JavaScript Developer Job Description and Career Tips

JavaScript is a functional and popular programming language. It is used for desktop, web and mobile applications, and is used in a wide variety of different spheres, like from banking to industry.

Java developers are highly demanded specialists. Their services are needed in development studios to work with client products and in private enterprises to support their own software.

Despite the fact that the language is quite old, it is actively used to this day.

According to a Stack Overflow survey, over 35% of programmers use Java in their work all the time:

It even surpasses PHP and C # in popularity and, unlike many other Java languages, does not lose its position in the market from year to year. This suggests that Java development will remain in demand.

In this article, I will take a closer look at what a Java developer does; what skills you need to have to become one, and how to learn in order to spend a minimum of time and get the most benefit.

What a Java developer does: job responsibilities

Java programmer is a developer who writes program code in the Java language, implements it into ready-made products, tests and eliminates errors in the operation of programs and services, and is engaged in their launching. In general, he helps clients make their programs and applications more functional and useful …

The duties of such a specialist include:

  • Client work. It is often necessary to clarify problems directly with the customer of services: what does not work, what needs to be redone, how this or that solution should work.
  • Development of architecture and software modules for desktop, web and mobile applications.
  • Testing applications and services, identifying errors.
  • Elimination of identified problems and implementation of new solutions in software products.
  • Technical support of applications at all stages of their use.

Java programmers are most often involved in working with ready-made products. They have to interact with other developers, company staff and directly with the client. To understand the structure of applications, he needs to know other programming languages, be able to work with various engines.

What personal qualities and skills are needed in a job of Javascript developer?

  • ability to exact sciences;
  • analytical mind;
  • concentration;
  • perseverance;
  • punctuality;
  • desire and zeal for self-development, self-study.

Specific technical skills:

  • Knowledge of the Java language in practice.
  • Thorough knowledge of object-oriented programming, fundamental knowledge of object-oriented design.
  • Skills of using Java libraries.
  • Knowledge of markup languages like HTML, XML.
  • Knowledge of SQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access.
  • Understanding of other languages: C ++, PHP, Python.
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The knowledge base is very large, but you can master all this in 1-2 years if you make efforts in the right direction and devote at least 1-3 hours a day to reach your goal.

Skill levels and career growth

All Java developers can be divided into several groups based on their level of knowledge and skills:

  • Young professionals without experience. These are not developers yet, but they have fundamental knowledge that can be useful for development in the direction. Most often, they work as trainees in large companies in the wake of more experienced specialists, they are given part of the routine tasks that allow them to develop skills.
  • Junior Java Developer or Junior Specialist. He has little experience, but he has a large theoretical base for development. He can write code, but more experienced specialists review the work.
  • Middle Java Developer is a more experienced specialist, his code no longer needs to be checked. He is given more complex tasks.
  • Senior Java Developer is a top class developer. He is responsible for the work performed directly to Team Lead and project managers. There are no or practically no errors in his work.
  • Team Lead is the leader of the development team. He distributes the technical assignment to junior specialists, if necessary, he himself participates in the development and can pull the project on himself.

This list shows more than just levels of knowledge, it reflects the classic development path of a Java developer in large companies. With a sufficient level of knowledge, you can immediately apply for the position of Junior. After a probationary period and checking the level of skills – for the position of Middle.

Demand for the profession

Despite the previously mentioned large age of the language – it first appeared in 1995 – the demand for qualified staff is growing from year to year.

Thus, if you want to enter the IT market, then becoming a Java programmer is not a bad decision. Moreover, with the right approach, this can be done in 1-2 years.

What do you need to go through to become a Java developer?

Let’s take a look at what you need to go through to become a Java developer. This forms a kind of training program for you:

  • The syntax of the language from the basics to the advanced level.
  • The basics of working with GIT.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Data structures and performance.
  • Improved data structures in Java.
  • Algorithm tools for Java.
  • Data structures.
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To master all this on your own, you need English. It is very difficult to find information without knowledge of the language. You can study on your own, but with this approach you will have to constantly seek information and engage in self-motivation.

Pros and cons of the profession

Among advantages are:

  • There are really a lot of vacancies, so finding a job is not a problem.
  • Remote work.
  • A promising direction.
  • Work in a creative team.
  • If a specialist works in an office, then the best conditions are created for him: free food, air conditioning, a good PC, etc.


  • Unstable salary, because young Java programmers do not always have a job.
  • Great responsibility.
  • It is difficult to find a job if you have no experience

Practical job search tips

Write a competent resume

The preparation of a resume should be treated as responsibly as possible, even meticulously. Check each letter. If you doubt your literacy – do not hesitate to ask for help from a knowledgeable person.

In the resume, highlight the knowledge of those technologies that are specified in the requirements for the vacancy. Describe the projects you have been involved in and your responsibilities under those projects. But you should not embellish reality – most likely, you will have to answer for each technology mentioned in the resume at the interview.

Prepare for the interview

Regardless of the frameworks used in the project, you must show a solid knowledge of Core Java, and, of course, JDBC and JEE. Learning Java Enterprise is better to start by understanding how JSP and servlet work.

In addition, you should know one of the simplest and well-documented application servers – Tomcat. Try to understand it with performance tuning, SLL and remote debugging.

Also, you will most likely need at least a superficial knowledge of SQL, XML, JSON, XPath, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, an understanding of SOAP and REST. As for JavaScript, you need to be able to read (or better yet, write) AngularJS or jQuery.

To gain valuable experience, you can join the open source development team. There you will be able to train your self-organization skills and learn to quickly delve into someone else’s code.


Java programmers have been and will be the most popular IT professionals in the near future. Professionals are valued around the world, often work for foreign companies and receive decent salaries pegged to the dollar. And this, you will agree, is the best protection against the economic crisis.

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