Is It Better to Edit Video on a Mac or PC?

Just relax! You’re not the first one who came up with the question – is it better to edit video on a Mac or PC?

But really! What’s so ‘Hypie’ about this comparison game. Well, that’s what we’re going to find out today. After all, these are the most common options that hit us in the first place whenever we’re thinking of editing a video. 

Yeah yeah! We know you’d say smartphones are getting better at this too. But come on! If you’re asking for perfection on something like editing a video, you definitely need to lay your hands on these big guns, or at least one of them.

So let’s not get distracted and get back to the discussion. 

is it better to edit video on a mac or pc

Mac for Video Editing: the Good Sides

When it comes to video editing, nothing matters more than the right computer. This is where the war of Mac vs PC for video editing hits right on the point, should you get the best desktop or best video editing laptop

But in order to help you in reaching any specific decision, you need to know how they’ve hit the ceiling excellence from their own space. 

A ton of editors loves Mac more than any other option for video editing. But why? Well, we’ve got a pile of reasons for that.

Pushing Creativity Level Higher

If there’s anything that has made video artists fall in love with Mac, then it’s how the tech helps them to push their creativity higher. As Mac puts forward the kind of style editors love in their work, the reason for its popularity among them becomes clear as a day. 

On top of that, the amazing usability levels backed by excellent features push the creativity part to its peak. As editors are not a big fan changing their tools often, the Mac has managed to slip easily into their list of preferences.

Ease in File Transfer

After editing nobody knows how big the size of the file is going to be. That size takes a humongous size if you’re asking for it to be Full HD or 4K. This is where Mac has played its game by bringing in the finest gadgets and ports to make the file transfer like a piece of cake. 

Apple Device Compatibility 

For video editors, who are true fans of Apple tech, nothing can be better for their video editing except for a Mac. As the Mac itself is an apple tech, video editors who prefer utilizing Apple’s handheld devices in the process will get total compatibility which to a huge extent will make their work easy. 

User-Friendly Interface

There’s no doubt that the Mac interface is among the easiest ones. So, while being a bit creative with the editing, the editors need smoother integration of applications more than anything else. This is where Mac makes it a butter-like task which also eases up the workflow. 

PC for Video Editing: the Good Sides

After rolling your eyes over the good side of Mac, if you think that PC is any less that may be it’s high time when you need to give it a re-thought. But why? Here are the reasons:

Higher Software Compatibility

For works like video editing, having a higher software compatibility level sounds like nothing but a blessing. Thankfully, PCs can easily put that highly required advantage on your table without even asking. This one feature has put PC ahead in the race with Mac.  

Large-Scale Video Production

When the need is large-scale video production, PCs are simply the ideal editing tech you can ask for. Editors who want to lay hands on multiple devices during the editing process and that becomes comparatively convenient when you’re doing it on PC. 


For anyone who’s getting scared of the bulky price tag of Mac, then for them, PCs are the perfect drop-in the beat. They can pull off an amazing editing level that can easily compete with Mac but without breaking your bank. 

Mac or PC: Our Recommendation 

Depending on the scenario, both PC and Mac can be equally capable of video editing. But as you can’t go with both, it’s better to stick with one. Now the question is, which one should it be? 

Well, if you’re tight on the budget but need a machine that is highly customizable, then we’d say go for PC. Plus, if you’ve got your own video production team that needs different software at times for editing, then PC will be the perfect catch.

But when you want nothing to use but Final Cut Pro and Adobe software, we’d say Mac will be an ideal buy. On top of that, they’ll be perfect for you when you prioritize user-friendliness more than anything else. 

Final Words

Well, if you’ve come this far, then we don’t think you’re going to be ever bothered again by the question –  is it better to edit video on a Mac or PC. After all, now you know which one you should pick up in the first place, don’t you?

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