Minimum Wage for Web-Developers – What Prospective Programmers Need to Know

The last two years made clear that online business is the most efficient strategy for everyone who wishes to maintain and grow their business. Global payment services, international logistics, access to a worldwide market, and ultimately COVID-19 pandemics solidified the position of the online business model. As online expansion increases demand for web developers, there is a growing need for more programmers that can build and manage websites for all those businesses that wish to secure their online presence.

Many aspiring web developers struggle with setting their hourly rate or monthly salary requests. Some underestimate their value while others ask for payments that go beyond the value of their work. One of the reasons for this confusion is because web development is a complex industry and depending on the type of work you do you could be earning more or less money.

Minimum Wage for Web-Developers

Freelance VS Full-time job

Freelance web developers have the freedom to set their work schedule and set their office where they see fit. However, full-time programmers don’t have to search for clients but can’t set their deadlines and risk being buried under piles of work. There are many essays on the minimum wage written by students who had previous work experience in web development. All reputable resources emphasize the difference between the minimum wage of freelance and web developers hired as full-time workers.

As a freelancer, you set your minimum wage, but if you’re into getting a job at a web development company you should know that minimum wage depends on the area you live in, the company you’re interested in, and your skills to negotiate a good salary.

The front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development

Web developers focused on front-end development allow users to interact with website content seamlessly. Back-end programmers make sure that the website is running properly on the server-side, which allows users to interact with the front-end and receive expected results. It’s unfair to argue which part of web development is more important or difficult since both need to work for the website to run, still, backend developers usually earn more money than their colleagues in charge of frontend development.

Full-stack developers are able to build both sides of the website because they have command over programming languages required for both back and frontend development. According to the latest reports, a full stack developer could be earning from $55000 to $130000 a year.

Seek opportunities online

As we already said, the amount of money that an average web developer could earn depends on numerous factors. Among many, geo-location is one of the most impactful factors that determine the amount of minimum salary. In the US, some states offer wages up to two times lower than in best-paid states. Those candidates that just came out of college won’t have a difficult time finding a poorly paid job, but most would take this kind of opportunity as a stepping stone for the future.

However, those that can’t find a satisfying salary at home, should look for alternative solutions. There are many web developing companies from Europe, Asia, or Australia that offer lucrative salaries and build online teams. Even if your overall income would not be much bigger, the fact that you’re working from home cuts down costs and brings numerous other benefits that go with the freedom to work outside the office space.

Adjust your salary range

The fact that your starting salary is lower than you expected doesn’t mean you have to settle for that sum for the rest of your employment at that company. Keep track of your skills, pay attention to your contribution to the team, and when the time is right, ask for a raise according to your level of improvement and efficiency.

According to Glassdoor, a Junior front-end developer in New York City could expect a salary ranging from $66000 to $124000, depending on its experience and overall quality. This means that there is a wide gap to fill from the minimum wage to the highest reported income, which shows just how much can one web developer grow throughout the career. Still, knowing our true limits is important when looking for an increase, so pay attention to your demands and how you put them.


These were some of the best tips that we could present regarding minimum wage. It’s important to find your value and always improve your worth. Don’t be afraid to switch jobs and change locations if needed, web development gives you the freedom to choose your destiny.

Author Bio: Brandon Kryeger is a freelance content writer engaged with several online publishers. His work is based on deep research and practical pieces of advice. As a writer, Brandon aims to deliver content that brings applicable value to the audience.

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