which one is better. Let’s get started.

Comparison Table of HP and Lenovo

Here’s a glance at how HP and Lenovo go head-to-head.

PerformanceHP does an excellent job when it comes to performance, all of their laptops are super powerful, but some are expensive.Lenovo does a bit better than HP when it comes to performance with their affordable, powerful laptops.
VersatilityVersatile, but not as much as LenovoBetter than HP when it comes to versatility;
PriceHP has affordable and powerful laptops, but some models can be costly.Lenovo laptops are as affordable as HP, and most are powerful.
Tech SupportThe tech support on HP laptops is great and leaves customers satisfiedTech support on Lenovo is just as great as HP, and it satisfies their customers.
ReliabilityAll HP laptops are super reliable, and their warranty is good.Lenovo is just as reliable as HP and has a good warranty.

HP Vs. Lenovo Laptops: The Key Differences

Lenovo and HP are both super good manufacturers, and both make lots of powerful laptops. But they’ve some differences as well. Here are some key differences between Lenovo and HP to put their differences into perspective—



Prices are super important for laptops, and HP does quite well. They have good affordable laptops, coming at around $250 as a starting point.

You can take the HP Chromebook 14 as an example. It’s an excellent starting point for a budget laptop.

They’re well known for their HP Envy and HP Stream series, which give you lots of options to pick from. Both have high performance, and most people can easily afford them.


Prices on Lenovo laptops are even better, coming at around $150 as an entry point. It’s cheaper than almost any other manufacturer.

An example of this is Lenovo Thinkpad Chromebook. It’s decent considering how cheap it is.

Along with that, you’ve to remember that it has good performance for its price as well. No other brand comes even close to Lenovo when it comes to budget laptops. They have the best value for their price.



When it comes to storage, HP is incredible. All of their laptops have super high storage and can store thousands upon thousands of files.

You can especially see this in the HP business laptops, such as the HP Pavilion x360. It has high performance as well as phenomenal storage.

It is seen even more on HP’s Omen gaming laptops. They have as much as 1TB of storage. So, it’s easy to tell that HP laptops have a lot of storage, and they’re powerful.


The laptops by Lenovo aren’t bad for storage either, but they make more specific laptops for specific people.

Take the business laptops by Lenovo, for example. ThinkPad X1 is one of the best business laptops by Lenovo, and it has up to 2TB of SSD storage.

Lenovo works more towards powerful laptops and specific hardware. They don’t have much storage on their laptops, but it’s good enough for most people.

Security & Safety


Everyone is scared that they’re being watched online, but HP does a decent job preventing that.

There’re 2 super helpful HP features for helping you keep your privacy, one of them being the HP Sure View Integrated Privacy Screen.

This feature automatically turns your screen into a tinted copper color when you look at it from a 45-degree angle, saving others from seeing your valuable information.

You can only see your laptop screen when this feature is turned on if you’re the one using the laptop and you’re behind it.

That isn’t even the end of it; there’s another helpful feature called Webcam Kill Switch.

This feature is attached to a button that directly cuts the signal to your webcam when pressed. It’s super helpful since you can secure your privacy when you’re in a public area just with a button.


Lenovo does just as well when it comes to security and safety. They’ve multiple features that help you keep your privacy, such as fingerprint readers.

There’re more advanced features by Lenovo, though. An excellent example of this is the Human Presence Detection feature.

This feature allows you to lock your computer when it’s not in use automatically.

It’s incredibly useful since people can quickly get your private information when your laptop is on its own in a public area.

Design & Performance


People usually always look for computers that have a good design and performance. Thankfully, HP is super good at that.

Most of their laptops are stylish and have silver rounding or matte finishes, and they have tons of innovative features. It’s easy to tell that they’re doing great when it comes to looks.

All HP laptops come with at least 4GB of RAM and an i5 processor, and most of the newer ones have 8 or 16 GB of RAM.

Take HP Spectre x360, for example. It has an incredible battery life, an 11th gen i7 processor, and 16 GB RAM. This laptop is perfect for multitasking, and it’s super good.


The laptops made by Lenovo are great, with aesthetic and stylish designs. Most of them have super high performance on their laptops as well.

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is an excellent example of this. It’s budget-friendly, has a good design, and offers outstanding performance.

It has 16 GB RAM and an 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor. The laptop has an incredible battery life as well.



Everyone wants a good gaming laptop for playing the latest games, and HP does quite well on the performance of their gaming laptops.

They have a specialized category for making gaming laptops called Omen. Omen laptops have incredible performance, with most of their laptops having at least an i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM.

That isn’t even the end of it. They have 1TB of SSD and high-resolution monitors. When it comes to performance, Omen makes one of the best gaming laptops on the market. This is because they’re super powerful and affordable.


They’ve got a category for gaming laptops as well, called Legion. Legion laptops are super high quality and have incredible performance and specs similar to Omen laptops.

Legion laptops are so good that they can run demanding games like GTA V or Fifa 21 at max graphics. Both Omen and Legion have similar performances.

Legion does better in some aspects than Omen, though. It’s easy to say Lenovo makes good gaming laptops.

Reliability & Support


To be a good laptop manufacturer, you need good support and reliability.

HP has excellent customer support, an intuitive and fast website that’s easy to navigate through, and tons of technicians who reply almost instantly.

They even provide the customers with step-by-step instructions. Overall, customer support on HP laptops is super good.

HP is reliable as well. They’ve 12 months of warranty and high coverage. Along with that, they have free shipping for repairing their products.


They’ve one of the best customer supports on the market. It has an intuitive and fast website, many technicians, community forums, etc.

The website even has social media pages where you can ask for help. And along with that, they have 1-3 years of warranty on most of their products and have reasonable shipping, sometimes even free.

They’ve got a phone call center which is available 24/7 as well. Overall, Lenovo is super reliable and has good support.

HP Laptops: Pros & Cons

Now that you’ve got a general idea about what HP is good at let’s look at some pros and cons of HP laptops—


  • Comfortable & Modern Design: All HP laptops have a sleek and modern design. Matt finishes making them comfortable on your lap.
  • Lightweight And Compact: On average, they weigh less than 2 lbs. All laptops are thin and easy to hold as well.
  • Fast Speeds: HP has superpowers and the latest Intel processors on their laptops. It makes it quick and efficient.
  • Affordable: Although HP offers many features, the prices are still low to mid-price.
  • Long Term Customer Support: HP is well known for its devices’ all-year-round, quick customer support.


  • It might be virus-prone.
  • Usually not powerful enough for demanding graphics or editing software.

As you can see, HP laptops are super good. They have little to no cons and are more than enough for most people.

Lenovo Laptops: Pros & Cons

Lenovo has little to no cons and many pros. They make some of the best laptops on the market, with super high-end specs while still affordable.

 Here’s a list of some pros and cons of Lenovo—


  • Diversity: Lenovo is well known for diversity. There are multiple laptops on offer, meeting the needs of all kinds of people.
  • Innovative & Stylish Design: They’re constantly innovating both the inside tech of their laptops and their design. The laptops are getting more stylish each year.
  • The Best Customer Support: Lenovo has the best customer support among other laptop manufacturers.
  • Great Warranty & Coverage: These laptops have, on average, 1 to 2 years of warranty. Added with the 24/7 customer support, keeps the customer-manufacturer relationship at an all-time high.
  • High Battery Power: Battery coverage can go up to 12 hours on most of their laptop lineup.


  • It may be expensive.
  • Loud ventilation system.

These are the only two major cons of Lenovo laptops. Other than this, Lenovo laptops are super good. They make one of the most powerful laptops you can find, especially for business and general use.

HP vs. Lenovo Laptops: Which Is Better?

Both Lenovo and HP make excellent laptops, but many people still get confused and ask which one is better.

Now that you’ve got a slight idea about both HP and Lenovo, you can say that Lenovo works towards making specific laptops for specific reasons, has a vast range of laptops, and has something for everyone’s liking.

On the other hand, HP makes less specific but more powerful ones. Their gaming laptops have tons of storage and high performance, doing heavy tasks in a breeze.

But both HP and Lenovo are good in some specific areas, and there is no clear winner. The winner depends from person to person.


For HP laptops, these are the key selling points—


The image quality and resolution on HP laptops are phenomenal. It’s super good for lots of things, whether it’s gaming, watching videos, or other sources of entertainment.

The screen quality of HP is one of the biggest reasons why people pick HP instead of Lenovo. If you’re going to watch many videos or play a lot of games, HP is for you.

Design & Appearance

HP is ahead of its game competitor in design and looks. They’ve always been super good at making aesthetic laptops, and they’re advanced in that area.

HP makes laptops with many designs and color options to pick from and a lot of variety. HP laptops always have something for everyone’s liking.

Gaming or Entertainment

If you’re looking to play many games or watch many movies, or do things to entertain yourself, HP is for you.

As said earlier, the incredible image quality HP has can make everyone amazed. And along with that, the performance is super good for gaming. If you tend to entertain yourself a lot, you should pick HP.

Variety & Options

When it comes to HP laptops, they’ve tons of options to pick from and a lot of variety between their different options. It makes HP laptops have something for everyone.

HP has a lot of options in price as well. HP has a lot of models from different price ranges for business, gaming, and general use.

Easy to Fix & Good Warranty

Even if some part of your laptop broke, it’s super easy to fix it. HP laptops have tons of spare parts you can find to repair your computer quickly.

Along with that, HP laptop components are universal. Even if you take parts from another HP laptop, it’ll fit with your current laptop. It’s super flexible and easy to fix.

You don’t even need to change the parts most of the time. This is because HP has a good warranty and coverage and free shipping.


Here’s a list of why you might pick Lenovo over HP—


Lenovo is known for its super durable and powerful laptops. When it comes to durability, it’s better than most other manufacturers.

Their laptops can last many years with ease. It is a big reason why people pick Lenovo over HP.


Lenovo specializes in making high-end convertible business laptops. Their business laptops are among the best globally, with a vast range of laptops to pick from.

The Lenovo ThinkPad series has a few of the best business laptops on the market. This is a huge reason why people pick Lenovo over HP.


Another super important factor why Lenovo laptops are more preferred than HP laptops is their price. They’re affordable but have a bunch of features.

It isn’t usually seen in most laptops since they overprice it because of the branding. But if you want a budget laptop, Lenovo is for you.


Hopefully, now you learned something new by reading about HP vs. Lenovo Laptops. If you still don’t know which to pick, most people go for HP since they have more powerful laptops.

But Lenovo is good in many fields, especially in low price ranges, and good for business. In the end, whether HP or Lenovo is better depends from person to person.

I hope you’ll be able to choose appropriately based on your needs. Good luck!

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