What Is More Important RAM or Graphics Card?

A PC consists of tons of components assembled as one to take your work as input and complete it.

Although it might seem easy, the PC is more complicated and versatile than humans can imagine. The computer is the only device that can complete any technical task only using its CPU components.

Among the different components that work inside the CPU, RAM and Graphics Card are two essential components. Both components improve the user’s PC experience and are both controlled by the processor. you can find the more important part among them through their contribution to a PC.

A Brief Description of RAM

The working memory of a PC that helps accomplish various tasks provided by the OS and user is known as RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which means any application can use this memory to complete their task provided that the motherboard has permitted them to do the work.

Without RAM, a PC is as good as useless because it even has to do the work of starting up so that you can open Windows, Mac, or Linux. When an order reaches the motherboard of a PC, the processor uses the amount of RAM present in a PC to try and complete that task.

The current optimal RAM size for doing all kinds of tasks without experiencing crashes is 12GB. However, having more RAM is always good for your PC since there is no harm in finishing your tasks faster and smoother. You can change RAM in desktop CPUs, but only some laptops support open slots, and even less support max RAM of more than 12GB.

Present RAM Capabilities

RAM is a form of power that the processor uses to complete tasks. More RAM means having more power to complete complicated tasks. 12GB RAM can improve your work speed and fps while gaming, irrespective of laptop or desktop.

Having 2GB or 4GB RAM is not enough to do any task without facing frequent lags and crashes. Meanwhile, 8GB RAM is quite good for complicated tasks but causes problems while using high-end software and high requirement games. Finally, 12GB RAM is the optimal memory required to do all kinds of tasks without fear of lags.

A Brief Description of Graphics Card

Graphics cards are also known as GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) as they are entirely different CPUs that only aim to provide better graphics for your PC. Although a PC can work without having any graphics cards inside it, graphics cards are necessary for many tasks.

GPUs are expensive parts of a CPU that are mainly necessary for gaming and video-editing software. Depending on your budget, you can get tons of graphics cards to handle your task if it meets the requirements. Buying a good GPU can be a hassle because of the overpriced costs and new versions entering the market spontaneously.

Graphics cards are not necessary components for everyone because most of the processors have a graphics processing unit of their own. It can handle small tasks that don’t require too much graphics and fps. A graphics card uses its GPU to complete tasks instead of letting the processor do it.

There are two types of Graphics cards in the present PC parts market. One of them is shared GPU, which is the GPU working together with the processor’s graphics card to run any task. Another is the dedicated graphics card that takes the task from the processor and accomplishes it independently. Among them, the dedicated GPU is the more powerful part.

Present GPU Capabilities

Present latest GPUs are the most powerful parts of the current technological world. These GPU parts are also the most expensive parts of the whole CPU. When speaking of the latest GPU parts, the name RTX 3090 is at the top of the list. These parts are so powerful that they can also run present high-end games with added graphics mods.

NVIDIA GeForce is the most well-known graphics card producer with the best performance while gaming. The main reason for buying a graphics card is gaming or high-end video editing. So, it’s necessary to learn about the certain requirements of the program before purchasing an expensive GPU.

Comparative Analysis Between RAM & Graphics Card

The PC requires both the RAM and the graphics card for doing different tasks but how they interact with the CPU is different from one another. So, it’s necessary to dive deeper into RAM and graphics cards to know about their matching features and compare them.

Video Games

  • More RAM means smoother display and no fps drops while gaming.
  • Graphics Card works as the VRAM of gaming and produces a better gaming experience. Most games can’t run without a powerful GPU.

General Activities

  • RAM increases the working capacity of the whole CPU to finish tasks faster and provides an opportunity for complicated multitasking.
  • Graphics Card provides access to high-end video games and video-editing software.


  • RAM is an essential part of using different video-editing software that requires 16 to 32GB of RAM, mainly used by professional movie editors.
  • Graphics Card is responsible for processing the complicated graphics provided by the video editing software and helps to make CGI and Photoshop.


  • Buying RAM is cheap, and there’s a variety of brands to buy from.
  • Buying a Graphics card is very expensive, and the latest ones can cost an arm and a leg to buy.

Final Words

To answer the question of the title, RAM is the most important part of a PC for everyone who uses a PC because a PC can’t run without RAM. Although the cost of graphics cards is high, it’s considered a luxury item than a necessity in a PC. Nonetheless, the worth of a high-tier GPU is boundless to gamers and video editors.

After a close comparison of the two CPU parts, it’s clear that RAM is the winner among them. However, a person who depends more on GPU will say differently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use RAM to utilize that GPU. All the CPU parts are connected to provide you with the best experience possible.

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