Is Lenovo a Good Laptop Brand in 2023?

Say you’re looking to buy a new laptop for yourself. It needs to be good, but you don’t want to break your bank. You might consider getting a Lenovo laptop in this scenario.

Lenovo is one of the best affordable, budget-friendly, and high-performance laptop manufacturers in the industry. They make laptops for all kinds of people: starting from business people to gamers alike. But the question is, with so much variety, are Lenovo laptops good in reality?

Yes! Lenovo makes some of the best laptops in the entire industry. They’ve powerful laptops that can finish any work in a breeze while still being affordable.

But there are some things you’ve to know beforehand. Read along to learn everything about Lenovo laptops and how they perform.

Are Lenovo Laptops Good?

Lenovo laptops are one the best budget laptops on the marketplace. They’re affordable but super powerful at the same time.

These laptops are perfect for business, gaming, or heavy tasks at a low price. A good example of this is Lenovo Think Pads.

The Lenovo Thinkpad series is specifically built for business & gaming since they’re super powerful. They’ve powerful processors, high RAM, long battery life, sharp displays, etc.

An example of this is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It hits all these points and is basically the perfect business laptop. You can even use it for daily heavy tasks or even light gaming.

Lenovo also makes notebooks for people who need a budget laptop. An excellent example of this is Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630. It has a stunning design while still being robust and affordable.

Are Lenovo Laptops Reliable?

When it comes to reliability, Lenovo reigns supreme. All of Lenovo’s laptops are super reliable and good. But on almost all brands, the quality depends on specific laptops.

Many laptops are highly-priced but don’t perform well, and others perform well for a medium price. Lenovo isn’t like that.

Take the ThinkPad series as an example. It has tons of models to pick from, and most are super reliable.

It applies to almost all laptops for Lenovo, not just the ThinkPad series. Another example is the Yoga series.

They make cheap, affordable laptops for the general consumer with just the important and nifty features. Even at affordable prices, the laptops don’t slack on quality or performance.

The Yoga 7i, for instance, is an excellent laptop that has everyone pleased. It comes with the latest i7 processor, 512 GB SSD, and 12 gigs of DDR4 RAM. Although a bit expensive, it’s well worth the money considering what you’re getting out of the deal.

Even if your laptop has problems, they have a good warranty with high coverage. So it’s not hard to tell that Lenovo laptops are super reliable and have high performance.

is lenovo a good laptop brand

How Are Lenovo Laptops So Good?

Now that you have a rough idea about why Lenovo laptops are so good, here’s an in-depth analysis of all the reasons why they’re so good.


Lenovo is known for its good designs. Their designs are sleek, minimalistic, have an aesthetic feel, and are always good-looking.

Whether you’re using a high-end Lenovo laptop for gaming, or a simple Chromebook for general use, Lenovo never fails to keep their laptops compact, stylish, and powerful.

Lenovo always has a laptop for everyone’s liking. The Lenovo Yoga and the Think Pad series, for example, are well-designed, built well, and last long. You won’t get ever get bored of them.


Another reason why people never get bored and are always satisfied with Lenovo laptops is because of their constant innovation.

Modern-day problems need modern-day solutions, and Lenovo always finds a way around a problem.

It applies to almost everything about their laptops; whether hardware or design, they’re constantly innovating better options.

Take Yoga 7i we mentioned earlier as an example. It has high-quality audio and graphics and a tablet mode that works as an illustration pad.

It can even rotate at a 360° angle for more flexibility when drawing. It is beneficial for artists that need a laptop for general use.


Lenovo has hundreds of good laptops to pick from. Most of them are decently cheap but powerful enough, ranging from 200$ to 500$. The value you get for the price of Lenovo laptops is incredible.

Most of these laptops are around 300$ if you want a high-end experience. On the other hand, lower-end laptops can cost as little as 200$. The performance on all of those laptops is satisfying as well.

Warranty & Coverage

Lenovo laptops don’t lack in warranty either. They’ve got a super good warranty and high coverage.

Their default standard for warranty is 1-year on hardware. But the warranty can go up to 1-3 years on commercial laptop chips. Accidental damage protection costs a bit more, though.

Lenovo has released a Premier Support Program for customers who aren’t satisfied. They can upgrade to this to get even higher coverage and warranty.

Customer Support

Lenovo has arguably the best customer support among other laptop manufacturers. They have a good website with customer support, and the support through their call center isn’t bad either.

The website is easy to navigate through, intuitive, and fast. Lenovo has one of the best websites for customer support.

It offers many technicians that respond within a few minutes. They even include step-by-step instructions on fixing problems the user is facing.

Lenovo’s support over the phone isn’t bad either. They have a call center open 24/7, and you can call any agent. Overall, their customer support is second to none.

Best Lenovo Laptops to Get Right Now

Now that you’ve seen why and how Lenovo laptops are so good, it’s easy to tell that they have one of the top-notch laptops on the market.

So here’s the list of the best Lenovo laptops for you—

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my Lenovo laptop plugged in overnight?

Yes! Most of the time, it’s fine if you leave your Lenovo laptop plugged in overnight. But it depends on the quality of your battery. If your battery is old, having it charged overnight may cause issues.

Usually, though, Lenovo batteries never overcharge. If your battery reaches 100%, it stops charging automatically, and you can leave it plugged in without problems.

How long do Lenovo laptops last?

Lenovo laptops last 4-7 years on average, but it depends on how you care for them. If you use your Lenovo laptop super carefully, it can last a long time.

If you use them daily without taking much care, they can last as little as two years. But once again, it entirely depends from person to person.

Lenovo laptops have a good warranty, so you can easily get them repaired even if it doesn’t last so long.

Should I charge my new Lenovo laptop after buying it?

No. You don’t need to charge your Lenovo laptop after buying it. Lenovo already pre-charges their laptop as necessary, so you don’t have to charge it during the initial startup.

By the time you have received your laptop and booted it up, it will be at around 40%. It doesn’t matter if you discharge or charge the battery 100%.

Even if you overcharge it after 100%, nothing happens since the charge turns off at full battery.

It’s recommended to charge it if you’re going to use it instantly for heavy work. Since if it overheats, the battery will get damaged.

Is Lenovo a Chinese company?

Yes. Lenovo Group Limited, shortened to Lenovo, is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in designing and manufacturing personal laptops, software, and other related services.

They mostly specialize in making high-end personal laptops for general use and business. Their laptops are among the best on the market, with high-end performance at affordable prices.

Are Lenovo laptops good for gaming?

Yes, Lenovo laptops are good for gaming. Lenovo has specifically made the Legion and IdeaPad laptop series for gaming. They have super high performance and can easily run modern-day games at over 60 FPS.

Legion is at the core of PC gaming on Lenovo and has something for everyone in the gaming community. They support VR as well and can run almost any game smoothly.

This series makes great gaming laptops that are designed well for high-end gaming. Lenovo has IdeaPads too, which perform just as well in gaming.


Hopefully, the question of “are Lenovo laptops good” won’t bug you in the future. Lenovo laptops are incredibly good in performance, reliability, price, design, features, etc.

Their laptops have the best value for the price. So it goes without saying Lenovo laptops are good.

If you want to buy one, I’d recommend buying any of the laptops mentioned in the post. I hope you’ll find the best fit.

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