Michael Giannulis Points out How Market Research Makes Your Existing Business Successful 

You have a business operating fine but then considering the industry’s cultural, social, and economic structure. It is imperative to do some market research to keep your business afloat. You may not experience a rosy side of your business. That is why you need to know more about your customers, the area of operations, and your competitors.

Though market research may seem overwhelming for some entrepreneurs, it is a boon to take your company to the next level. Here is how:

Michael Giannulis prefers testing for success

Before you launch a product line, it is essential to figure out whether your customers will like the items or not. Market research is one of the most effective ways to test the waters. Through metrics, entrepreneurs can visualize ideas, campaigns, and brand messaging and whether they resonate with the targeted audience. Market research will help you to save your money and assure business success.

You try things like surveys or polls to determine whether your customers need the new product or service you are about to launch. Experiment with a questionnaire to understand buyer intent.

Market research helps to focus on customers

Market research helps you to evaluate data related to a product, service, and audience. The obvious benefit is, of course, to know your customers better. If you have questions like, who are my customers, what they like and dislike, and their expectations, market research will help you answer these questions.

With detailed market research, Michael Giannulis thinks that entrepreneurs can ensure open-ended communication with their targeted buyers. When you know what your customers want, you can customize your products or services based on their preferences. Collecting customer feedback is the best way to know them better.

Help to understand your competitors

In this age of stiff global competition, you need to do meticulous competitor research to understand what they do to make their products or services saleable. What strategies businesses use for making the brand and products stand out from the rest. Market research will help you fix the right prices for your products. Competitive pricing is the key to your success.

You can learn from your competitors, but do not copy them directly. You can always draw inspiration and improvise to make your products saleable to your target audience.

Your goal is to do things in a better way compared to your competitors. Now, that will take some time and will not happen overnight.

Lets you stay relevant

You know the famous adage that change is the sole new constant, and when it comes to marketing, this is the truth. You will require foreseeing and respond to change to stay relevant. Take some time out of your busy schedule and study the changing customer needs, competitor responses, what works, and what does not. It is essential for ensuring business relevancy and longevity.


Study your customers, market, and competitors to make your business relevant and afloat when the competition is too high. Keep these tips in mind and implement them for improved results.

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