Understanding and Determining the Five Levels of Tech Support System

Understanding and Determining the Five Levels of Tech Support System Tech support is tricky. Based on the users’ needs, one can use an email, knowledge bases, live chat support, or even the phone. A company should provide tech support on a variety of platforms. An efficiently structured tech support system will have five levels: pre-support, self-service, first-line support, second line support, and third line support.


Before the internet took over us, if people had any queries, they would ask their family and neighbors to help them out or reference the user manual. Nowadays, people can seek answers to their questions on search engines using the internet. Many advocates put up their videos to help fellow users troubleshoot their issues. A company should always remember that a user will always search the internet for an answer before opting for tech support. However, not every query can solve by searching the internet. In light of this, the companies should seek online forums, social media platforms, and websites and employ them as their first defense line. Proactively seeking out these channels can guide the users in the correct direction, that is, a company’s tech support services.


This level is a mode of providing indirect help to the user. In other words, the company can allow the user to self-serve and manage self-help wikis, frequently asked questions, and knowledge bases. You can contact the company through the help desk, and it can provide the knowledge base and instructions to resolve the issue. This step is crucial to solve the initial queries and free the way to the first line of support for insightful and complex questions.

First Line of Support

The first line of support includes human contact as knowledge bases, and automated chatbots cannot answer every question. First-line support is when someone can speak with someone from the company. This level concentrates on the questions revolving around the working and understanding of the product or service line. The tech support personnel at this level constitute a general understanding of the products. If you seek a more competent insight, they will escalate it to higher technical personnel. The personnel’s goal is to handle at least 80 percent of the problems without escalating them to the next level. You can employ Tech to Us mac tech support, a reliable service provider, to solve all your issues at the preliminary level, rather than to escalate it to higher and complex rounds.

Second Line of Support

End users in this era are more tech-savvy, which pushes for tech personnel who are well-trained to solve complex queries. Since customers are becoming technologically sophisticated, they can efficiently resolve the simpler issues independently without contacting tech support.

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Third Line of Support

The third line of support is the pinnacle of tech support services for the majority of customers. For such queries, ahead from the research and development department or the tech support head can look into your query. Typically, if the user reaches the third level of tech support, it becomes quite complicated that the tech support needs to conduct custom work to resolve it.

Technical advice is crucial to support customers. By taking aid from a reliable service provider, it can become easier for the company and user to resolve technical difficulties.

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