Explore Instagram Tips for Your Health and Wellness Clinic

As a health clinic owner, you must be always seeking new patients. Whether you are offering generalized care or specialized treatments, the aim is to expand your clinic’s reach and engagement. Instagram marketing is a wonderful way for your health clinic to connect and engage with your potential and existing patients. With a versatile and powerful social media platform like Instagram, you have numerous opportunities to reach a wider audience and your precise target market. Instagram is a powerful channel for your clinic for engaging and interacting with followers. Instagram boasts of over 1 billion active monthly users. This is a great platform for sharing and connecting with people particularly patients within your target audience.

As per forbes.com, several fitness instructors over the past few years have become Instagram influencers.

Today Instagram is the right platform for promoting your healthcare and wellness clinic online.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords and phrases that you are supposed to attach to your Instagram posts. Instagram is regarded as the real hub for hashtags. Instagram lets you use as many as 30 hashtags on your Instagram post. You may focus on creating campaign-specific hashtags for use along with your Instagram posts or images that you are sharing. Suppose you are thinking of initiating a campaign relating to healthy eating. You wish to demonstrate to your followers that it is great for fitness to consume healthy food. Moreover, you could show that healthy food could look yummy and scrumptious too by sharing some colorful pictures of nutritious food. This gives you a great opportunity for your clinic to come up with hashtags that are relevant to this campaign. You could utilize these hashtags along with some pictures of your staff enjoying healthy lunches.

If you are using campaign-specific hashtags, it would be pretty obvious for you to go about encouraging people to use your hashtags very much within your post. When people start using your hashtag, you would be tracking how your campaign is spreading and see who is using your hashtags. We know that hashtags would be making it easier for your clinic to monitor the spread of your promotional campaigns. This could be a wonderful way of interacting with your potential clients. It could be a great idea to consider building your clinic’s reputation by actively interacting with them via your hashtag usage. You may buy 50 likes on Instagram by contacting a professional digital marketing agency.

Network with Your Followers

As one of the most vibrant social media networks, Instagram provides its users with an unmatched opportunity for interacting and engaging with their followers. As a social-media-savvy medical clinic owner, you will appreciate the value of engaging your followers by encouraging them to comment on the posts you publish or otherwise engage with your business. One way of doing this is to post content that requires followers to respond with their comments or opinions. A common but effective method of getting responses is asking questions on topics of interest or those, which are trending.

Another very popular way is to post a photo with a request to followers that they should tag their friends who are likely to be interested in the comments section. For example, as a healthcare clinic owner, you could post something vocationally inspiring and ask your followers to tag those that they think would make a great medical professional. When your followers tag their friends, these friends get an opportunity to have a look at your post and your Instagram account and even like or comment on the post and even become your follower.

Another very effective way of engaging with your followers is to visit their pages and like and comment on their posts, especially those that have your hashtag. Positive and constructive comments can help to build a healthy relationship and encourages more frequent and meaningful interaction.

Promote and Support Community Events

To enable your healthcare clinic to get more tightly woven into the fabric of the local community and be seen as a concerned and responsible business, you can use the Instagram account of your healthcare clinic to promote special events that can demonstrate the kind of medical practices available at your clinic. The benefit of this strategy is twofold; not only does it assist you to establish the character of your clinic but also informs the target audience about the kind of services that they can avail themselves.

Events like blood collection drives, giving free flu shots, or organizing checkup camps for children tend to be typically very popular with the local community. The advantages of posting them as upcoming events on your Instagram account are that more people get to know about them, as a result of which the event gets more participants and there is a buzz among the followers that can only help to make your page more popular. Even after the event is over and done with, the photos will serve to provide you with great content for quite some time.


Be consistent in your Instagram efforts to boost your healthcare & wellness clinic. You could successfully build brand recognition through consistency and dedication. If you maintain consistency on Instagram, it will help you in building your brand and gaining new leads.

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