How To Fix a Beeping Laptop?

A laptop’s beep is not an ideal experience. If you’re a student and need your laptop in the class, the beeping sounds can distract everybody. If you’re giving a presentation in an office, but your laptop won’t stop beeping, it can seem unprofessional. Beeping sounds occur due to technical failures in a system.

Why is my laptop beeping

Just like we keep our phones on silent during meetings or classes, we don’t want our laptop to make beeping sounds in certain places. If your laptop won’t stop beeping, it’s time to identify the source of the beep and solve it.

There are multiple beeping patterns, and to make things complex, each indicates a different problem. You need to listen to the beeping sound to ascertain the beeping scheme. Once you’ve located the beeping pattern, it’s an easy road from there. We’ll walk you through some basic solutions for your beeping problem.

Identify the Pattern of the Beeps

The beeping sounds made by your laptop are the system’s way of informing you  that something is wrong. These beeping sounds have a name- beep codes. BIOS uses these beep codes to indicate possible hardware failures.

Different laptop manufacturers have different beep codes. You must listen to it carefully and write down the pattern somewhere.

Some beeps are long, some are short, and there are even pauses in between. Identifying the correct patterns of the beeps is important to run diagnostics. Hence, you must dedicate some time and carefully try to understand the beep patterns. If you did not catch the beep sounds, try to restart the laptop again and listen more carefully this time.

If you interpret the wrong pattern, you’ll be running the wrong diagnostics. Once you’ve made sure you got the right beeping pattern, find out your BIOS manufacturer. Different beeping patterns have different underlying reasons based on the manufacturers. Here is a table to show you an example of different beep codes under different manufacturers.

BIOS Manufacturers1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps2 beeps that are short1 short beep
AMIFailure in video systemBad RAM or Circuit failureDRAM failed to refresh
COMPAQBad RAMGeneral errorNo Error
ASTProblems with Video AdapterKeyboard failureCPU failure
Source: Comparison of Beep codes of different BIOS manufacturers

Why does My Laptop Beep After Booting Up?

Do you hear a beep sound when your laptop turns on? It might be an indication that something is wrong with the hardware. Beeping sounds are your laptop’s way of communicating about errors.

Several reasons may cause beeping sounds. Some of the reasons are motherboard failure, bad RAM, hardware test failure, or even refresh failures. To identify the problem, it is important to know the pattern of the beeps.

In some laptops, a single, long, and continuous beep mean that everything is running seamlessly. On some other laptops, the same beep will indicate failure of the motherboard or other hardware problems.

How can I Stop My Laptop From Beeping?

This part can be a bit tricky. If there was only one universal beep, it would be easy to run diagnostics and fix it. But there are several beep patterns that indicate different failures for different BIOSes. The only solution is to listen to the beeping sounds and identify the pattern.

Then, you can consult your BIOS manufacturer and seek the beeping codes. You can also install a tool that will help identify your BIOS manufacturer. Your BIOS manufacturer would be AMI, Phoenix, or Award.

Once you’ve identified your BIOS manufacturer, simply look up the AMI Beeping Codes, Phoenix Beeping Codes, or Award Beeping Codes. These different codes under different manufacturers will help troubleshoot your problem and solve it.


A beeping laptop can be problematic, especially if you need to use it in a quiet or professional environment. Sadly, hardware malfunctions happen sometimes, which cause your laptop to inform you via beeps. Our guide includes every possible solution for your beeping problems. We hope it is of great use to you.

If our guide was informative and helpful, it would be of great help to us if you could share it among your friends experiencing the same problem. You can also leave comments informing us about other possible solutions for beeping.

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