Мake Math Entertaining Through Game-based Learning

Math is one of the two core subjects studied at schools. It is made up of numbers, formulas, and symbols which we need to identify fundamental problems like force, speed, change, space, quantities, distance, and time.

With math, we are able to build up websites, set prices on items, and even create the graphics we see. Students who study math have the ability to help individuals discover the structure and patterns of their life.

Safe architecture

To get the best structures and buildings, we need math like algebra and geometry. Constructors and contractors need math to measure and build accurately.

Computer science

The increase in demand for technology and computers pave the way for the study of math like binary, statistics, and calculus. By the way, students often have difficulties with so-called calculus 2 equations, so they try to complete as many calculus 2 practice problems as possible. By doing that and answering questions about series calculus, they can improve their knowledge in this discipline. As a result, analytic and mathematical thinking helps in improving skills like coding, design, and others.

Health benefits

Since medicine is a science, we can tell that math is used every day. Collecting and analyzing data is needed to diagnose and administer treatment. Medical professionals use math for prescriptions.

Climate conditions

The study of math helps us to understand climate conditions and weather. Geographers use math in telling if it would be sunny, rainy, or snowy.

To have a better understanding of the world, we need mathematics. Math is also important in developing a good mental discipline. It helps improve our problem-solving ability, communication skills, critical thinking, spatial thinking, and so on. That’s why you should pay special attention to this subject and always complete your math homework.  

The Importance Of Game-based Learning

Game-based learning is a type of instruction that uses games and game-like activities to teach academic skills and concepts. It can be used in any subject area, and there are many different types of games that can be used. Some common ones include board games, card games, video games, and online games.

Game-based or fun-based learning works by providing a stimulating environment for students to learn. In addition to the academic skills being taught, students also learn important life skills such as problem-solving, decision making, teamwork, and communication.

The benefits of game-based learning or making math fun are as follows:

  • Better retention of information
  • Increased engagement with the material
  • More excitement while learning

Game-based learning has been shown to be an effective instructional method across a wide range of subject areas and age groups. The use of games in education can promote engagement, provide motivation, and encourage social interaction while also teaching important academic content and skills.

There are many different types of games that can be used for educational purposes, from simple flash games to more complex virtual worlds. No matter what type of game is used, there are certain elements that are essential for game-based learning to be successful.

Though the concept of game-based learning is not new, its importance in the field of education cannot be overemphasized. Numerous studies have shown that when students are engaged in games while learning, they perform better academically and also develop other important skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.

Games To Learn Math Easily

1. Math twister

It’s just like a normal twister game in which you have to pick the right colors. Numbers are added in this game and instead of picking up a color you have to say that “put your right hand on 6-3” or simply you can say that “put your left hand on 3+2”. Then, watch the fun. This is a fun game and it is very easy to play and learn math. Those kids who feel difficulties in learning math can play this game and can learn a lot. 

2. Hot potato

It is also a fun game. Simply you have to write and tape some math equations to a ball by masking tape. Then you play music and rotate the ball among the children. Whoever has the ball with equations when the music will stop, will have to pick one equation among many written on the ball and will have to answer it. Beside these 2 games there are also many more games available that are very interesting and can greatly boost math learning. 

3. Math-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun do-it-yourself activities for children of all ages. The math game is used to make clues instead of challenging the kids to find items. The participants have to solve a math problem in order to advance. Depending on the kids, the teacher can adjust the difficulty level and a time limit set for completing individual problems or the whole scavenger hunt. You can come up with prizes as incentives for the correct solution of the Math problems, even if the kids (on their own) may be competitive.

4. Stats and Sports

Instructors or parent can show students how Math applies to sporting activities by practicing the following ideas (and more):

  • You can teach them to keep scores of different sports: basketball, football and baseball. 
  • Encourage them to keep stats on their favorite players.
  • You can search for box scores online or from newspapers and help your kids with the calculation of statistics.
  • Use subtraction to determine lead or deficit for sports while watching sports’ news on television. 

5. Money and Math

Money is an essential real-life application of Math. The use of counting, money and numbers can provide students with numerous opportunities in math and life lessons. Young kids can learn counting, sorting, addition and subtraction with coins. One can take them shopping and ask them to keep a running total of prices of your cart’s items. Also, it would be helpful to ask them to figure out the final cost.

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