3 Important Revel POS Integrations

Important Revel POS Integrations Revel POS systems is a well-established POS solution for businesses to function effectively. It integrates with many additional services and third parties to meet your business needs. You get access to tools that make accounting, e-commerce, and marketing very easy. With that said, here are three important Revel POS integrations that will greatly benefit your business.

E-commerce POS Integrations

Revel POS can integrate with a website in many different ways, but the most important aspect of integrating a POS with an online store is inventory synchronization. You do not want to receive orders online and find out that you cannot fulfill those orders. But when you do not have a reliable inventory management system or one that is integrated with a website to make it more effective, this will be the case.

While getting inventory integration for your POS, you should always consider product quantity. It is an ever-changing field and can significantly affect your ability to fulfill orders. However, product quantity is not the only product field that e-commerce integration manages. It also manages price, name, description, etc.

Before you integrate your POS with an online store, you need to consider the location you would like to manage your data. It would be best if you found out how the integration manages that data. It is important because the integration mandates a specific workflow. And sometimes, you may prefer, for instance, to add photos to products directly on your website, or you may choose to do it on your POS.

Revel POS integration also includes other kinds of data, such as customers and orders. It allows customers’ orders on your website to be communicated to the POS and enables the inventory to be deducted from the correct location. This way, you will have the customer’s information added to your store’s database. It would help if you considered some other things when connecting your retail store with an online store, including whether the integration can effectively handle multiple store locations and the role of a loyalty Program.

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How Does a POS Online Store Integration help Your Business?

Revel POS online store integration has a lot of benefits for your business. It helps you make many processes faster and easier, saving you and your customers a lot of energy and time. With that said, here are the benefits you stand to enjoy by connecting your retail store with an online store.

1. It helps you to increase customer retention rates.

Revel POS online store integration allows you to have an omnichannel presence. And this is an excellent way to increase your customer retention rates. These days everyone wants to do things conveniently, and it is important to be where your customers are. Taking your business online and using Revel POS can benefit your business tremendously(source).

2. It helps you to improve your operations.

It takes a lot of work to operate your e-commerce system and your POS system as separate units. You will need to perform many activities like processing sales orders, deducting proper inventory, and tracking each customer’s shipping information. It involves huge manual work, and if you run a small business, you may be doing all these by yourself. POS online store integration helps you to keep everything in sync with less effort.

Revel POS system communicates across your various sales channels and helps you sync your e-commerce system and your POS system. It is a good way to save a lot of time and effort.

3. It helps you sell in multiple locations at the same time.

You cannot be physically present in different locations simultaneously, but with your Revel e-commerce POS integration, it is possible. Revel POS online store integration helps you to be where your customers are at all times. Once you integrate two channels in one POS, you will gain insights into your customers and business seamlessly.

4. You can track your inventory in real-time and avoid over-selling.

Revel e-commerce POS integration helps you to track your inventory in real-time. The importance of streamlining your inventory management as a business owner can never be overstated. It helps you know what is available and what needs to be restocked. You will also be able to avoid overselling products and cutting orders from your customers.

5. You will no longer manually input data.

With Revel e-commerce POS integration, you will no longer have to crunch numbers manually. It automates the way you input data making it faster and easier. This integration is a good way to save a lot of time and focus on other important tasks.

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6. It improves the customer experience.

Customer experience is one aspect of a business that every business owner takes very seriously. Revel e-commerce POS integration allows your customers to experience is seamless customer service. They are not limited in the way that they can make payments. Your customers can also integrate marketing initiatives such as loyalty programs and easily make online ordering.

Integrating your POS system with your e-commerce system is a great way to improve customer experience. Your service becomes faster, and this will lead to more satisfied customers.

7. It allows you to offer cross-channel promotions and discounts.

You can offer promotions on many e-commerce platforms, but a POS e-commerce integration system makes this more effortless. You will no longer have to choose whether or not to apply all of your promotions to offline or online channels. Integrating your e-commerce system with your POS system allows you to customize and personalize your store by carrying out promotions with your POS system.

Marketing POS Integrations

Your marketing POS integration helps you communicate the customer data in your point of sale system to your marketing system. It is good for business owners who use text message or email marketing because it automates creating customer records in your marketing system. It records customer data such as email, name, phone number, and add fields like birthdays. Revel POS marketing integration helps your business to be more efficient and saves you a lot of time.

Without such integrations, the customer data’s expectation and importation into your marketing system will need to be done manually. And this is a lot of work and can consume plenty of time. Revel POS marketing integration supports the syncing of basic contact information. You will also get to work with more than contact data alone.

Your POS marketing integration can also provide useful information like customer purchase frequency, purchase history, the total number of orders, total amount spent, and custom fields associated with customers. Revel POS marketing integration is advanced and provides powerful marketing automation using targeted campaigns. It lets you create marketing campaigns and send them only to customers who have spent more than a particular amount, have bought certain products, or who have come to your store more than a given number of times.

Revel POS systems integrate with marketing platforms such as Como, Punchh, Pepper, and ItsaCheckmate to help you achieve more loyal customers and improve sales. These marketing platforms allow you to personalize your services, making your customers happier. For instance, Pepper allows you to greet customers by name, transfer gift cards, and offer seamless mobile payments.

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Accounting POS Integrations

Revel POS accounting integrations help in communicating sales data to your accounting system. It also enables the communication of other data, such as purchase orders, inventory data, customer data, and open invoices. Accounting information is always scrutinized because they have to do with finances and are managed by accountants. Therefore, before you start setting up an accounting POS integration, you need to inform your accountant beforehand.

Your accountant will offer some input during the process. However, many things come into play during the evaluation of your POS systems accounting integration. Your preference may be to have sales communicated in daily batches or with certain individuals. You may also want to track inventory values in the accounting system. Some people also prefer to communicate invoices to their accounting system with customer data for tracking accounts.

Revel POS accounting integrations give you in-depth accounting insights for your business with partners like amaka, Expensify, DAVO, etc. It helps you streamline how you make and approve expenses. It also automates the way this information is exported to your accounting package. You also get to customize sales, sync your purchase order and payroll order with third parties like Quickbooks, Xero, or MYOB.


Revel POS integrations can help you streamline many processes while running your business. It helps you improve your customer experience by making your services faster and seamless. Some important Revel POS integrations for your business may include accounting, e-commerce, and marketing integrations. In all, a good customer experience is essential for your business to succeed, so ensure to use the best POS system.

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  1. I have Revel and I love it but it does not do all that you mentioned above. We have to manually change all inventory counts to the POS when we make sales online (Shopify) and vice versa. HELP! Is there a solution?

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