These Coding Skills Will Make Every PPC Specialist More Valuable

PPC (Pay Per Click) specialists are digital marketing professionals. Their responsibilities include developing strategies as well as designing and managing online pay-per-click ad campaigns. According to the job description, PPC Specialists are required to work in collaboration with software developers in order to integrate their ads into software or web applications.

But did you know that a PPC Specialist who can combine his creativity with coding skills will almost certainly produce better ads? You’re probably wondering how. This article answers this question. 

The Advantages of Coding for PPC Specialists

The duties of a PPC Specialist include keyword research and trend monitoring. However, why should these professionals learn to code when they already possess inherent creativity for results-driven ad campaigns? Listed below are some of the benefits of coding.

Aids communication with the developers

When launching an ad campaign, collaboration with the software development team is required. Disputes typically arise as a result of opposing viewpoints, which can cause campaigns to be delayed. Coding enables the PPC practitioner to interact with developers and understand issues from their perspective. This saves time as well as effort. After all, developers are the ones who will put your ideas into action. Learning to code is more beneficial in order to better understand them.

Helps to comprehend the possibilities in the digital realm

Because your job as a digital marketer is dependent on technology, you should make the effort to study its operation and become familiar with the ways in which it can benefit you. The more you know about what technology is capable of doing, the more you can do, as well as improve your creativity in the process of designing captivating ads and reaching a global audience.

Coding improves your marketing abilities

If you have knowledge of coding, it will be easier for you to edit or modify your advertisements in response to changes in how customers behave. For instance, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used to help you update the ads on your website by incorporating new features like images and videos to draw attention to recently introduced goods or services. You can also automate your Google Ads and personalize your email marketing campaigns.

Allows you to work more quickly and efficiently

Learning to code gives you access to automation tools, which allows you to complete routine tasks more quickly. You can also use these tools to conduct research on keywords, collect data on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and conduct analysis on that data.

Coding Skills for PPC Specialists 

these coding skills will make every ppc specialist more valuable

Let’s look at the coding skills that are relevant to PPC specialists and how they improve their productivity.

1. Javascript

People frequently mix up Javascript and Java; however, they are not the same and serve different purposes. Javascript is a programming language, and HTML and CSS are required for website creation and design. Javascript can be found on almost every webpage.

Javascript is used to create tracking codes for Google Analytics and Adwords, which are useful for PPC professionals. Javascript is relatively easy to learn, and there are several online courses to help you get started. PPC experts with Javascript knowledge can edit standard analytics code or track events on a landing page. Javascript is also useful in PPC because it allows you to write Adword scripts, which aid in automating routine processes such as checking ads containing URLs to avoid errors such as “page not found.”

2. Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions (RegEx) are pattern matching techniques in software programming that allow you to search through large amounts of text for a specific keyword. RegEx specifies a set of strings that are similar.

RegEx can be used to search for something on search engines such as Google. It is useful in Google Analytics when creating custom reports and setting goals. You can look up how frequently your company’s name appears in relation to a product or service. 

The implication is that you can determine how well an ad campaign is performing and how to increase traffic.

RegEx, fortunately, is not a difficult concept to grasp. You can start by learning about key characters, and you can also learn by looking for guides on reputable websites.

3. CSS and HTML

HTML and CSS are simple to learn and, along with Javascript, are used to build functional websites. HTML allows you to structure a website and build its architectural platform. At the same time, CSS enhances the visual appeal of the website.

HTML and CSS are used to troubleshoot landing page issues, as well as to integrate code blocks and designs into your ads. HTML 5, the most recent version of HTML, generates engaging ads that drive more traffic to your website. You can also use your HTML skills to create expanded text ads that redirect to Gmail ads. Images, videos, and forms have been added for users to use when making purchases.

4. SQL

SQL (Structural Query Language) is a programming language used to extract information and precise data from databases. The information gleaned from the extracted data is used to make predictions and decisions for your business. 

PPC experts need SQL skills because they deal with a large amount of data that requires classification and analysis based on various demographics. Ideally, you should understand how different people react to your advertisements. 

A thorough understanding of SQL will lead you to use queries, including complex ones and other functions, to better understand the data and quickly extract information. You can classify products in Google Shopping Campaigns and customize the labels. SQL allows you to identify and analyze patterns in popular products in order to increase sales figures.

Wrap up

You will advance much further in your career if you have programming skills as one of your competencies. Your marketing will benefit from learning to code because it will enable you to create advertisements that are more appealing to potential customers.

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