5 Reasons Why You Should Not Put Your Laptop on Your Lap

In today’s world, laptops are considered to be the most productive tools. A laptop emits EMF in various frequencies, and no wonder these radiations can prove to be fatal for your health. Furthermore, your healthy organs and cells get affected by the emitted EMF radiation frequencies from your laptop. 

This article discusses if it is okay to put your laptop on your lap, and if it is terrible, then what are its backdrops and effects. 

Why Should You Not Place Your Laptop on Your Lap?

As stated above, it is harmful to you if you habitually place your laptop on your lap. Here are the reasons why you should not put the laptop on your lap:

1. Wi-Fi Radiofrequency Radiation Hazards

Electromagnetic spectrum

It is natural to think that laptops are pretty harmless because of the look they are designed with. However, it accepts wireless signals (MICROWAVES) that emit Electromagnetic Frequencies. If you happen to place it on your lap, its closeness can raise issues on sperm count in males and egg release in women. 

According to researchers in Argentina, they started keeping a laptop near the legs rather than on your lap can have harmful impacts on the DNA of a man’s sperms.

Also, a conference was conducted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which enlightened people that keeping a laptop on your lap will affect your fertility. 

2. Leads to Cancer

Cancer awareness

Swiss researchers Dr. Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin, belonging to University Hospital Basel, found that a heated laptop can severely affect your skin; if developed, it can even lead to skin cancer. 

This claim was backed by dermatologist Anthony J Mancini, who clearly have stated that skin inflammation for a prolonged period increases the chances of squamous cell skin cancer. No doubt, it is proven to be the most aggressive than the other types of skin cancers. 

It is also witnessed that people holding their laptops very close to them can even result in testicular and ovarian cancers. 

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3. It Can Cause Issues Like Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain

Recent research has claimed huddling over a laptop on your lap over a prolonged period can cause trouble with back and neck aches. And the solution to this is placing your laptop over a tabletop, which is believed to be better for an individual’s posture. 

This is because, with the introduction of laptops in the market, there came a huge advantage as well, which is portability. It can be used in a wide variety of environments if compared to desktops.

Hence, some people tend to use laptops for more extended periods, keeping them on their lap. As it induces poor working postures, it is advised that long-term usage should be avoided. 

4. Can Result in Sleeping Issues

Sleeping Issues

There are times when people propped with their laptops on their lap and typing in peace. The artificial lights emitted by the screen suppress the release of melatonin, which helps sleep. 

People working on their laptops for late nights often end up with insomnia; perhaps, it is time to swap your laptop with a journal or novel. 

Or we have found an alternative to this, use f.lux, it is a chrome extension that helps you adjust your screen’s brightness like daytime light. 

5. Issues in Pregnancy

Pregnancy issues

A woman’s fertility and the ability to reproduce are affected when she uses a laptop for long hours and can even delay egg production, ultimately making it harder for them to conceive. 

Say they have conceived successfully yet continue to use laptops keeping it on their lap, the EMF radiations can cause issues on the fetus they are carrying. And when these babies are born, they have congenital and developmental difficulties. 

According to the Environmental and Occupational Health Publication’s statement, the mother and fetus have a greater chance of getting exposed to a greater amount of Electromagnetic Radiation by laptops than any other high voltage power lines and screens. Pregnant women who happen to use laptops keeping it on their lap, close contact is at a greater risk of detectable impairment to their offspring’s health. 

6. Can Burn Your Skin

Skin burn

If you spend a considerable amount of time playing games or working on your laptop, placing it on your lap, you may develop a toasted skin syndrome. According to medical reports, keeping a device such as a laptop next to your skin for a prolonged period can result in unusual-looking mottled skin conditions or rashes caused by heat exposure. 

The condition known as ‘erythema ab igne‘ develops over time, depending on the period of the laptop’s usage, keeping it on the lap, and how hot it gets. This syndrome is generally harmless and goes away on its own when started to prevent it from further exposure, or it may lead to permanent skin pigmentation.

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Frequently Aksed Question

Is it bad to put your laptop on your lap?

According to current scientific research, there is no link between using a portable (laptop) computer and cancer. Most theories about laptops and cancer are related to heat, electromagnetic radiation, or wireless network radiation (WiFi). Therefore, it is not recommended to put your laptop on your lap for a long period of time.

How can I keep my laptop on my lap?

You may use a large clipboard. Any TV tray without legs will work. You may use a piece of wood. You may use a laptop table. A flat surface with padding on one side makes your legs more comfortable.

How much radiation does a laptop emit?

Laptops are kept in close contact with our laps. Its bottom produces EMF at a rate of 40–100 milliGauss, which is 40–100 times higher than the recommended upper limit. EMF exposure to a limited portion of the body makes it more dangerous.

Do laptops affect sperm count?

US scientists report in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility that males who use laptops on their laps are likely to have scrotal hyperthermia – increased temperatures in their testicles – which can dramatically impact the quality of their sperm and, consequently, their fertility.

Where should I put my laptop when using it?

Your laptop should only be used on flat surfaces. The airflow is blocked when you put your laptop on a flat or uneven surface like a pillow, bed, or lap for a long time. This makes the laptop overheat. Using your laptop in this way may cause it to overheat.

Will a pillow protect against laptop radiation?

If you want a quick answer, the answer is “No.” The pillow won’t stop the radiation from the laptop. As the air vent is typically put at the bottom, it will further harm your laptop.


To sum it up in easy words, we would like to say that keeping your laptop on your lap is not recommended. And we suggest not to use your laptop, especially when it is connected to Wi-Fi. Try to place it on a desk or table and try to maintain a distance between you and the device as much as possible. 

We understand that keeping your laptop on your lap and doing things on it feels very comfy, but if you make it a habit, you are welcoming serious problems for yourself, making your life harder.

I hope this article has helped you understand the consequences if you continue to use it the same way. 

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