Is ESO’s New Blackwood DLC Worth Buying?

One of the best things that I love the most about the MMORPGs is the fact that most of the popular MMOs are frequently updated with new content introduced in the game, new quests that keep the player occupied and new lores to get them interested again! I have spent a lot of my time playing OSRS, skilling up, doing quests, earning osrs gold but the thing that I loved the most about it was the voting system and I mean, they listened to the community and brought about changes to the game based on their feedback. 

However, we are not here to talk about OSRS but we are more concerned about ESO’s new Blackwood DLC and what the players think about buying it and is it really worth it?

Blackwood DLC Elder Scrolls

With The Elder Scrolls Online frequently releasing new content every day, players are worried if they are spending too much in the game, and for good reasons. You surely need to keep a constant check on how much you are spending in a video game no matter how much you love it, because sometimes, we end up spending more than we can afford on games, be it in shape of some exotic ESO items or the in-game ESO Gold for upgrades, that actually turn out to be not so good sometimes, so it is better to get an opinion about what the majority thinks about the game.

Same is the case with ESO and the situation is pretty hairy because of the Elder Scroll franchise’s massive fan-base. The most recent DLC on the table is Blackwood and ESO+ subscribers aren’t really sure whether or not to buy it and we are here to help you decide.

The Elder Scrolls has undergone a striking transformation with the course of time, the game has gone premium from free, from being a World of Warcraft clone to a whole universe of its own. ESO is a big name in the MMORPG scene and has found itself a permanent spot on the table for sure. Its latest expansion called Blackwood continues to add up to the richness of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the 2006 masterpiece that took the world by storm. Blackwood is a part of the “Gates of Oblivion” year-long event. 

Returning to the marshes and swamps surrounding Leyawiin is definitely a sight for the sore eyes of Oblivion lovers, Blackwood surely knows how to pull the heartstrings. Blackwood is brimmed up with unmissable references to Oblivion and those references are working their wonders already and players just can’t get enough of the nostalgia, especially the Oblivion veterans.

While battling in the Deadlands, the dungeon raids comprise nine islands altogether. Completing two of them grants you access to Havocrel’s Tower where the dungeon boss awaits you and if you light all the beacons, there is another secret boss lurking in the shadows waiting for you to kill. Players will have to kill seven different bosses during their time in badlands. 

Another great thing about Blackwood is that players get to pick their starting zone and story for the first time in the history of Elder Scrolls Online, it was previously restricted to which faction and race the players choose in the character creation. Blackwood is redefining co-op, killing is so much better with friends’ no? 

Blackwood offers several trials to grind with its spotlight being on Rockgrove. The cult of Mehrunes Dagon taking over the area totally adds a flare to Blackwood’s overall theme. You might want to go all solo but this dish is so much better when shared with friends.

Blackwood is surely a great investment when it comes to spending in ESO. It’s not going to earn you a few bucks but it’s surely worth the money, the satisfaction is going to be way higher than the price and that’s what we earn for? satisfaction!

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