If You Want A Job In Data, Then You Need To Get With SQL

SQL may be old, but don’t count it out as irrelevant. Sure, it’s been around for about 50 years but it has never become outdated or useless. In fact, it’s as important as it ever was. Now that there is a gold mine in data, SQL is center stage in this new arena.

If you are looking for a job as a data scientist or analyst, then you have to get familiar with SQL if you want to have a chance at success. Any programming job that works with databases can’t be done without SQL.

In this article, I will go over the basics of what SQL is all about and getting a SQL client license.

Everything requires SQL

Is your dream job to become a programmer for Netflix? Then you need to learn how to use SQL. What About Airbnb? Uber? The same goes for those big companies.

Just about any kind of job you might be looking for is going to involve a database and that is almost certainly going to require knowledge in SQL. To query data and to analyse the data, SQL is front and center.

You don’t even need to necessarily work for a tech company. Just about any company, large or small, needs to understand the data in their field to gain an edge on the competition. Which means that if you are the data scientist or analyst then chances are very high that this knowledge is going to be essential.

And, this holds true for any level of job you are looking for from entry level data analyst to junior or even senior data scientist jobs. These are the jobs that are in high demand right now and you won’t be considered if you don’t have a background in SQL.

It may not be the “sexy” skill that people think looks cool on a CV, but recruiters are not looking for the next cool thing. They are looking for the person who can get the job done.

More relevant than even Python

Java and Python are always in demand and a quick glance through the job adverts is a testament to that. Jobs in data require these types of programming skills. The reason they are in demand is that they work alongside a database. To mine data, there needs to be an interplay between the programming language and the database.

Well, in most cases, that database is going to be SQL. so the language you use alongside it is not that important and can even change in the near future. Just as Java is being taken over by Python, one day Python will be taken over by another language. What will remain is that the next big language will need to work with SQL.

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How to learn it

Learning SQL can be done any number of ways. It isn’t important how you learn as it is that you just learn it. Taking online courses can work, but practical knowledge is better. Take some classes, but then try to do some projects using databases and put together a portfolio.

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