The Impact of Technology: Student Engagement and Success

Thanks to the modernization of teaching tools, students have the means to do more than absorb knowledge through practical implementation of their learning. Study and research groups that students form at top universities seamlessly collaborate and share their ideas thanks to recent technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and high-speed internet.

In the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and technology breakthroughs emerge thanks to brilliant students who know how to benefit from available resources. Let’s take a look at how the latest tech drives the wheels of student engagement and success.

Mapping the outer space

Last year, a group of students in India discovered 18 new asteroids as a part of the International Asteroid Discovery Program. Through cooperation with NASA, as many as 150 students from all over India had the chance to observe space through the Pan-STARRS telescope which is set in Hawaii, and analyze their findings using the most sophisticated software solutions. What propelled this enterprise was the fact that students exchanged information through cloud computing and had collaborative access to real-time data provided by NASA and other international institutions.

The campaign lasted for more than two months, and the initial findings included more than 370 asteroids reported by students who were involved in the program. After a more detailed analysis, there were left 18 confirmed discoveries which were named after the students who reported them. The success of this project is the result of international collaboration which was facilitated by the availability of the most sophisticated tools available for this form of space study.

Study just got easier

Nowadays, the advent of internet technology allows students to exchange information much easier. Access to all sorts of learning materials is easier through VR, cloud computing, and file-sharing software. It’s not just collaboration that got easier, but students can also now get help with their assignments and homework, even, seamlessly all over the world. Through AssignmentBro Canada students can reach out for help with their high school or college assignments while they focus on more pressing matters.

Focusing on a single project while the weight of the entire curriculum falls on you is a challenge that’s difficult to overcome. Many students decide to leave promising projects because they have to deal with subjects that simply consume time. Before widespread internet connectivity, searching for information and resources for research papers took a lot of time, which made academic growth even harder for students all over the world. There were times when valuable resources were available across the continent, but it was complicated to exchange data.

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Technology in the classroom

Overcrowded classes are one of the main issues of modern education, mainly because teachers can’t concentrate on each student in the right measure. Not all of us are able to learn at the same pace, which is why teachers need to dedicate more time to some students. Also, keeping track of individual progress is as important as it is difficult to achieve because of numerous activities and obligations that teachers have to deal with.

Thanks to the latest software solutions available for class management, teachers can do their jobs much easier and to the students’ benefit. Through classroom management software, students can communicate to their peers and teachers beyond the classroom or receive learning materials while away from school, which helps defeat the challenges of overcrowded classrooms.

Teachers can approach each student individually and customize tests or homework according to students’ personal needs. Keeping track of student performance, needs, or even aspirations is now available to teachers and schools all to provide each student the chance to achieve their full potential.

Thanks to VR technology, students can experience learning in a newfound way. Observing volcanic eruptions, sharks, or wild animals is not a risky endeavor anymore. Through virtual experience, students can now watch Egyptian pyramids without leaving the classroom or even walk with dinosaurs to better understand the history of our planet.


As technology progresses, new ways to learn appear as well. To expedite and improve the pursuit of knowledge, academic institutions turn to technology for help with great success. Investing in new teaching materials means educating modern experts which is one of the pillars of economic growth. Therefore, governments all over the world invest huge amounts of money to provide their schools and universities with the latest technological assets to propel the success of their students and help them engage in class.

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