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In our modern world, the Internet has become an integral part of work, communication, and entertainment. Different social media fill all our free time, and videos replace in-person events and activities. It was reported that YouTube is ranked second in the list of the most popular social media worldwide, with 2.29 billion monthly active users. However, it was intended to be a dating service back in 2005, but now YouTube is a vibrant platform for different video types. Both children and adults find interesting content to watch on this social network. People watch YouTube videos daily as it is free, safe, and straightforward to use. 

There are many people worldwide actively publishing video content on YouTube, and traffic mostly originates from the United States, India, and Japan. Video creators compete for attracting larger audiences and gaining more views. There are many tools assisting bloggers in making high-quality content, but if you are a novice content maker just starting your YouTube career, pay attention to free tools that will bring you success. 

How to Create a Captivating YouTube Video?

People watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube daily, but a large amount of content remains undiscovered. We know that your videos are incredible, but there are several tips for starters to make them stunning and popular. 

  • It is essential to choose your main strategy and stick to it in all your videos. People usually pay attention to entertaining or educating content, so choose the one that is closer to you. Your video topics should be similar so that people go to your channel if they’re interested in a certain activity. 
  • Know your audience, for instance, their interests, problems, age, location, etc. If you discover these core aspects, it’ll be easier to create captivating content and get more views. 
  • Experiment with video formats and try different shooting types. We know that high-quality videos are made using professional equipment like a camera, microphone, lightning, etc. It is quite expensive and is unaffordable at the beginning of your career. Therefore, the solution is to shoot videos on your phone, make action videos outdoors, or create tutorials using a free webcam recorder. There are many ways to be creative and use your imagination for absorbing content. 
  • Make your videos visible so that people can easily find them in the flow of millions of others. Learn main SEO principles but do not forget that views will multiply if it is really great content. By the way, hashtags and intriguing video names will contribute to your video success. 
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Best Free Tools for Making YouTube Videos 

With so many video creators worldwide, it may be challenging to find your place on YouTube and attract a large audience. We analyzed many video-making tools for running a YouTube channel effectively. If you plan to become a successful YouTuber or have difficulties with creating captivating videos, this tool collection will be a real treasure for you!

YouTube Studio App

With this free mobile application, you can manage your YouTube channel and videos on the go. YouTube Studio allows video creators to stay connected from anywhere and take advantage of many features such as checking out the latest stats, responding to and moderating comments, and getting notifications. Additionally, you can create and update video thumbnail images and account profile pictures, manage playlists, and more. Moreover, there’s an advanced feature of searching for help content by voice. You can shoot your content anywhere and be able to manage content with one app. With the YouTube Studio Mobile App, users can travel, work, have fun and stay tuned about the latest changes on their channel. It is a must-have free tool for all YouTube creators that is available for download on Apple Store or Google Play for free.


TubeBuddy is a fantastic tool for managing your YouTube channel via a browser extension or mobile app. TubeBuddy is beloved by more than three million YouTube creators and brands, so it’s time to check it out. You can easily promote your video and get many subscribers and views with this incredible tool. A simplified A/B Testing allows you to enhance your thumbnails. Furthermore, video creators should no longer worry about optimization as TubeBuddy’s tutorials set you for success. People can speed up the video publishing time with special tools and templates available for TubeBuddy users. The most fascinating feature of the tool is the possibility to automatically select the video topic and craft excellent titles and tags.


Are you looking for a professional tool that will make your footage unique and absorbing? Then Thematic is a perfect solution for every YouTube creator. Music is an integral element of any video on YouTube, as it creates mood and makes the watching relaxing, entertaining or educational, depending on the melody you choose. Thematic allows YouTubers to use music directly from real artists for free. Choose mind-boggling soundtracks for your videos and impress viewers. It will make your content more exciting and appealing. You will no longer face the challenge of searching for a good song matching your video as Thematic suggests you music curated by content type and theme. Now YouTube creators can easily monetize their videos with amazing soundtracks without worrying about licenses or disputes. 

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With Kapwing, it’s easy to make an absorbing video for YouTube from scratch as the tool has many advanced editing features. You can benefit from the software without paying a cent, but the output will be amazing. There are several options for video creation: online editing, downloading the tool, or inserting the video URL. Creators can make videos with pictures, music, and GIFs. It runs on smartphones and computers and can be used independently from different devices, perfect for group projects. There is no spam, watermarks, or ads, so you can not worry about video safety and quality. Kapwing offers you a plethora of modern tools so you can add subtitles, text, audio to the footage; resize, trim, convert, crop, cut, flip and frame it. Do not hesitate to try all these features and excite the world. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that these tools are the most popular among video creators. They’ll be a perfect solution for people who just started their career on YouTube. High-quality content will attract the audience and let you monetize the content. We hope that these video-enhancing tools will help you grow and develop. We wish you good luck and believe that talent, creativeness, and proper tools will bring you success. 

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