10 Strategies to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Becoming famous on Instagram is a dream for every Instagrammer and the key to it never varies- Instagram engagements! If you’re wondering about the secret recipe that popular Instagram accounts apply to increase engagement on Instagram, we’ve got the right ingredients that you need, that require you to buy Instagram followers. Given below, we’ve uncovered the 10 most unparalleled strategies to skyrocket your Instagram engagements. 


Instagram doesn’t limit its engagement calculations to feed posts- and when there’s a variety of content formats to have fun with, why restrict your feed to repetition and dullness? Inculcating content diversity- in terms of content and formats is imperative to gain Instagram engagements. Humor, tutorials, stories, inspirational quotes, and more shared in the form of reels, IG stories, IGTV videos, and carousels can give more opportunities to organic increasing reach to gain instagram followers and growth with having to buy Instagram followers. 


If you do something out of the blue, it will surely help you increase engagement on Instagram, increase visibility and shoot up your followers without having to buy Instagram followers. It may be announcing some big news, revealing a store opening or a product launch, conducting a surprise giveaway or contest, holding flash sales, or anything big that can catch people’s eye. Don’t let monotony rule your account and consistently add elements of fun and surprise to maintain the buzz.


Captions not only help to give some perspective to your posts but also increase audience attention. By putting some thought into creating engaging and conversational captions, you can keep your audience stay longer on your account and make them increase engagement on Instagram. So ditch the emojis and short-form language and put in extra effort and length to make your captions mind-blowing and interactive. 


Although SEO and Instagram don’t seem like related concepts, paying some attention to SEO can enhance your visibility and increase engagement on Instagram.  This holds especially true to Instagram name, Instagram handle, and Instagram bio. Your account handle should reflect your industry or branding. Your account name should be in sync with your account handle. Your Instagram bio should consist of industry-relevant popular SEO keywords that reflect your brand vision and persona. Hashtags are another important determinant of Instagram success, distantly related to the idea of SEO. The more trending your hashtag is, the higher your visibility will be. 

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More than 500 million Instagrammers use IG stories daily, and the visibility one gets through it is unbeatable. Nothing can spark a good conversation and increase engagement on Instagram like the interactive story stickers: Quizzes, AMAs, countdown, polls, and emoji sliders. IG stories allow users to be more candid and creative, which is exactly the type of content that millennials and Gen-Z appreciate! 


The popularity and reach of video content are something that you cannot sleep on. Video content is thumb-stopping and encourages users to spend more time lingering on your feed, further helping to increase engagement on Instagram. There are a variety of video layouts available on Instagram- short and crisp content on reels, long interviews on IGTVs, behind the scenes on IG story videos, teasers on in-feed video posts! You don’t have to be tech-savvy and post professional videos, just be original and creative!


If you want to push your brand to a wider audience, collaborations can work like magic bullets. Collaborating with relevant and influential personalities will help you increase engagement on Instagram and diversify your followers. So partner up with brands and influencers with an authoritative voice and persona that aligns with your brand, instead of falling for glamor and vanity metrics like follower count.


When you interact with your audience cheerfully, your audience makes it a point to return the favor. And what better way to know your audience’s preferences than to directly communicate and ask for feedback? It will help you optimize your content accordingly and increase engagement on Instagram, owing to interactions with the audience. So encourage feedback through DMs, reply to comments, react to stories, re-share valuable stories, and more to foster long-term relationships. 


Your audience may be casually viewing your content, but all those views can be redirected to splurge your engagements if you add powerful CTAs. Short, punchy, and direct; CTA’s help one increase engagement on Instagram because they give followers a direction to take some action. From Instagram bio to images, caption copy to Instagram ads; add a crisp CTA everywhere to maximize results from your campaigns. 


Instead of trying to beat the Instagram algorithm, try to be-friend and understand it. Before you adopt bait practices like to buy Instagram followers or likes, try to deliver content as per the dynamic Instagram algorithm to grow and increase engagement on Instagram. Likes, saves, comments, shares, followers; are the most common aspects that you need to prioritize and it’s all possible by simply creating creative content consistently and staying interactive. 

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Organic and steady, these tips can help you create an engaging ecosystem on Instagram amongst all the competition and dynamism. So go and nail your Instagram strategy with the help of these simple yet effective strategies, and stay tuned for more insider tips and tricks!

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