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5 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos Like A Pro

YouTube is by far the best entertainment platform out there. YouTube audience base increases every day. It has also become a hotspot for career opportunities. YouTubers are well-paid for just following their passion and there is nothing more beautiful than that. However, having a successful YouTube career is not a day’s work. You need to get a quality number of views and subscribers to reach the top. The best way to do that is to promote your YouTube videos. Here are five ways that will make you a pro when it comes to promoting your YouTube videos.


1. Title & Thumbnail

The title and the thumbnail are what the audience sees first when they come across your video. Thus, make the first impression the last impression by being thoughtful and creative about your video title and thumbnail. These two work as self-promotion agents if you do them right. Create a catchy title that summarizes your video’s potential in a few words. A good technique is using the relevant keywords in the title so it is preferred by the YouTube algorithm. Customize a creative thumbnail because visuals go a long way to impress the audience.

2. Intro & Outro

The way you introduce and conclude your video takes it to the next level. Good intros are what encourages people to watch your videos and quality outro makes them want to come back to your channel. The first 30 seconds of your videos are a critical point for the audience’s decision-making. Thus, try to make the intro as good as possible. Try it and fill it with suspense and entertainment to convince your audience to watch the entire video. The outro on the other hand marks the end of the video and should be compelling and inviting. A great idea for an outro is ending your videos with custom wallpapers and an awesome song.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the digital Godfather. YouTube or Instagram, you need to use SEO to generate quality content. With the help of the YouTube SEO feature, you can promote your videos to a larger set of audience irrespective of the number of subscribers you have. SEO is a feature of Google which filters and optimizes search results for the audience. Thus, if your videos are SEO enabled it possesses a higher chance of reaching more people. All you need to do is just enable the YouTube SEO on your account and you are good to go. Thereafter, you don’t need to worry about subscribers or likes on your video to reach the top.

4. Audience Interaction

Audience approval is everything on social media. They are the key to your promotion. Therefore, focusing on audience interaction is important. Construct a meaningful social media relationship with your fans. Once, you have a good rapport with your audience, it results in increased trust and affection. Thus, they are going to promote your content regardless of you asking them to or not. Meanwhile, do not take their kindness for granted and reward them with features and shoutouts from time to time. Develop a good bond rather than focusing on just the promotional part of it. Your audience’s love is what should matter the most when you are a content creator.

5. Social Media

Cross-promotion on social media is the new way to expand your promotional skills. It is handy and gives immediate results. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various others have risen with time. Thus, they give you more reach and exposure, even globally. Advertise your YouTube videos on your social media. It can be through putting up stories or creating anticipatory posts and trailer videos. Keywords and hashtags expand the social media reach too, so don’t forget to use them while promoting on social media. Once your followers get a hang of it, your social media crowd will be directed to your YouTube channel increasing your views and subscribers. Additionally, you can talk to your core social media audience and ask them to watch your videos and promote them on their social media. In this way, you will be creating a lot of impressions on social media, whose results will be evident on your YouTube videos.

With these few effective tips on how to promote your YouTube videos like a pro, you must be all set to move ahead. Just remember, creating high-quality content is the most demanding part of being a YouTuber and it is also something that rewards you the most irrespective of you promoting your videos or not.

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