Does RAM Speed Matter for Video Editing?

When was the last time you’ve tried to put more focus on something written rather than the visuals? Well, not in recent times, we guess. From this one thing, it’s easy to understand that people lately are prone to take visual content more seriously than ever. 

If you’re a video content creator or working in any particular field related to video editing, then you already know editing a video is way too hard without the right kind of PC. But our question is, does RAM speed matter for video editing?

Well, that one question made us dig a bit deeper into the matter, and we thought of coming out with a specific answer for anyone who might come with this same question. 

does ram speed matter for video editing

What Did the Tests Say?

For obvious reasons, the answer we’re looking for is nothing but impossible to get without some testing. So, we had to look into that first. 

The result that caught our eyes is, it actually doesn’t matter if the RAM you’re using comes with a higher frequency or a lower one. That’s because the improvement of performance is entirely dependent on the CPU and the application you’re using. 

If you’re used to working with Neat Video, then there’s a high chance of you getting some substantial benefits when you’re picking up something like the DDR4-3600Mhz. With RAM like this, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got Core i9-11900K or Ryzen 9 5900X, you’ll still be getting the benefits. 

But when you’re comfortable with other applications, you’ll have a share of benefits, but that’s not going to hit the ceiling as the Neat Video does.

Now the question is, what if you’re thinking about utilizing applications like After Effects and Premiere Pro? Well, we’re not going to give you any false hope, but we’ve seen no major performance advantage there when there was a RAM with a higher frequency working on the backstage.

You might be feeling a bit confused now about whether you should put powerful RAM in your PC for overall performance or not. While writing this article, we also had to keep an eye on the reliability and stability of the overall system. 

If you’re thinking that putting in that putting in a high-frequency RAM that goes beyond your PC’s ability to support, then there’s a high chance of overclocking here. 

So, is it going to be that much unstable all the time? Well, NO! If your RAM, power supply, and motherboard are right on the quality along with the other components, we don’t think putting in new RAM will be a bad idea. 

Do I Need a High-Speed RAM?

If you’re asking for our recommendation, then we’d say don’t think about going for RAM that is beyond the capacity of your CPU or what it can officially support. After all, that’s how you’ll be able to maximize your system stability. 

Now the question is, what should you do when you want to hit the peak of the performance on video editing? Well, the right application can pull that off like a piece of cake, and the names that are coming to our mind for that right now are Premiere Pro and NeatBench.

If you’ve got DDR4-3600Mhz RAM, there’s a high chance that they can push the performance up to ~13%. 

Gaming desktop with dual monitor

Gaming PC and Video Editing

We don’t know how but automatically, most of them who are thinking about getting the right tech for video editing comes with a common question. Any guess on that? 

Yup! You’re right, and that is, are gaming computers good for video editing? Clearly, gaming PCs are focused on enhancing performance. But can you use a gaming pc for video editing? 

Yes, you can! The best one we’d say can pull that job off more smoothly is a custom gaming PC. After all, these kinds of PC comes under the tuning process only for ensuring moderation of CPU usage, not without prioritizing GPU speed more than RAM of course. 

That’s because GPUs are highly utilized in tons of programs when it comes to video editing. You can also use a video editing laptop if it’s got a high-end spec. So, if you’ll ever be asked the question, is a gaming pc good for video editing, we guess you what answer you should hit them with. 

Final Words

If you’ve come to this part of our article, then we guess you’ve got literally zero confusion about does RAM speed matter for video editing or not. Actually, we think you can answer that question better than ever now, what do you say? Happy editing! 

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