Ways To Gain Learner’s Attention

The shift from traditional learning in the brick and mortar set-up to eLearning has been welcoming. However, it is overwhelming and challenging for the trainers and instructional designers to ensure that the learner stays attentive. We all have experienced unnecessary distractions due to the internet. Also, the ocean of knowledge available on the internet has increased the level of competition across businesses and other vertices. 

To cope up with these technological advancements and to exploit their benefits, companies have been investing huge amounts to ensure that the employees stay updated with the latest emerging technologies. 

You can do the same but you will, of course, need the right tools for the job. Explore the robust features of the leading learning management system that is Adobe Captivate Prime to create an engaging eLearning course. While creating the course on the platform, make sure you are applying some of the below-mentioned methods to improve the attention span of your learner.

Topics relevant to learner’s problems

With busy work schedules and general distractions of life, the employees dread taking up the new learning course for the scarcity of time schedules and the dedication required. They take up the course only for a specific reason that can help them to solve real-world problems. Providing clarity on the subject and being transparent while letting them know the benefits will help them take up the course seriously. The content should be precise and relevant that can keep them glued to the course. Any disinterest might result in learners dropping the course midway.

Be innovative and provide comparisons

The newer concepts always draw attention by creating inquisitiveness. Including examples and situations that are a little weird and unexpected enhances the curiosity of the learner and ignoring it becomes difficult. Anything out of the box, or unique, or different is bound to grab attention. To sustain this attention, the instructional designer needs to be innovative and come up with newer examples and scenarios and you can experiment the same with assessments as well. However, ensure that the relevance is not compromised and difficulty levels are optimal that can tickle the thinking capabilities. 

Use Visuals

Visuals are easier to understand and retain as compared to text and even audio. The mix of text and audio along with visuals leave a whopping 60% positive understanding and retention impact. However, the basics are to keep it crisp and simple. Overloading the pictures can be counterproductive and provide a messy look to the content that, needless to say, will distract the learner. Infographics can be the best solution to provide effective and balanced information on complicated and difficult-to-understand scenarios.

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This is the proven technique to bind the learner with the concept keeping them involved by creating curiosity. Providing an emotional and personal touch will increase the level of connection with the topic. A neat progressive structure of information always is easy to connect with and absorb. Involve the learner by adding surprising and thought-provoking situations. You can even link them with the assessments that will surely keep them interested and motivate them to continue to the subsequent module with the inquisitiveness to open new surprise elements in the course.

Present the lists for textual information

Reading through narrative information is boring. Highlighting the points in bullets or lists helps to retain the headers and logically remembering and practically applying the information required in the real-world scenario. As the learner can take a break after every point, absorb and understand it completely and then moving to the next helps them stay engaged. Crisp and concise information is always accepted easily as reading paragraphs might lead the learner to phase out after some time losing interest in the topic.


Optimal use of infographics, a combination of images and audio, and emotional connection are some of the good techniques that keep the interest of the learner alive. 

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